China blames UK, U.S. for fuelling anti-govt. protests in Hong Kong


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  …with Press TV Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Five months is a long time for these protests to have continued. The protesters look like they are mainly in their twenties, which makes me wonder if they are working in shifts at their protesting to keep their jobs.

One would assume that being arrested would affect their keeping or getting a future job. And, it seems the authorities have not been able to infiltrate the protesters, as they have no centralized structure.

One behind-the-scenes video I watched shows that they work in small teams with no actual plan, and wing it, based on information they are getting on their phones. They appear to be of college age.

The French yellow-vest crowd is a more broadly based coalition, not just the youth you see on Hong Kong’s streets.

They have a democracy they want improved, whereas the Hong Kongers want to start one. It’s an irony that the latter is in the streets wanting what the former does not think is working.

A complaint voiced by a protester is that mainland Chinese people are coming to Hong Hong to “exploit its resources”, medical care, and welfare, etc… similar to what the EU has experienced for a long time.

When this will end is anyone’s guess. I have seen no move to start negotiations, as there is no protest leadership to negotiate with. So China is left squeezing jello, as they chase these young people around the city.

I have a good sample protester video, below the short interview. It’s worth the five minutes to watch, if you have not yet seen a behind-the-scenes videoJD ]

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– First Aired … November 16, 2019

Behind the scenes with Hong Kong’s ‘Frontliner’ protesters

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  1. Asa James Dean stated, there is someone behind all this as I have suspected now for some time. This is a lot different than Gilet Jaunes/Yellow Vests and much different than the situation between Catalonia and Spain.
    It appears that the violence is being ratcheted up daily as of now , one person has died from injuries sustained from being attacked by protestors. Some have been beaten with steel rods and seriously injured. Who ever it is that is funding these kids to do this needs to be exposed, whether its the CIA or Soros or combination of numerous government funded NGOs, it needs to be exposed.
    The situation is getting way out of control and sooner or later Bejing will come to the same conclusion that some hidden force is behind it all and at that point they will no longer hesitate. They will simply decide there is nothing further to lose in cracking down. when that happens don’t be surprised.

  2. To: zombiegirl (continued)
    . During the Iran-Iraq War, at least a hundred israëli specialized workers and tecnicians lived in private compounds in Bĕijing — secluded from the recidence areas of the rest of the expat population. . They were there to repair crucial parts for damaged weaponry, for instance tanks’ cooling systems — one of the more important conglomerates in Israël at that time being named “Tad-Iran”.

  3. Dear zombiegirl;
    . Most eucated Chinese (which means something like half of the entire United Sates of North America’s adult 15+yrs population ) have an enormous respect for Jewish culture, art, science and monetary business acheavements. This included wondermenet and interest in the state called israël and its perceived military provess. There are new semi-secret synagoges in at least 9 of the many (approx. at least 25) multy-million cities of China (including Hòngkóng) where Jewish and Israëli expatriates gather regularly. .
    . The People’s Bank of China, the great public health campaigns of the years after 1949, foreign language publishing houses, foreign correspondents and newsfolks favored by the Chicom. state — more than half were often Jews, In the sixties and seventies, more than half of foreign students from GB, US of North A, Canada and France seemed to be of Jewish extraction, at least.
    Same goes for Soviet/Russian connections: Maria Zakharovas parents went to non-pork restaurants in Bĕijing during Easter(=Pesakh) and other Mosaic celebration seasons, albeit Soviet diplomats. (I saw them myself at one Xīnjiāng place less than one year prior to her

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