Impeach America and Trump’s Kosher Nostra Controllers and End the Farce in Washington

The war to silence VT makes us laugh. We simply don't care. We sit on the "reptile files" of half a dozen governments and 40 years of Washington criminality. What was it from the film, "you can't handle the truth?" When someone begins working with what we have already leaked, we might let out more.....


VT has evidence that the entire RussiaGate inquiry was a staged farce conconcted by Robert Mueller and William Barr on behalf of the Deep State to ensure a puppet presidency after a stolen election.

For those of you that have an attention span and really want to know who runs America, who want real proof of the Deep State, this is an audio recording of a conversation between a senior federal investigator and me from 2012 discussing penetration of the American political system.  Audio is poor but discernible.  This recording, for some of you, will be the most dramatic revelation of your lives.

Imagine the shame among America’s military, rented to Saudi Arabia, stealing oil in Syria for Exxon, training al Qaeda and ISIS.

If it began under Obama and all originated with the overthrow of the US government based on the fake 9/11 attack…is Trump even the right one to go after. (

Google stats at 34k readers yet 4m hits on our server

Suggestion, erase the entire Bush 43 presidency, every appointment, every action, repeal and renounce.  Then begin looking at everything under Obama.

With Trump, its easy,  100% domination of the US by the Kosher Nostra, clear for any to see.  This is your “president”

UK Independent: Donald Trump has said he “doesn’t remember” a compromising call he allegedly had with Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the EU, which top diplomat Bill Taylor raised at the House impeachment inquiry on Wednesday, saying a member of his staff had overheard Mr Trump asking Mr Sondland about “the investigations”.

first lady, before “barbie reconstruction” not available for comment

House investigators heard from Mr Taylor and State Department official George Kent yesterday, with both men describing the administration’s “irregular” dealings with Ukraine as the president’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his allies pushed for an anti-corruption probe into domestic political rival Joe Biden. Republican counsel Steve Castor was ridiculed for his part in proceedings.

Ivanka unavailable for comment…yes, this is an unretouched photo

While the president entertained Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House and said he was not following the drama unfold, a federal appeals court in DC cleared the path for Congress to pursue Mr Trump’s tax records, setting up a potential Supreme Court battle.

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  1. I’d support impeachment if it wasn’t sponsored by a bunch of deep state cretins and Adam Schiff AIPAC’s poster boy with Zionist Pence the Bush clone waiting in the wings . As far as Trump “stealing” the election. It is obvious that the warmongering Valkyrie Clinton was the chosen one who was supposed to succeed silver tongued Obama. In fact according to Nat Silver she had a 97.4% chance of winning the election backed by Soros’ Smartmatic voting machines. Her error which probably saved us all from nuclear annihilation was that Ada the AI used to run her campaign told her that Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio were “safe”.

    I think the only thing that will save us now is a military coup as suggested by Greg Felton in his book The Host and the Parasite. One that rips out the roots of the Israel Lobby and sends ’em packing back to the “promised land”.

    • More Zionist Likud lover deep state than Trump you won’t find. He’s just too arrogant and stupid to show it. This whole charade of left and right is for your consumption. He has elevated the zio factor in Washington to a whole new level where Hillary Clinton would have never been able to do. As a matter of fact she said clearly that she would continue the foreign policy of Obama which you can twist as much as you want but it will never be the anti JCPOA zio Israeli firster warmongering that Trump is blindly following. You can always claim that Hillary would have started the WW3 already, and Soros is behind everything but in truth what Trump has done taking orders from Adelson with Iran while kissing the butt of every violent Israeli settler has brought the region to the brink of a major regional war with Iran.
      In reality Soros and Adelson are one and the same. But Adelson is the one who invested and leveraged Trump to the max, dictating every move. And then you got the real geniuses who think that under Trump rapprochement with Russia is easier than if Hillary would have been president.
      US is not ready for a woman president. Every Hispanic vote went to Trump because of chauvinism. It’s as simple as that.

    • Oh really? Did “continuing Obama’s foreign policy” include “obliterating Iran” or “treating any cyberattack by Russia as an actual attack”. This aside from laughing hysterically like a hyena over Gaddafi’s demise like Caligula when “we came, we saw, he died”. In regard to the O-bomb-em AKA the Drone King who invaded more countries than even exceptional (as in mentally retarded) Bush. Is that the kind of “foreign policy” you want continued? Thanks but no thanks!

    • If that was the case then why is Trump dismantling everything that Obama did including the JCPOA ? Don’t tell me it’s because Trump want to make America great again .. lol.

      You think Trump would ever have the balls to do what Obama did on his way out, which was to abstain from vetoing the resolution 2334 for the first time in history ? lol.
      You think Trump would ever have enough guts to try to put someone like Chas Freeman as a director of the National Intelligence Council like Obama did ?
      Or would he pick a loser like John Bolton … lol.

    • Funny how you totally deflected off the topic when I brought up O-Bomber’s warmongering foreign policy. Why is that? So he abstained from vetoing the resolution 2334 so what? Like all other resolutions passed by the UNSC about returning the occupied territories Israel ignores them. Do you think AIPAC queen Hilary would have demanded it be enforced? If so you’re either on drugs or dreaming.

      At least Trump didn’t allow Bolton to cause too much havoc while on the other hand O-Bomber allowed queen Hilary at State to overthrow the governments in Honduras, Libya and Ukraine then start a civil war in Syria by secretly funding and arming ISIS even sending an e-mail on her unsecured illegal server that she was doing it for her friends the Israelis.

      While back in the US instead of allowing the oxymoronic “Patriot” Act to sunset he strengthened it by signing the NDAA. Sure he did some good stuff like begin rapprochement with Cuba and managed to get JCPOA passed but don’t think for a minute that Clinton would have continued these policies especially if push came to shove from the Israel Lobby. If you do than you’re deluded.

    • Your original post is a total deflection and a Trump apology. You’re the one who brought in Obama and Clinton. And again, more Zionist Likudnik than Trump you won’t find. So you want to AIPAC Hillary let me remind you that Bill would have been in the White House and he would have pushed for the enforcement on settlements. You might not remember that but when Bibi faced Bill Clinton in the Oval Office during his first term after being told to take a number and wait outside for 4 days (something that Trump would never do) he was told in one short hour that he should get out of the West Bank. That was right before Lewinsky …
      Just like Obama, Clintons were hated by Likud and Bolton was the last on their list. He has done more permanent damage to the foreign policy of the US that your “not too much havoc” is standing out as laughable.

    • Just to put this Trump apology of yours to rest, when you write “I’d support impeachment if it wasn’t sponsored by a bunch of deep state cretins and Adam Schiff AIPAC’s poster boy”, well it is, and by your own statement you do not support Trump’s impeachment.
      I love it when an initial disclosure meant as a deflection comes back to bite you … lol.

  2. todays woo woo. The Saugus school has a centurion as mascot. It fits Trumps (romanesque) philosophy of disposability of the ranks. “Tacitus tells a story in The Annals of a centurion known as “Cedo Alteram”, which roughly translates to “Fetch Me Another”. “The mutinous soldiers thrust out the tribunes and the camp-prefect; they plundered the baggage of the fugitives, and then killed a centurion, Lucilius, to whom, with soldier’s humour, they had given the nickname ‘Cedo Alteram’, because when he had broken one vine-stick across a soldier’s back, he would call in a loud voice for another… and another…and another!” The vine-stick (vitis) was a symbol of the centurion’s authority and the implement with which he meted out punishment.” I’m not suggesting a link, just an observation,.

  3. Is there a difference between the B’Nai Brith Mafia and the Rothschild clique? Not to me. Who sponsors Trump and who created the CIA? Who is psuedo-sponsoring Biden, and fully sponsoring Pete B, Amy Klobuchar, or asking Bloomberg to run out of Martha’s Vineyard? Why is Joe Lieberman not indicted under FARA? In whose office did the AZC reconvene to become “AIPAC” and magically dissipate RFK’s 1962 DOJ challenge under FARA? Who runs the “VOA” and other propaganda stations compounding La Kosher Nostra’s BS? Why did Pat Tillman die after he sent Noam Chomsky a confessional notice that he was going to air the truth about the war? Who is Noam Chomksy? Who is Uri Geller? Who is Peter Beinart? Who is Max Blumenthal? Who is Sidney Blumenthal? Who is Bernie Sanders?

    Americans are cucks. Both shoving their cuckoldry down others throats trying to pretend “Israel is a country” and then treating that foreign country like it has a carte blanche immunity against foreign espionage accusations when they meddle overtly and rapaciously.

    • To me, there’s no difference, just like the whole phony left/right paradigm. Whether it’s Zionists on the “right”, or Bolsheviks on the “left”, they’re all undermining the goys in the middle. Glad Atzmon tells us that down deep, Jews are conservatives, but I’m more disposed to E. Michael Jones position that they are forever revolutionaries that reject logos and are agents of chaos.
      I hope your questions aren’t rhetorical, because I don’t know the answers to most of them, and would like to.

    • A movie with fictional characters perhaps. A movie based on real events about a bunch of Likudnik Israeli firsters taking over the US government, focused on destroying everything that a past president has done, is considered antisemitic. Trump will sue Hollywood if he doesn’t suffocate in his own manure.

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