Discovery: New Force of Nature?

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Health Editor’s Note: Is this an explanation for what dark mater is?  This is an important fact to know since dark matter makes up most of our universe and controls the stars…..Carol

Physicists claim to have found NEW force of nature which may unravel one of the universe’s greatest MYSTERIES

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Hungarian researchers may have detected a new, fifth force of nature which could finally solve one of the greatest mysteries of the universe, namely the existence and nature of dark matter.

The universe is governed by four fundamental forces: Gravitational force, Weak Nuclear force, Electromagnetic force and Strong Nuclear force. However, a fifth force has long been rumored to exist, scientists just couldn’t prove it. Until now. Maybe.

A new study by Attila Krasznahorkay and his colleagues from the Institute for Nuclear Research in Hungary reveals that they spotted what they suspected might be a new type of boson in the decay of an isotope of beryllium in 2016.

The team witnessed an unexpected rise in the number of the two atomic particles separating at an angle of 140 degrees, which didn’t conform to existing models and estimates, potentially indicating the existence of a completely new kind of fundamental boson.Beryllium-8 emits light as it decays and, if the light emitted proves strong enough, it fires out both an electron and a positron which repel each other at a predictable angle. Based on our current understanding of physics, and more specifically the law of conservation of energy, as the energy the light increases, the ‘predictable’ angle should decrease. Not so, however.

Three of the four known fundamental forces have bosons that guide their attractive and repulsive forces, gravity is theoretically controlled by a hypothetical particle dubbed a ‘graviton’ but scientists have yet to detect and observe it.

The new boson couldn’t be mistaken for one of its existing counterparts as it has a particularly distinctive mass – 17 megaelectronvolts (or roughly 33 times that of an electron). They also don’t live very long, lasting just 10 to the minus 14 seconds.

The team wanted to replicate their theory of a possible fifth force governed by a new boson but shifted focus from beryllium to helium nuclei, in which pairs of electrons and positrons also separated at an angle that didn’t align with current modelling (115 degrees).

By reverse-engineering their observations, the team posit that the helium’s nucleus could also have produced a short-lived boson with a mass of roughly, you guessed it, 17 megaelectronvolts – hence its name name X17.

Once their findings have been thoroughly pored over, we may finally have a solution to the long-standing and often bemusing problem of accounting for dark matter which makes up the vast majority of the universe and is believed to be responsible for some truly baffling behaviour among the stars.The latest study is yet to be peer reviewed but the team’s previous research was accepted by the journal Physical Review Letters.

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    • Correct! A term used to explain something in the Universe that the egg heads cannot grasp. If I am correct, the term was used to explain away the space between galaxies or celestial bodies. Again, this is the same silliness they use. Instead of saying quite rightly we do not know, at that huge scale and being humble, no, they will play the masters of everything and come up with something, a theory or a new word, just to keep things under control. As far as I know, they never brought any of that dark matter or dark energy and anti-matter for that matter to a laboratory bench and start to observe it, its property and carry out various scientific tests under safe and standard protocols. Again, if no samples were taken tested and proven real, this words and so many others like this have no meaning to me!

  1. Mr Keshe and his foundation have apparently solved the problem with gravity, by suggesting that gravity is being the opposite in magnetic repulsion (2 pole of the same nature-North/North and South/South- of a magnet do repulse). Mr Keshe’s contention is that gravity is working the same way when 2 poles of opposite nature of a magnet-North and South- attract themselves. It is a brilliant idea and does make sense. But has it been proven?Then Mr Keshe went on to explain that Earth’s core cannot be only of decaying radioactive matter. Otherwise, it would have past its time life by now after 4.6 billion years. He suggested another model to long to explain here. If his theory have been proven and VT seem to champion him/his foundation, this should be a world game changer. If true, then gravity is not another force of nature. It is a different expression of magnetism, hence electricity and electrostatic will be derived fro it…

  2. Dark matter, dark energy and now a fifth force of nature.What the Hell! What a joke these scientists are from our untouchable and authoritarian academia. You simply cannot contradict them,even with simple observations and testing. No, they will come up with mumbo jumbo theories and mumbo jumbo new words to impress the public.. VT readers should look at the history of astrophysics, as i did, and look at how they termed new words such as drak matter and dark energy o explain something observable in the Universe which they could not grasp! Among other things, I am interested at our night sky, like the Ancients were. I followed MSM model but I really had to give up in disgust! The whole thing and explanation does not make sense. They cannot accept that the expanse of the Universe is huge and they will not get all the answers. It is not difficult to see and accept that. No models of the Universe, how it was supposedly created-aka the big bang crackpot- to its demise will work. Computers simulations at this level- I am not talking about the positions of celestial bodies- are not based on observable science once again. It is a simulation, a software made to emulate certain properties of events, which have been extrapolated to future events. These crackpots should have a time machine to observe future Universe events

    • What i just described is similar to Darwin finches, 2 different features of a same species which he blindly extrapolated to macro-evolution over millions of years. Something which cannot be observed and tested. The same with global warming-now conveniently re-branded climate change. Based on fake computer model: purpose- Put the whole planet to be stolen with Carbon tax. Same robbery made during the medieval times of the Indulgences. I have watched the Principle documentary onto YouTube (which was quickly taken down) and follow the work of France’s Jean Pierre Petit and his Janus model. These are most close to what one can observe in our part of the Universe- Still tiny-but again my contention is that they will never get a 100% guaranty model working fine. We are talking about vast expanses of space and our academia is arrogant that they will never have all the answers-especially with fraudulent model- nor they can make a model of the complete Universe to work as the real thing.

    • Correct Harry, this is why I am doing my best sitting at the upmost right of the public house. That public house is so corrupted by internal rivalries, dirty politics and money funding. Their science is corrupted to such a level that if it continues this way, then the public would simply not listen to such academia with big degree and authority-Which in essence would be a good thing. These crackpots, while not dismissing all of them, but the gatekeepers have decided to throw away the scientific method. That is simply unacceptable. Science is based on observation, and from these you are working some hypothesis which in turn are tested and tested until these are proven right to arrive to an acceptable conclusion-not opinion. Nowadays, on many field, a preconceived conclusion is reached for mostly political reasons and the big egg heads will work around that “conclusion” to embellish it, by using all means: computer simulations and sometimes outright fraud. There are many examples of such behaviour. But, all that will bring these crack pot to their demise!

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