Guardian UK: The senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller promoted racist fears of demographic replacement of white people by non-whites, disseminated conspiracy theories positing a United Nations-inspired plan to colonize America, and implied a Mark Zuckerberg-sponsored bipartisan organization was promoting illegal voting, according to emails provided exclusively to the Guardian.

Like other emails revealed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) this week, the messages were sent in an effort to shape Breitbart News coverage with conspiratorial, white nationalist-influenced ideas during the Trump campaign.

The emails were part of a correspondence with Katie McHugh, then a writer for the far-right website Breitbart. According to the SPLC, 80% of the emails in their 900-email correspondence were tightly focused on issues of race and immigration.

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  1. The nazi’s were part of the superelites too. ‘Just’ part of the program. The ordinary people suffered, the elites earned. Still in power.

  2. Being a white male heterosexual is now a criminal act. While I consider Breitbart just another zionist propaganda rag, it’s undeniable that the uncontrolled immigration into any country is a recipe for disaster. Consider other countries such as Germany, France, Britain and Sweden all being torn down and destroyed as a result.
    Women and children are afraid to walk the streets of these cities for fear of abduction and rape. Sweden is out of control. Germany is all but destroyed.
    The same will happen to America unless we can get a handle on this. There are some who obviously want it to happen. Want to see America end up like Sweden or Germany.
    We need more control at our borders and more enforcement.

  3. All 20th century wars were induced and staged frauds, too. The TTP of the Zionists and Nazis match because they’re the same faction. All the Nazis look like Ashkenazis at the top, incl. this guy’s resemblance to Goebbels. Ashkenazi actors are aplenty. Will play any role necessary. See Mossad’s own TTP in the 1950s when they would pretend to be Palestinian men, marry Pal women, have “Palestinian children”, and their own children wouldn’t find out their father wasn’t even Arab until 20 years after their deaths. 1666ers key modus operandi is their spy craft, which includes a lot of acting or BSing the “other”.

    • Said differently, Miller’s pseudo-Roy Cohn shtick is nothing new. Neither is Milo Y’s gay Nazi brigade shtick, Neither is soothsayer Neo-Bolshevik, Bernie Sander’s, shtick with his “solutions” now that his 6th cousins (at max) purposely ravaged the economy. None of this is new. Just like the idiocy of Goyim who fall prey to the lowest IQ schemes and weakest grand deceptions imaginable (I call them bad magic tricks). New generations reproduced = additional sucker victims for this gang to convert into useful idiots.

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