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Michael Shrimpton brings you the latest on the British General Election and comments on HRH the Duke of York's interview and the ongoing farce in Washington.


It’s still looking like the Tories being the largest party, with the DUP and the Brexit Party holding the balance of power. The polls are difficult to read because they’re mostly national and don’t give any real clue as to the Brexit Party’s regional impact. Michael Gove, the slithering Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, no offense intended, has been doing his best to undermine his old enemy Boris Johnson by hinting at an extension of the transition period beyond the end of 2020. The Foreign Secretary undermined him further yesterday on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show in a car-crash of an interview, in which he hinted that the Tories were prepared to throw our fishing communities under a bus.

The Labour Party, the LibDems and the Greens are behaving like the preppy college kids in Tucker and Dale vs Evil over climate change, that is to say they are in a hysterical panic and about to throw themselves into the wood-chipper. The Tories, of course, are trying to outdo them, promising to plant lots of trees, as though that will cool down the Sun and affect the climate.

By the way I think I’ve come up with an answer to my rhetorical question last week as to how long it will take before the Green Party becomes aware of the Sun. My estimate is about five billion years, when the Sun slowly expands to become a Red Giant.

That’s assuming that we don’t come up with a way of refueling the Sun with hydrogen, technology which should become available in a few centuries’ time. The Solar System contains a huge amount of spare hydrogen, by the way. It might even be argued that the implication of stars becoming Red Giants is that no intelligent, technologically advanced civilisations existed in those systems.

Before anyone even mentions UFOs I am not implying that aliens have visited Earth. There is no evidence that any other civilisation has ever visited any part of the Solar System, and there are parts, such as the Dark Side of the Moon, where a footprint would last for millennia.

It may take longer than five billion years before the Labour Party and the MSM grasp that the way to increase tax revenues is to reduce taxation, not increase it. Labour are trapped in what Professor Law has usefully termed “an intellectual black hole”, in other words a fixed and wrong point of view from which there is no hope of recovery. Normally with a black hole of course it’s a question of light being unable to escape. With an intellectual black hole it’s a question of light being unable to penetrate.

Even the Prime Minister has got in on the act. He’s just announced that he wants to reduce corporation tax revenues by postponing a cut, although that’s not quite how he put it of course. At least the Tories have come up with a sensible rail policy – reopening some of the railroad lines closed by the mad German scientist, if that is not a tautology, Dr Beeching, the inspiration for the ‘Fat Controller’ in the Thomas The Tank Engine books.

Despite being the head of a nationalised industry ‘von’ Beeching was not actually demented. He knew what he was doing, alright – wrecking our splendid national railroad network, isolating communities and throwing good men out of work.

The Tory proposal is only a start, of course. They need to scrap the absurd HS2 high-speed line, the economics of which are based on 18 trains an hour when the proposed system can only handle 14. The £100 billion plus saved thereby could be spent on reopening all the lines abandoned by ‘von’ Beeching.

I should explain to any puzzled British readers objecting that railroads are called railways in England that this column first appears on the respected US website, VeteransToday.com and is therefore written in American. I’m grateful, by the way, to Unity News Network, who are reprinting my columns in the UK, giving full credit of course to VT.

The Labour Party are promising ‘free’ broadband for everybody, through the simple expedient of nationalising part of BT. The result, no doubt, would be slower broadband and reduced levels of service. Our nationalised railroad couldn’t even provide fresh sandwiches.

The LibDems and the Scotch Nats have today lost a silly judicial review, trying to insert themselves into tomorrow’s televised debate between the PM and Jeremy Corbyn. If Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon were to be included, why not Nigel Farage?

Speaking of the Brexit Party it seems like they are after all concentrating their efforts on 50 or so target seats. If so it’s the best decision since the USAF decided to promote Captain William Kirk to Major, thereby reducing confusion as to which ship he was flying.

We need the Brexit Party Party and the DUP to keep the Tories honest.

HRH the Duke of York

The Duke of York’s Interview

Everybody’s talking about the splendid interview HRH the Duke of York (Prince Andrew) gave to the BBC in Buckingham Palace last week, which was broadcast in Britain on Saturday night. The MSM are not at all happy about it, which is a good sign, since they’re mostly republican scumbags, no offense intended.

HRH refuted the impertinent claim of the prostitute Virginia Roberts to have slept with him when she was 17. Lest Ms Roberts (now Mrs Giuffre) writes in to say that she wasn’t a prostitute, she just slept with men for money, that’s one of the definitions of a prostitute, my dear! So far as I know she accepts that the murdered financier Jeffrey Epstein paid her to have sex with men.

Of course the left and radical feminists everywhere are claiming that Virginia and the other women who were paid are victims and were trafficked. One of the differences between being a victim of sex trafficking and a prostitute, however, is the pay.

For the record I don’t accept her story. The Duke has comprehensively rebutted her claims to have both met and slept with him. It’s now increasingly clear that the photo purportedly showing HRH with his arm around her is a fake. It was allegedly taken by the murdered financier himself – how very convenient. The photo itself has been photographed multiple times, a method commonly used to disguise forgeries.

The notorious fake photo

The hand which appears on Ms Robert’s left hand side does not appear to be the Duke’s. His dress is wrong for England and HRH is staring straight at the camera, not at his alleged companion, a bit odd. It’s also not the sort of pose one would expect a Prince of the Blood Royal to adopt. Put shortly, I’m not buying.

If that aspect of her account can safely be rejected the rest falls with it. I don’t doubt what the Duke, a Falklands war hero, is saying about not being able to sweat at the material time and being at Pizza Express in Woking with his daughters that night.

A really interesting aspect of the case is what were MI6 up to not telling the Duke’s security people that Epstein had been charged with sex offenses in Florida? It won’t come as a surprise to readers to learn that friends of Royal Dukes are vetted – we don’t allow them out on their own! Ever since the German spy Wallis Simpson maneuvered herself close to HRH the Prince of Wales in the 1930s British Intelligence has kept a close eye on those seeking to ingratiate themselves with the Royal Family.

HRH was entitled to assume that appropriate background checks were done on Epstein. I hold no brief for Epstein, who was even sleazier than Adam Schiff, no offense intended. Not for one moment do I condone the crimes to which Epstein pleaded guilty (the other allegations are unproven), but the Duke’s association with him began long before that part of the truth about ‘von’ Epstein emerged. (The part about him being a German operative has yet to emerge of course, unless you happen to read VT.) Once the allegations emerged HRH had but a single meeting with him.

At the same time as a real member of the Royal Family was hinting at a conspiracy, over the faked photograph, a fictional member was hinting at another, on Netflix. I refer of course to the latest series of the The Crown. I’m not a watcher, but I gather that the new series portrays the Queen as hinting to the German agent Harold ‘von’ Wilson that his distinguished predecessor, Hugh Gaitskell, had been assassinated in order to make way for him, which he was. Have the scriptwriters been reading Peter Wright’s Spycatcher, in which the allegation first emerged, or my book Spyhunter? (The difference between Peter, a late friend of a late friend (Chapman Pincher) and myself, is that Peter had Wilson down as KGB, whereas I have him down as DVD, false-flagged via KGB.)

The Ukraine Nonsense

I’m most grateful to those nice people the Heritage Foundation, who have come up with an idiot’s guide to impeachment. Even though I’m a member of Mensa, I’m not an idiot, but I am an Englishman. My specialism is the British Constitution, not yours. However certain things are clear, even if they are not to the leadership of the Democratic Party, with respect.

The first thing is that the Founding Fathers (to keep Gloria Allred happy I suppose I should be referring to the Founding Fathers and Mothers) intended impeachment to be a rarely used process, for genuine crimes, not a means of reversing an election result.

The second thing which is clear is that the expression “bribery” in Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution refers to the taking of bribes, not the offering of inducements, let alone to foreign leaders. TIPWNOI please take note! (For the benefit of UNN readers, TIPWNOI stands for ‘That Idiot Pelosi Woman, No Offense Intended’.)

The third thing which is clear is that there is no obligation at all on the Senate to try the President, assuming that the House impeaches, which it’s bound to, since the whole process is a political stunt and the Democrats control the House. The Senate, if it were so minded, could simply sit on it.

The fourth thing which emerges from a study of the US Constitution is that the President of the United States is entitled to determine American foreign policy. The State Department isn’t even mentioned in the Constitution, idiot Democrat-supporting ambassadors please take note. The President is not obliged to go through the State Department, not least when, as now, it is politically hostile and anti-American. He can use whatever channels he wants as an instrument of foreign policy.

My old friend Lt-General Vernon Walters, a lovely man, was employed as a back-channel by no fewer than eleven American presidents. One of his successes was the deal which ended the Cuban Missile Crisis. (As it happens I was also a friend of Prime Minister Macmillan’s back-channel to Nikita Khrushchev, the late Sir Frank Roberts GCMG GCVO.) There is no reason at all why President Trump should funnel American military aid to a German client state to keep the State Department happy, even if it is the only state in the world to be run officially by a comedian. (The President of France is a joke, with respect, but that is a different thing from being a comedian.)

The allegation against the President is the silliest since model Lea La Salle accused the comedian Freddie Starr in March 1986 of eating her hamster, Supersonic. Thankfully the little chap (by which I mean the hamster) survived, at any rate so far I know.

This week’s movie review: United (dir. James Strong, 2011)

Of all the mass murders committed by our community partners the DVD since the war the most cynical was probably the slaughter of the Manchester United soccer team at Munich in 1958, compounded by the assassination of England star Duncan Edwards. Edwards survived the crash but was taken out in hospital 15 days later.

United, given an airing on the Sony Movie Channel in the UK last week, gives the narrative of the crash which killed many of Duncan Edwards’s team-mates. Shot on a comparatively low budget, it stars Dr Who actor David Tennant. It really captures the atmosphere of Manchester in the 50s. In terms of accents, footballing details and costumes it gets it right.

The movie-makers also went to a great deal of trouble to capture the distinctive and stylish interior of the Airspeed Ambassador aircraft. It is also a very moving picture – these were fine young men, deprived of life at the height of their powers.

Airspeed AS57 Ambassador

What it doesn’t show is why Zulu Uniform crashed. The lightly-loaded Luftwaffe Convair which took off not long before the Ambassador (to make sure that the runway was dangerous) doesn’t get a look-in, let alone the DVD officers with PPKs in the control tower.

The Germans have got away scot-free with this crime, so far, because we think so differently to them. It would never occur to us to improve our chances in a soccer tournament, even the World Cup, by murdering the opposition beforehand. Even Millwall wouldn’t do that.

When the truth emerges into the wider public domain, as it will, the backlash from the British public is likely to be pretty severe.

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