Found: Missing Link Between Dinosaurs and Modern Birds

Life restoration of Fukuipteryx prima. (Masanori Yoshida )

Newly Discovered Fossil Bird Fills in Gap Between Dinosaurs and Modern Fliers

by Riley Black/

Birds are ancient creatures. Every hawk, sparrow, pigeon and penguin alive today has ancestral roots dating back to the Jurassic, when the first birds were just another form of raptor-like dinosaur. Dozens of fossils uncovered and described during the last three decades have illuminated much of this deep history, but the rock record can still yield surprises. A fossil recently found in Japan is one such unexpected avian that raises questions about what else may await discovery.

The skeleton, named Fukuipteryx prima, was described by Fukui Prefectural University paleontologist Takuya Imai and colleagues today in Communications Biology. And while numerous birds of similar geologic age have been named in the past few decades, the details of these bones and where they were found have experts a-flutter.

The 120 million-year-old fossil was discovered in the summer of 2013 while searching for fossils at Japan’s Kitadani Dinosaur Quarry. “One of my colleagues at Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum spotted tiny bones in a block of siltstone,” Imai says. At the time, it wasn’t clear what creature the bones belonged to, but once the encasing rock was chipped away, the structure of the fossil became clear. The skeleton was an early bird, and an …..

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  1. The article goes on and state: “In overall form, Imai and coauthors write, Fukuipteryx looks very similar to some of the earliest birds that evolved about 30 million years earlier during the Jurassic. Fingers ending in claws, for example, is a trait Fukuipteryx shares with one of the earliest known birds, Archaeopteryx. But the tail of Fukuipteryx is short and ends in a skeletal structure called a pygostyle. The bony structure is an anchor point for muscle and tail feathers, seen in modern birds and considered an important trait that birds evolved along their transition from raptor-like dinosaurs to the fliers we know today”. Then we have “Our analysis revealed it is the most primitive among the Early Cretaceous birds,”
    Here, we have it. The article mention an early bird specie of the Jurassic period. There is no mention that this bone fossil is one of many mutant specie, according to gradual evolution or macro evolution, going from a dinosaur raptor type or others to an early bird type…

    • … this should pose for reflection. The only mention of transition is a supposition/already established theory mentioned in that article. The fact that it was not observed on that fossil bone should wake up reasonable persons! I have yet to see the bones for myself but again, the article is clear, even on its subtitle. The bones are of an early bird, not one of many mutant species mutating from a dinosaur of some sorts to a bird. Then, VT readers should think about it,like I have demonstrated with apes/man bones and genetics. How the hell evolution/natural selection is doing a great job going from a dinosaur with heavy bones, large and huge bodies, with a strength one can only imagine, with a reputation to longevity to birds with much less bone density, much smaller size, less strength and a longevity much shorter? Mother nature does not work in reverse, it is an impossibility and a fallacy! The Darwinists/evolutionists know they are selling the public a crackpot theory, which had been crumbling on their feet. There would be a time of reckoning!

    • … Instead of listening to Charles Darwin, who clearly stated that his theory could not work if mutant species are not find in the fossil records. Today, the zealous crackpots offered us punctuated equilbrum theory , to explain away the lack of missing mutant fossils and proposing that instead in time of need, near a global catastrophe some species would able to mutate at greater speed, which contradicts their slow, random and gradual mutation initially postulated. None of these can be observed. It is an idea but speculation which cannot even be tested. Whatever, academia say, they know it very well that they will never find mutant species fossilised bones of any genre, nor dinosaurs, nor anything, nor humans. Period! If they do, I guarantee this: the chicken will get teeth!

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