Measles Infection Causes Immunity Amnesia

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Health Editor’s Note: If someone gets the measles virus he or she can lose immunity to other pathogens, an immunity that he or she already has.  Not only is a person at risk for complications from the measles virus but he or she can be infected by pathogens that previously he or she had an immunity to. Would this not put measles into the weaponized weapon category?.  Measles damages the body’s immune system…..Carol

Measles Erases ‘Immune Memory’ of Other Illnesses

by Molly Walker, Associate Editor, Medpage Today

Measles infection in unvaccinated children was associated with up to a 70% decline in antibodies to other pathogens following infection, researchers found.

After cases of severe measles, unvaccinated children lost a median of 40% (range 11-62%) of their already existing pathogen-specific antibodies and after a case of mild measles, children lost a median of 33% (range 12-73%) of these pre-existing antibodies, reported Michael Mina, MD, PhD, of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, and colleagues.

By contrast, controls retained over 90% of their antibody repertoires over similar time periods, the authors wrote in Science.

In addition, the 20% of children most affected by measles lost over half of their pathogen-specific antibodies to most pathogens, and in some children, up to 70% antibody loss against specific pathogens was detected, the researchers noted.

“Imagine that your immunity against pathogens is like carrying around a book of photographs of criminals, and someone punched a bunch of holes in it. It would then be much harder to recognize that criminal if you saw them, especially if the holes are punched over important features for recognition, like the eyes or mouth,” Mina said in a statement.

This statement from Harvard Medical School also attempted to provide numerical context for the findings — saying that if a person had 100 different antibodies against chicken pox prior to contracting measles, they might emerge with only 50, cutting their protection against chicken pox in half.

Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, who was not involved with the research, noted a 2015 paper on this subject, which showed that measles has a prolonged effect on host resistance that can last 2-3 years, and even can drive an increase in non-measles deaths in children.

“This is providing further mechanistic data describing that phenomenon,” he told MedPage Today.

“We know that measles has a lot of devastating effects [such as] measles pneumonia, measles encephalitis, and measles deafness — severe acute morbidities that often result in ICU admissions. There are other chronic, debilitating effects from measles that go beyond ICU admissions, and is yet another reason why there’s an urgency to vaccinate against measles in order to protect kids,” Hotez noted.

Indeed, Mina and colleagues said that this study is the first to measure the immune damage caused by the virus and is further evidence for the immune amnesia hypothesis (that by depleting antibody repertoires, measles partially obliterates immune memory to previously encountered pathogens).

The researchers examined blood from 77 unvaccinated children infected with measles in the Netherlands during a 2013 outbreak. Children were a mean age of 9. Of these children, 34 had mild measles and 43 had severe measles. The researchers then compared these samples with the blood of 115 uninfected children and adults using the VirScan system, a tool that detects antiviral and antibacterial antibodies in the blood.

Samples were taken prior to and after measles infection. The mean time between sample collections after measles infection was 7 weeks, the authors said.

Examining the diversity of the antibody repertoire, the team found that measles infections were linked with a reduction of about 20% in the overall diversity of the antibody repertoire as measured by VirScan. While Mina and co-authors said this was consistent across individual pathogens, effect sizes varied — with 12 of the 77 children losing over 40% of their antibody repertoire diversity. However, the authors noted no changes in immunoglobulin (Ig)G, IgA, or IgM levels.

“These results suggest that, rather than a simple loss of total IgG, there is a restructuring of the antibody repertoire after measles,” the team wrote.

Hotez discussed the importance of vaccinating against measles, saying that the study “ramps up the urgency for insuring measles does not return.”

“If we slow or reverse public health gains when it comes to measles, this will have catastrophic consequences,” he said.

Mina and colleagues also emphasized the importance of vaccination, and suggested that given these findings, booster shots against other illnesses, such as hepatitis or polio, may be necessary for children infected with measles.

The study was supported by the Value of Vaccination Research Network, the Gates Foundation, the NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the European Union Seventh Framework Programme, the Academy of Finland, and PREPARE Europe.


Mina disclosed no conflicts of interest. Co-authors disclosed support from CRISPR Therapeutics, TSCAN Therapeutics, X-Chem, MPM Capital, the Sanofi advisory board for RSV Therapeutics, and the GlaxoSmithKline Vaccine Research and Development Advisory Board; one co-author disclosed employment with Genentech, and another disclosed being a founder of TSCAN Therapeutics, MAZE Therapeutics, and Mirimus. In addition, three co-authors are inventors on a patent application filed by Brigham and Women’s Hospital that covers the use of the VirScan library to identify pathogen antibodies in blood.

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  1. Adjuvants QC purity & frequency/volume of them seems to be the crux & real concern. Are there agendas for weaponized BW’s ? (Yes we already know there is) Is there a eugenics depopulation agenda ? (Yes we already m kw there is) Has/does CDC been caught fudging/lying about research & results ? (Yes we already know this is true) To continue to pretend these don’t exist & speak regarding platitudes of argument would be disingenuous & participating in the evil that does exist. Do No Harm.

    The Battle of the Snakes

  2. Just gotta make sure that 6 month old receives all 67 vaxxes . No harm done… the corporate bottom line that is.
    Isn’t it funny how states are passing laws requiring all those jabs for children and now they are even considering it for adults as well. Isn’t it strange that big pharma spends so much money bribing, er, supporting congressional campaigns and in return certain legislation is passed to ensure even greater corporat profits.
    What the heck. If a certain percentage of infants sicken and even die from them, well, that’s the price for increased corporat profits and big bonuses for the CEOs.

  3. How much is the vaccine market worth?
    The global vaccine market is expected to reach total revenues of 59.2 billion USD by 2020. This is nearly double the size of the market in 2014 ($32.2 billion), according to a survey from Zion Market Research. By 2020, the total market size for vaccines in the United States will generate $18 billion.May 20, 2019

  4. Apparently, there’s no conclusive time length for the reduction in “antibody repertoire” accompanying this study; only a 2015 “paper” that states measles effects on host resistance can endure 2-3 years. To what do we owe the fortuitous 77 unvaccinated blood drawing samples taken in this study, starting right before an outbreak and encompassing 7 weeks totality before/after? What foresight on the part of these doctors. First of all, were they voluntary? This whole thing sounds dodgy.

  5. A bit over 100 years ago, scientists researching diseases caused by vaccines discovered the human body’s reaction to foreign proteins in the blood. They named it ALLERGY. Today we have tons of quacks busy destroying children’s health with vaccinations. Take note that all the vaccine promoters are immune from any liability for the damage they cause.

    • Vaccines prevent diseases and death. You must not remember when it was common, pre-vaccine years, to get polio. A disease that often killed. Look it up on the Internet if you need a refresher course. How about tetanus? Look that one up also.

    • Carol Duff: Do you remember Merck’s MMR vaccine efficacy test data? They made the whole thing up. Totally fraudulent!

    • One dose of MMR vaccine is 93% effective against measles, 78% effective against mumps, and 97% effective against rubella. Two doses equal 97% against measles, 88% against mumps.

    • With respect, I believe your numbers, and I am not an anti-vaxer. That said, I do see the chase for revenue; billions of dollars, tens of billions, hundreds of billions. I see mega corporations, government regulatory agencies, and lots of crossover between the two. (This is VT, where entrenched corporate/ government criminality is a daily topic.) For anyone who can’t, or won’t, reconcile to that possibility, I can only assume they would have no problem going to an airport right now, plopping themselves down in a Boeing 737 Max, eager to take off, destination wherever!

    • The 737 MAX8 is an excellent example of what can happen when idiot MBAs and accountants take over a highly technical company like Boeing and turn it into another GM.
      Let’s see how much longer Mulenberg lasts.

    • Isn’t it odd that new diseases are being discovered for which a new vaccine has been created? Much like some common ailments that big pharma hires people to come up with exotic sounding alphabet soup names and then sell another useless expensive drug.
      It’s all a game with these people. It’s all about profit and bonuses for the CEO and dividends for the stock holders. Create a new disease and you can create a new vaccine/drug to sell.
      Keep in mind that big Pharma spend hundreds of millions of dollars funding politicians elections and is it any wonder that local and state governments are beginning to pass laws that make it a criminal act if you don’t allow your children to be jabbed dozens of times. Soon it will be your turn.

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