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[ Editor’s Note: Little did I know when I sent this in to NEO at midnight two nights ago, happy that I had gotten a hot off the press update from Benny Gantz to add onto the end of the article, that Bibi would scoop me with the IDF assassination strike in Gaza in the morning.

Bibi does so love being in charge. He surely is going to miss it if he gets indicted, and even more if he is in a jail cell. Keep saying those prayers, especially all you Americans, as he was doing nuclear components espionage back in the old days, something US Intel has never told the American people. It’s a secret.

But Benny Gantz did say today that the Gaza event will have no effect on his work to form a government stating for the idiots that governments were not formed because of some particular event happening.

Below is a sad story about Israeli political life where tensions were so high in the current government battle that no one as going to pass the microphone on making political points despite being at one of the Rabin assassination political ceremonies, even the one at the President’s house. 

I don’t that would ever happen in the US. We are different from themJim W. Dean ]

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Oslo accord ceremony

– First published … November 13, 2019

After drifting for weeks in dead end attempts to form a new government, the Israeli political drama sunk to an even lower partisan level. Past decorum could not even be maintained at the solemn service of the murdered Prime Minister Rabin, where even the Rabin family jumped into the fray, not to be denied their moment at the microphone.

And it was even worse at the Knesset, where when one verbal punch was thrown, others jumped in with their own. The world watched while Israel appeared to be eating its own, after losing its appetite for bashing and hating Arabs and Palestinians.

For the hardcore Zionists, the latter is viewed almost as a sport, while political combat with fellow Israelis takes on the drama of a battle for good over evil. Israelis are not a people known to half measures. They love and hate with a passion, and it was on full display during the past week.

President’s house service calls for restraint from self-destruction

At the Ner Yitzhak ceremony (a candlelight for Yitzhak) at President Reuven Rivlin’s house, Dalia Rabin spoke of how she had ignored conspiracy theories about her father’s assassination, but felt compelled to acknowledge that her father was killed by a Jew motivated by a different political view.

She said, “From the very night of the assassination 24 years ago, there were those who agreed with assassin Yigal Amir, but only in the last decades has it been accepted for people to say so out loud. It is not uncommon for young people who visit the Rabin Center to say that Amir (the assassin) was right, and that if they have been around at the time, they also would have killed Rabin.”

President Rivlin urged all Israelis to restrain themselves from dangerous political passions that were dividing the country, saying, “This is not our way…We have to be cognizant of the destruction we could wreak with our own hands.”

These were wise and statesman-like words, but the message and his wisdom were ignored. The involved parties knew it was a big media day and wanted their quotes to make the news, which they did.

Words were used as bullets at Knesset memorial

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein began the official event by cautioning that, “Rabin’s Memorial Day is not appropriate to debate his diplomatic legacy…I personally disagreed with him…but this is not the day to bring up the argument…but one to make sure that we still have a base under us from which we can hold the argument.”

Unfortunately, no one seemed to be listening.

The gloves came off and the knives pulled out. Blue and White leader Benny Gantz accused Netanyahu of “incitement”, which was hardly a revelation, as the word could feasibly be Bibi’s middle name.

Gantz described Israel as being paralyzed due to two hung elections, with a third looming on the horizon. He went on to put the blame on Netanyahu due to his legal troubles and that his political strategy seems to be focused on maintaining the Premiership for its immunity, which he seems to need.

Gantz went on to say that the tools of division have changed, with “the [incitement] signs in the squares replaced with keyboard bullies, that national institutions are undermined by political hacks appointed as ministers…the danger to Israeli society is greater than it was before the assassination. All of us, on the Right and the Left, must fight this phenomenon. If we are not careful, others will be seven times worse.”

The head of what is left of the Labor Party, Amir Peretz, took Netanyahu on for “fighting the gatekeepers, the prosecution, the courts…until the citizens don’t know whom to believe…Voices of hatred and division are everywhere…protests outside Attorney-General Mandelblit’s home, which recalls Zion Square in Jerusalem before the assassination.”

Rabin’s grandson takes on Netanyahu

Rabin’s grandson, Yonatan Ben-Artiz used the podium to call on Netanyahu, not using his name directly, to quit politics over the political deadlock facing the country, as it is not able to form a government.

He said that, “the many years you have been in power have caused you to forget what it is like to be a human being…Take responsibility for your actions and move aside. Quit your job.”

Ouch. This sounded over the top, but then Ben-Artiz masterfully went on to compare how Rabin had resigned from office in 1977 because his family had illegal foreign bank accounts. He continued, “Go home and deal with the personal allegations against you. If they are cleared away, then come back.”

I don’t think Bibi was taking notes from the younger Ben-Artiz, but he definitely scored some moral points over the experienced Mr. Netanyahu, who is known to get his way by any means possible.

The political cage fight continues

It has been another wandering in the desert month, while Benny Gantz has been probed for an opening to split the Likud party so he could negotiate directly with party factions. It was to no avail, as Lukid has insisted only the party leadership could speak for all.

Gantz’s only visible movement last week was to have a meeting with Lieberman’s Yisrael Beytenu party, primarily made up of Russian emigres. Lieberman holds the kingmaker cards, since he can join with either side to make a majority but has sought a wider coalition.

The fly in the ointment is that he has demanded that Netanyahu dump his Orthodox religious parties that refuse to do military service or to work, preferring to be subsidized by the state, even though Lieberman’s emigres have had to work hard for everything they have.

Today Liberman raised the stakes, claiming that whoever refuses to compromise for the sake of the country he will make a coalition with the other, baiting one side to take the offer first. If both refuse, then Liberman says he will take his MPs into a minority government.

Liberman goaded both men with, “Netanyahu’s slander and accusations against me and others, as well as his inability to make one simple decision to part from the ultra-Orthodox-messianic bloc, raise a giant question mark concerning his leadership skills and the considerations that guide him,”…“Benny Gantz’s ongoing stalling on a decision to accept the president’s proposal also raises tough questions concerning [his] leadership and decision-making ability in a critical period.”

Bibi has not been sitting on his hands. He has been throwing out any gimmick he can think of to snare premiership at this late date and retain prosecution immunity. He shocked the country by proposing that his Likud party push through a law for direct elections for prime minister, which Bibi felt he might win in a close vote. It went over like a lead balloon.

The real circus for the week was the public spectacle of Netanyahu’s ally and Justice Minister violating a court gag order to protect the privacy of Bibi’s former close aide, Nir Hefetz, who has turned state’s witness against him.

Justice Minister Amir Ohana, who has parliamentary immunity, took advantage of the Knesset rule that anything said there was public record, and accused the police of intimidating Mr. Hefetz by threatening to tell his family he was having an affair with a younger woman. Ohana claimed they even brought her to the police station so they see each other in the hallway.

But Attorney General Mandelblit quickly rose during the Rabin ceremony to denounce Ohana’s sneak attack via the Knesset rule that circumvented the gag order. Mr. Hefetz’ lawyer, Mr. Sofer, has already demanded a public apology and compensation for Mr. Hefetz for his mistreatment.

“It’s shameful and disgraceful for a justice minister to run roughshod over the law and scorn an explicit gag order by the courts from the Knesset podium,” Sofer said. Describing all of this as a political circus is no exaggeration.

Another problem emerged for Bibi. On November 11, an Israeli court ruled in a former mayor’s media bribery case where he was convicted of bribery and money laundering but not of swaying media coverage.

As reported in Zman Israel, the Hebrew version of the Times of Israel sister site, the judge wrote that while caution should be exercised, legal authorities must occasionally intervene in cases of media coverage swayed by other forces.

“Refraining from intervening could allow those who aren’t interested in an open, critical, investigative media to erode the media’s power, reliability and the justification for its special status in democracy, while committing the serious offense of taking a bribe with impunity,” Judge Margolin-Yehidi wrote.

She laid out a series of conditions for positive coverage being considered part of a bribery deal — all of which match the case against Netanyahu, argued Zman Israel analyst Nati Yefet.

And last, as I am writing now it appears that, in response to Lieberman’s proposal to side with whoever will show flexibility in forming a unity government, Benny Gantz has said his party is willing to compromise on some of its positions to form a broad unity government with Likud and Lieberman’s Yisrael Beytenu party.

Gantz has a November 20th deadline when his mandate runs out. The high stakes political poker will now begin, and we should know by mid next week who is going to do what with whom. Everyone wants to avoid a third election.

While Bibi has agreed to step down during the first year term of the rotating premiership if he is indicted, some legal questions remain as to whether he can legally do so.

And we all know that if there is any way for Bibi to renege on a deal via a legal challenge, he would not hesitate to do so. I will be watching this very closely.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. Henry the K once stated that Israel would not last another 25 years or something similar to it, at any rate his prediction may appear to become truth. Will it be a blessing for the rest of the world or would Israel as they have threatened in the past, take the rest of the world down with them? Knowing the zionistas and how they operate, it would be a safe bet with no takers they would do so.
    However if Israel were to collapse internally this would allow those in the U.S. to hopefully gather together some cojones and take advantage of the confusion, send in a dozen divisions of Marines and special forces and proceed to take control, shutting the Knesset, taking control of the nukes and arresting war criminals. Then on to the obvious of depopulating Gaza and the West Bank of Israeli squatters and allowing the Palestinians back home.
    This of course is a fictional scenario but one that could become a possibility. However the zionist influence in Washington would have to be shut down and by what ever means necessary would be alright by me.

  2. Naughtynyahu or Satanyahoo, as author Mike S King call it, lives in an entity which has enclosed itself with a wall. That is jailing themselves! Good riddance, if it and that thing it call a wife- that horrible looking creature with slugs like lips- can rot in a hellish cell within an entity which jailed itself to the outside world. Good riddance and as the saying goes: all that feather that flocks together.

  3. The picture above is telling. The late Yasser Arafat waiting for Rabin to return his handshake. One can see the displeasure in Rabin’s face. At the end, he did. The late Barry Chamish exposed the sham regarding the assassination of Rabin. That “extremist student” was a patsy, a la Lee Harvey Oswald. How many times we saw that. Mr Chamish proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Rabin was murdered inside the car leading him (with extra time driving) to the “nearest” hospital.- A la lady Di-. He was then finished at the hospital. The very deceptive and Israel papa of the atomic bomb program, Shimon Peres (anyway, what the Hell was he doing in a French office of power without Charles de Gaulle knowing) and his role in that murder is obvious. The same goes for Arafat, so far there is speculation he was murdered with Israel favourite weapon, Polonium poisoning. That speculation in time will turn to be right.

    • Gail, to that I would say; God help us all. That would be the time I would call for such assistance. If you go back to the articles produced by VT Alan Hart, The one called the truth about Zionism is explicit, especially towards the end. He recalled an interview he had with Golda Meir on British Panorama program. He told her to confirm what he understood: so, Madame premier minister, so if Israel goes down, the whole world will go down. To that Madame Meir said without hesitation: absolutely, I mean that. So, it is not a good prospect. These crazies at Tel Aviv mean business to us all with their Option Samson on the table. I guess it is pay back time when that happen. For the deciders at the end of WWI and WWII, to let Zionism among communism and globalism to take its roots by stealing lands in historic Palestine and being the rogue terrorist state walling itself like this, then perhaps a big price must be paid at some point…

    • From what I understand Goldy-locks with cream cheese meant that if the US allowed Egypt or Syria to gain the upper hand in the Middle East that the psycho would initiate the psychotic Samson Option. In fact the only reason that Nixon was blackmailed into arming Israel during the Yom Kipper war was because they threatened to use nukes. If you watch the movie not read the book The Sum of All Fears they come pretty close to the truth of the situation.

      Anyway this is Israel collapsing under its own weight not being defeated.

    • That is how I understand it too. Alan Hart related it in the same article at VT. He showed that actually one eyed Moshe Dayan threatened using the nukes against Egypt and Syria. As well, Ariel criminal Sharon was going to go genopcidal with one of Egypt’s army brigade/regiment. Also during one of his presentation in the US, the late Alana Hart was approached by an ex IDF soldier and confirmed the nukes story. Yes, that movie the sum of all fears said it all. Actually, that movie was significant. It was aired after 9-11 and in the movie the targeted area with the nuke was called ground zero. At the time after 9-11 and Ground Zero in NYC, while being in the US, I suspected a high energy weapon was responsible for that calamity, but nukes never crossed my mind. When I saw that film, i did somehow call into mind but I must admit it was Gordon’s article NEO in July 2014 which opened my mind on this and other nuclear terrorist events. The article was: So, you want to know the truth about 9/11?

  4. Respect to President Rivlin for this gathering. Matzo balls for daze!!

    I liked Yitzak Rabin. I wasn’t as aware politically as I seem to be, now. But, I do recall the IDF actually pulling out stank squatters in the Golan. FINALLY using their UZI’s as god intended.

    It’s always so hard to break it to daddy’s little girl . . . but your Abba was gunned down because of that. It was the EXCUSE to off him, but they were plotting. Don’t get it wrong. If you want to think “Amir” (nice ARAB sounding tie-in name) was the tool pigeon, okay then. It’s not as if the Israhelli think-tank government would EVER construct a false narrative, false premise, EVER in history to create the outcome they want.

    Satanyahoo had Zion’s feather up his arse and his rival in his bird’s eye. Featherectomies are expensive, cross-hairs aren’t. They opted for the latter?? Rabin was not a Zionist, but after the Bolsheviks did the reverse and sent in Stalin, YIKES! But, he did have his Ukrainian Jewish bloodline, and if breadcrumbs lead him back to Israel, then Tina was able to plot, err I mean plop them back all nice and pretty on the tarmac, just recently!

    Rabin’s death was the blood letting sacrifice for current events, of the PM-kind (postmortem, if anyone is asking). Oh, come on. We all know how these political traumatic vacancies leave the population all sad and shit, and when the fox enters the hen house to calm it down . . . he’s already sold the wolf tickets.

  5. If Charles Manson is a murderer, then Netanyahu is easily a galactic-level Charles Manson/Hitler. The $ system itself is embedded to the bone with Israeli crime, however. Get rid of Netanyahu, won’t get rid of an entire $ trajectory that dictates “data mining is kosher”.

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