Rudy is the Real Biden and Heading for the Big House for Looting Ukraine….or so says the MSM


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  1. I’m all for Ghoul-e-any doing hard time at Leavenworth because of 9/11 but to single him out as the only one on the take in Ukraine is so hypocritical. If it wasn’t for the Maiden Coup engineered by Nuland, Clinton, Biden, Obama et al with the help of another Soros’ color coded “revolution” Biden’s son would be flipping burgers at Micky D’s.

    • While America’s faith is drowning beneath that cesspool Watergate (only this time Ukrainegate.)
      “Watergate Blues” by Gill Scott- Heron.

    • Very well said Gail. I grant VT editors that Guiliani acting on 9-11 is what it was. I was in the US and I saw an act. So, Guiliani has a lot to say about 9-11 and the cover up he was involved with others. Then, he got a medal from that stupid useless eater of a woman called Elisabeth Mountbatten, her and family life and expenses paid by silly UK taxpayers. That is again for show. But obviously Guiliani, being a sub human as he is, is no Biden. Uncle Joe’s dirty hands in the 2014 coup in the Ukraine together with his pal John McCain-He should be burning in a place that you guys call Hell, even worse than Earth- and cookies distributor Victoria F**K the EU Nuland Kagan. Uncle Joe was also responsible for the demise and coup against former Presidente Dilma Rousseff of Brazil. Uncle’s Joe’s son, cocaine sniffer by excellence, should be prosecuted for apparent corruption charges, simply for receiving money by being a board member of a company with his father’s dirty hands involved in. That is where the matter should be concentrating on. Not that US Donald Trump or someone else find out about such corruption. The expensive freak show, that you US taxpayer are putting the bill on, will get to nowhere.

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