Bone Helmets Made From Child Skulls Found in Remains of Ancient Ecuadoran Burials

One of the infants was around 18 months old at time of death, while the second was between 6 and 9 months old. (Juengst et. al.)

Health Editor’s Note: I actually do not know what to say about this.  If these infants had a skull helmet, then that skull would have come from a dead child.  I would wonder how the helmet skull was obtained.Did the child die naturally (well children do not die naturally? Children are not supposed to die when they are children.)….Carol

Archaeologists Unearth Remains of Infants Wearing ‘Helmets’ Made From the Skulls of Other Children

by Jason Daley/

Archaeologists excavating a site in Salango, Ecuador, have discovered evidence of a burial ritual that might even make Indiana Jones shiver. As the researchers report in the journal Latin American Antiquity, excavations at a pair of 2,100-year-old funerary mounds revealed several unusual sets of remains: namely, the skeletons of two infants wearing what appear to be bone “helmets” made from the skulls of older children.

Members of the Guangala culture interred the infants at Salango, an ancient ritual complex on the country’s central coast, around 100 B.C. Archaeologists unearthed the remains—as well as those of nine other individuals, many of whom were buried with small objects including figurines and shells—while conducting excavations between 2014 and 2016. Per the study, the discovery represents the only known evidence of “using juvenile crania as mortuary headgear” found to date.

One of the babies was around 18 months old at time of death, while the second was between 6 and 9 months old.

As the study’s authors write, “The modified cranium of a second juvenile was placed in a helmet-like fashion around the head of the first, such that the primary individual’s face looked through and out of the cranial vault of the second.”

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  1. Good read. Not surprised when compared to other known ritual/religious/cult expressions such as ACD body modifications. There obviously is/are unknown Sociocultural expressions & explanations about humans past left to be discovered/uncovered. The main concern is of course not to bury the truth as fast as honest
    virtuous science uncovers it.

  2. There is no love that matches a mothers love for her children and any manner of ceremony is open to interpretation. But, this simple thing does not change.

    The thing that convinces , can be absconded ,as a warriors heart can be.

    And after all these things are considered, trust not to presume the past, as those who were there were us. Which among us did this thing ?

  3. As evil is to society now it seems to pale to the evil of our past. I have trouble with the Jesus narrative; but it seems the evil narrative is all too real. The evil narrative is embraced cryptically and hidden in plain view. Good comes from within ourselves as part of the human condition. Evil is a construct, created to enhance a short gain. Good should eventually defeat evil; but that could just be wishful thinking. Seems that the the Hail Satan crowd is doing well. Thanks to television and the internet. VT being an exception.

    • Ask any mother. Try as hard as you can to find one even amongst the worst of us.

      We live in times of extreme abundance. It has not been so, and all manner of things have been tried to make it so. The cruelty lies not in the act itself, but in the persons who foisted the idea.
      Measured against what recently has happened with the inquisition and all other things,… it is comparable,.and yet, it did not seek to conquer the world, though it could have…. but who did ?

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