Name Change for Ultima Thule-Most Distant Cosmic Body

(NASA/Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute, National Optical Astronomy Observatory)

Health Editor’s Note:  A while ago we started following the space ice rock that is the most distant body every seen by a human spacecraft.  Now we learn that the original name, Ultima Thule, could have reflected some link to Nazi ideology.  This has prompted a name change. More ad nauseum political correctness at work here….Carol

NASA Names Most Distant Object Ever Explored ‘Arrokoth,’ the Powhatan Word for Sky

by Jason Daley/

Last January, NASA’s New Horizons probe flew past an icy space rock designated nearly four billion miles beyond Pluto. The rock, dubbed 2014 MU69, is the most distant cosmic body ever surveyed by a human spacecraft. At the time, the team nicknamed the object Ultima Thule after a mythical northern land beyond the borders of the known world. But the name didn’t stick due to its usage in Nazi ideology.

This week, NASA announced that the official name for 2014 MU69 will be Arrokoth, which is the word for “sky” in the Powhatan and Algonquian languages. The name was bestowed with the consent of tribal elders and representatives.

“The name ‘Arrokoth’ reflects the inspiration of looking to the skies and wondering about the stars and worlds beyond our own,” planetary scientist Alan Stern, New Horizons principal investigator, says in a statement. “That desire to learn is at the heart of the New Horizons mission, and we’re honored to join with the Powhatan community and people of Maryland in this celebration of discovery.”

The phrase Ultima Thule originates from classical and Medieval literature that refers to a mythical northern land, often used to designate a place beyond the known borders of the world. But the agency soon received backlash over the choice after the terms’ link to Nazi ideology were revealed in a Newsweek article.

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  1. Funny enough, just 2 days ago, I looked at the BBC documentary: the planets. They mentioned this rock around but well after Pluto in the far reaches of our solar system. Anyway, this is simply silly and stupid, ignoring reality of what Germany was about in the 1930s, not the crackpot paper toilet history we were sold. This had nothing to do with racial superiority and so on. Germany, with its tradition, still to this day had a poll of talented philosophes, archeologists, engineers…, especially archeologists and always were digging around the world to look for our human past. That theme was reprised by George Lucas in his Indiana Jones trilogy, where he was giving a tip off by a third party, but was clever enough to not spell much of the beans. Germany, especially during these times in the 20s,30s and even 40s, mounted world wide expeditions to look for our past and accepted ancient texts of the Hyperboreans, a possible ancestry-according to the texts- who lived in the far north reaches of this planet. Furthermore,in 1938, Rudolph Hess and Herman Goering mounted the Antarctica mission where Admiral Byrd was invited in Germany for briefing and advises. As far as I am concerned, the Thule society was involved, like the Hermetists, in ancient sacred texts like the Shangri-La, the book of the Dead (Egyptian and Tibetan), the book of Enoch, you name it…

  2. NASA was founded by Nazi rocket scientists it’s not surprising they’d name something out of the Nazi playbook. The first time I heard the name of this object it immediately brought to my mind the Nazis Ahnenerbe.

    • Jay Ahnenerbe is the office for ancestry. Read my comment above and research it for yourself. The Ahnenerbe was created well before Heinrich Himmler took it over. Their aim, was to follow the Thule society, immersed in esoteric and Hermetic texts, to look for the remnants Hyperboreans- a possible human ancestry. Ernst Schafer and its 1936-39 Tibet expedition was such a thing. The Thule society accepted the Hollow Earth theory, which the Tibetan sacred text as the Shangri-la described it. It had nothing to do with German racial superiority or all the idiocy we had been sold. In essence, it was a scientific research based on Ancient texts found in many places all over the world, including Egypt and India. Hyperboreans used the Swatiska as a symbol, which in Sanskrit means “conducive to well being” or “that would be favourable” it is also the symbol of Major and Minor Ursa, the stars constellations in our night sky. The Ancient Aryans are considered to them a descendent of the Hyperboreans

    • @John Zook aka snowflake

      I could care less about them naming a frozen ball of mud in the outer solar system Ultima Thule, it’s just a medieval legend anyways.

    • @Apha the Highlander

      I’m aware of their pseudoscience mission. 19th century Europeans where obsessed with all sorts of wacko theories, such as the hollow earth, and other Jules Verne visions of the mythical past.

    • Jay, this people in Germany studying old texts and trying to fragment the puzzles of Humanity’s past were not crackpots and wasting their precious time for nothing. Although, I am not a subscriber of hollow Earth theory- until I have access to both North and South poles- Maybe with what I observe, I may change my mind. By the way, try to reach North or South pole in solo and see with how much force you will be met with! So, obviously, these people have precious but reliable information which make them carrying onto their task. Otherwise, it does not make sense. To call them crazies or crackpots does not work too. For example, Academia does not accept the flood myth. Nonetheless, all cultures, written and oral talks about it. The Sumerian mentioned it on their tables, and academia deliberately dismiss it. Lately, it was proven right with science, thanks to the residues of comet fragments hitting North America 12, 800 years ago-Yes the start of the cold spell cold or the Younger Dryas period-and the gases/platinium noticed in Greenland’s ice core.If I was you, I should step away that we as a civilisation have it all figured out. Nor our materialism and nor our arrogance can be closer to the truth! If we continue this way, we would be simply doomed by not studying what our ancestors left us, especially any warnings.

    • @ Apha the Highlander

      Have you read Mdm Blavastsky (one of Himmler’s favorite authors), or looked into the roots of the Thule Society? 19th century race theory a mixture of Darwinism, Theospophy, and Spiritualism is batshit crazy Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn level shit. Going to foreign lands to measure the skull morphology of the locals to trace Aryan ancestry, and the source of the Hyperborean root race, the land of Ultimata Thule and the power of Vril, then using in as a excuse to motivate your military’s officer corp so their hyped on invasion is pretty sinister. The Nazi’s just manufactured a bunch of mythology for propaganda and morale purposes, and then used it as an excuse for their actions. In modern terms they where running phy-ops on their own men and the general public of the Reich. This is totally in the secret society playbook as well associating your new movement or lodge with some ancient order or people wether the connection is there or not.

      As for the flood, I find that way more credible than the hollow earth BS. I certainly don’t think that we as a civilization have figured it all out, that’s an assumption on your part.

    • Here we have it, Jay and thanks for your reply anyway. Mincing Blavatsky and Himmler, as mincing Hitler and Nietzsche is simply silly. Nor Blavatsky, nor Rudolph Stein, Annie Bessant and others need to be added to that misture. Their literature was available to all to read, not just Germany’s elite rulers. I know about Helena Blavatsky of Theosophy, Rudolph Stein of antroposophy, Annie Bessant and as well Gurdjeff… I do not pretend I have read all their literatures, it is impossible for one person but I have a good grasp of their esoteric penchant, which by the way does not conform to what you described above. I am aware of the Thule and Vril society but I do not share your analyse. That is simply not a correct interpretation. Regarding Germany and sinister plots, well sorry that is not how the facts were, unless if you want to accept the so called allies version of history. Germany did not start WWI nor WWII, nor wanted to invade Europe in the first place. Get researched on that and perhaps consult the book: the bad war! I am afraid all the expeditions worldwide were scientific in their point of view, following the real esoteric/hermetic texts of the Ancients. OK I withdraw my assumption, no problem. Regarding the flood, ask yourself why academia rejects the Sumerian tables! The Sumerians, by the way, were right about the positions and descriptions of Uranus and Neptune and could position Pluto 6000 years ago! Finally, they were right about our true origins…

    • …: meaning we are GMOs together with domesticated plants, animals and also the clone creature called cheetahs, domesticated in Ancient times. About hollow earth theory of the Ancient Tibetan lore, again I do not subscribe to it, not I discount it, for the same reasons that Academia ignored the Sumerian tables describing and positioning Neptune, Uranus and Pluto before they could send Voyager I and II. Try and organise an expedition to both North and South pole or ask people who did so (I did this). They were all have weird stories but most importantly, they were met at gun point! Period! You can check this fact for yourself but most importantly why this is a no go area for ordinary people. There must be a good reason!

  3. More woke bull shite.
    Seig heil!
    How much longer do we have to endure this woke/ liberal rubbish before we start fighting back?
    BTW boycott Gillette!

    • Don’t know where you came up with that.LOL.
      That NASA had to change the name of this celestial traveler in order to quiet down the sqawlings and screechings of the poor little woke community who have nothing else to do in their miserable little lives except to make everyone else miserable so they won’t feel alone and so offended.
      You know something….I don’t give a rat’s arse if you or anyone else is offended.
      What NASA did is beyond stupid.
      It’s time to fight back against this political correctness bull shite.

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