Discovered: Gigantopithecus blacki, Bigfoot of the Primate Family Tree

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Scientists Now Know Where the Largest Ape to Ever Exist Sits in Primate Family Tree

by Jason Daley/

Western scientists first learned about extinct giant ape species Gigantopithecus blacki—the largest primate to ever exist—in 1935 when an anthropologist came across some of its massive molars in Chinese drug stores selling them as dragon teeth. Since then, researchers have identified thousands of teeth and a few partial jawbones from the creature. With these pieces in hand, they’ve tried to fit the bigfoot-like ape into the primate family tree. Without any usable DNA, however, the task has been difficult.

Now, using proteins in dental enamel, researchers report they’ve finally found how the Gigantopithecus fits into the great ape puzzle, according to a new study published in the journal Nature.

According to a press release, DNA has been key in helping scientists map out the messy relationships between primates and hominids that lived within the past 50,000 years. But in fossils older than that, DNA is very difficult to extract and scientists have only done it successfully in a few rare cases, including in one 400,000-year-old hominin specimen.

Gigantopithecus remains are estimated to be between 300,000 to 2 million years old, placing its reign at some point during the Pleistocene epoch.

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  1. Frank Hansen should have given his “Minnessota Ice man”- More likely Ice boy-to science for study and proving that Bigfoot still do exist. We have only the records of Ivan Sanderson’s close examination to prove that the bipedal ape was real. An opportunity was missed and Frank Hansen messed up his story and hence had tainted the case for bigfoot/sasquatch’s existence. We have to thank Roger Patterson and his 1967 film of a female bigfoot walking. Roger Patterson and his colleague did the good work to call immediately the scientists who took cast of the footprints and as well other actions. Some obviously in academia did everything to dismiss this evidence, but both the film and footprints stood the tests of time and had proven a valid fact. The story of Albert Ostman and his capture by a couple of Sasquatch and their 2 younger offspring in British Columbia is good testimony as he described later their physical traits, their walking and feeding habits. I too look for evidences of the existence of these, knowing it is a hard work since the terrain and habitable area is difficult us humans (dense jungles/forestss). I never came across one encounter, but my work and the evidence collected so far of their presence support the testimony of many who encountered and described these. I trust that in time bigfoot/sasquatch/almas/sedepa/agwowes… will be proven real and this in turn will prove that we humans are not of this Earth in the first place.

    • Thanks John for your input. Greatly appreciated. I shall look at your link. The late Lloyd Pye did an excellent work on the hominoid. It had open my mind and gave me the inspiration to researching the subject for more than 20 years by reading scholarly works by researchers plus being on the field myself in a middle of dense forests and jungles in 3 continents, especially the USA and Canada in America and the Russian Federation/Kazakhstan, looking and collecting evidences I could find, but was never to have a close encounter. I am glad we agree on that subject comparing to the issue of “little green man” as opposed to Hidden exotic but nonetheless human expensive pieces of technologies.

  2. This huge primate with long arms walking with his 4 limbs, together with all Australopithecine and so called homo genre- with short arms and being upright bipedal walking apes- are of the same family of apes dating back to the Miocene are, from 23 to 5 million years ago. We, humans, are simply not part of that family. Our bones say so because ours are weaker than theirs. We do not have the night vision that primates do, nor our nasal passage is similar to them. Also, our genes say so. Look at human chromosome 2 and compare it to the higher primates chromosomes 2 and 3. We also have in the whole human genome 4 000+ genetic defects and counting. Many of those can kill a single human person before it reaches its teens. Primates have almost next to just a dozen of benign genetic defects such as albinism and other minor defects, but not our 4 000+ defects. How did the hell this came by to us, a species that biologists in the 1980s told us we are 140 000 to 290 000 years old when looking at mtDNA? At that age, we should have none of these, some of these deadly genetic defects. Finally, we human when testing for overall genetic variations, we have 0.1% comparing to greater variations in the overall genetic pool of chimps or orangutans or gorillas. Comparing to the higher primates, we are virtually clones. So how the hell we are descended from these? Genetic bottleneck is a crackpot theory and does not explain that low variation in our genetic pool.

    • Does this give rise to the idea that we were really made by aliens and placed here to be used…like ants in an ant farm?


    • Carol, how do you know we’re not? How do you know we were created by some mysterious deity? Or that we crawled out of the primordial muck and became what we are today?
      What if the real truth is so terrible to behold, so utterly fantastic that we as the human specie cannot begin to grasp or understand, let alone, deal with?
      What if we as a specie, are being manipulated in ways we cannot even begin to understand?
      What if we were seeded on this planet as either an experiment or for some other purpose? Do they know something we don’t? Why are there so many people who vanish without a trace?
      What has Preston James alluded to in many of his articles? It’s time to begin considering some alternatives. Some of them are going to be extremely disturbing to many.

    • To Ms carol, No, I did not go there. Again, I refer to the works of the late Zecharia Stichin, a genius in old Semitic languages and Akkadian. Despite what academics say about him, he got the guts to spend a great deal of his life to translate the Sumerian clay tables, especially the ones which were dismissed by academia because these do not fit their crumbling models of everything. I have developed this many times in recent and previous of your own articles touching on evolution/chimps… and you can find these. Zecharia Stichin was mentioning human alien beings, the Annunaki, in Akkadian meaning “the fifty who from heaven came to Earth”, a similar meaning in Hebrew is the word Nephilim. These were our makers, if you interpret these tables, they mean actually genetic engineering of the gamete of a female ape like creature of this Earth and add a gamete male person from elsewhere. The Annunaki made slaves, the ADAMU, both males and females humans to work in the mines to collect metal ores. By doing such genetic manipulations, there were errors and trials as well as mistakes, explaining some weird feature of man/ape bones found recently in the fossil records. Since, we were expandable to them, they did not care how many mistake they did! We were slaves. I accept this is where our genetic defects, some deadly came from. Evolution is a crackpot theory. Good idea at start but it got so much corrupted.

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