MSNBC: Bribery Charge and the Truth Behind Trump’s Moves (video-excellent)


Rachel Maddow runs through a litany of foreign policy decisions by Donald Trump that were of dubious value to American national interests but from which Russia was a clear beneficiary. Aired on 11/14/19. » Subscribe to MSNBC: MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more.

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  1. It’s hard to participate with any mainstream call to accountability. Trump’s openly committing war crimes by claiming to “grab Syria’s oil” and in violation of the AUMF and much more, but the actual processes that should be invoked by governmental authorities to stop such malpractices, and the coordination of the so-called “journalists” in such endeavors, are non-existent. Further, it’s as though they need to net him in a fact-scenario he can’t re-imply in the converse as he did with accusations against Biden (which fail because of the timing – he didn’t ask about Biden UNTIL he knew he was his competitive threat to 2020). Why? Because other people should be accountable for war crimes as well. And some of them might be happy he’s stealing the oil. They were happy to lie to American citizens about their pre-meditation into Syria and their massacring of 500,000 Syrians for “competition against Russia”, which has Rothchilds CIS all over its economy.

    • Adelson got Trump to where he’s at to war with Iran. By dismantling the JCPOA, he was to get a reaction and respond. The idea of another deal or a better deal was never a consideration. But it didn’t turn out as planned because Iran didn’t react.

      Trump wanted a war, a game changing war to put his signature on it and become the real “King of Israel”. But every semi sane advisor walked away from him or was shown the door after voting against it. Even Putin must have had a word with him. So Bolton was let out.

      Now the only thing left is an economic strangulation by Likud for the benefit of Likud.

      But Likud and Trump aren’t doing so well.

      You ask – he didn’t ask about Biden UNTIL he knew he was his competitive threat to 2020). Why?
      The answer is simple: he needs a second term in order to deliver the war with Iran. A war where Iran is perceived as the aggressor in the eyes of the world and in which case “the coalition of the willing” (for now it’s only the coalition of the billing) is formed and complete.

      That coalition will automatically include both sides of the Israeli firsters in the US congress, Likud and pentagon, Europe, ALL of the “media” including CNN, Wall Street, and Rothschilds which will cut a deal with Russia over Iran.

      And yes ALL of them are happy he’s stealing the oil, as long as he shares. But he’s not the sharing type especially with the elites and the 1%ers who have always alienated him for his lack of delivery style and big mouth.

  2. Madcow and her KoOkY Russia kOrnSPIrAcY theories and other morons like her is what is driving the New Cold War and bringing us to the brink of Nuclear Annihilation. I don’t understand why VT would be a party to this endless Russia Baiting.

    The Zio Nazi state of Ukraine is NOT I repeat is NOT our “strategic ally” and are as much of a problem to us as the other Zio Nazi state in the Middle East.

    • “the other Zio Nazi state in the Middle East” is filled with Russians to whom I referred to in our earlier discussions as the geniuses who think that Trump is better for a US Russia rapprochement, and at some point Russia will severe its ties with Iran.

    • Rachel Maddow isn’t to be trusted because she’s a (1) Rhodes Scholar (and therefore, Lynn and Evelyn Forester de Rothschild Martha Vineyard’s parties connected like Jeff Epstein, Mayor Pete, the Clintons, Alan Dershowitz et. al.) and (2) she’s on MSNBC, which hosts Andrea Mitchell (wife of arch Ashkenazi Financial Terrorist, Greenspan) and Bill Kristol. But Thomas Barrack et. al. did really collude with Bahrain, Egypt, the UAE, the Saudis, Israel AND Russia in the “Red Sea” (aka the only and actual, Arabian Gulf). It gets much more funky than that, too. All the 9/11 mafia shows up, even the ones not mentioned openly on the internet for tactical reasons. There was election meddling and there was a foreign policy coup d’etats. The Obama admin. was running a legit counterintelligence operation. Finally, US policy IS evil. They intentionally lie to the American people and commit war crimes unconstitutionally, illegally, and much more left and right without ANY accountability. It’s insane.

    • Nik, You’re correct. No different than any of the others who preen and primp in front of the camera. Liars all.
      She should get a job working at a Chick-Fil-A.

  3. Rachel Madcow must be spending her time alone with her battery powered vibrator and fantasizing about Trump’s impeachment at the same time. This would probably be her closest thing to having sex since I doubt any male who exhibits even the worst taste in women would have any interest in this female.
    Madcow is driven to nearly impossible heights of fantasy now that the Botox queen from Kalifornia is happily pushing for impeachment.
    All this coming from one of the worst examples of journalism, namely MSNBC, who along with all the other networks, avidly beat the war drums during Obama’s administration.
    Don’t forget, this is the same creature who bleated out Russian election tampering conspiracy for months.

    • Maddow is gay and she’s happy with her partner Susan Mikula.
      You in the other hand have nothing to add to the discussion other than an incoherent rant that belongs to RT.

    • Ooh, ooh, someone just got butthurt.
      Madcow spent the last two years mooing about Russian election tampering.Mooooo, mooooo,moooo
      There’s no excuse for defending this poor excuse for journalism. She would better suited for the Daily Sun.

    • Why would I be butthurt, lol. As far as I’m concerned when someone joins the zio media he or she becomes prowar. She was antiwar when she was at Air America but when she was allowed to join the big boys at the zio media she became pro war and started parroting the same one sided slanted view that Likud shares with Trump. My initial reaction to your rant was because of the childish bullshit vibrator stuff that no one cares about nor adds anything to the discussion. It reads like the braindead stuff that RT collects.

  4. Trump is and has been a gangster from New York for years and decades. This is how it is done in the cesspool NY. Trump has gotten away with being a gangster in order to get things done. It has been well documented by the top investigative journalist the late Wayne Barrett for over 30 years who worked at the top investigative journal the Village Voice. As soon as Trump got wind that Barrett was investigating him he called him. First Trump tried to bribe him into silence with an offer of various valuable assets; when that failed gangster Trump tried to threaten him and his family. Trump learned all this from the best gangsters in the world like Roy Cohn and others. Trump has lived a charmed life and never been held accountable for his criminal actions. He repeatedly lied as documented in the article TrumpTower. Almost every word which comes out of his lying mouth is a lie. He does not know what true is or means. He screwed poor Polish Workers out of their low pay for over 20 years. Trump is the lowest of the low scum from New York. He should spend the last years in a jail cell for life. All this is why he is desperately trying to keep his tax returns secret because disclosure of them would prove all his lies in financial transactions for many years. He is a liar and cheater and con artist from NY. Americans are the biggest fools on planet Earth.

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