Global Warming in Photographs

Photo by Tina Freeman

Health Editor’s Note: Look at these first two pictures, side by side and see the vast difference.  No denying that we (our earth) are/is too warm. We are experiencing  and will continue to experience melting and flooding. Can we turn this around?…Carol

Paired Images of Melting Glaciers and Flooding Wetlands Tell the Story of Global Climate Change

by Rachel Lallensack/

Understanding the regional impacts of a global problem like climate change can be challenging. Melting glaciers in Greenland or Antarctica cause sea level rise near coastal communities thousands of miles away. In places like New Orleans, for example, about 46 percent of sea level rise is due to ice melting around the globe.

Photographer Tina Freeman draws attention to the interconnectedness of two far-flung landscapes—her home state of Louisiana and the glaciers at our planet’s poles—in her show “Lamentations,” on view at the New Orleans Museum of Art through March 15, 2020. Over the course of seven years, she has captured both subjects, pairing photographs of Greenland’s permafrost, Iceland’s ice caves and Antarctica’s tabular ice sheets with visually similar images of Louisiana wetlands, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and other coastal landscapes. The show features a selection of diptychs from her book of the same name that features 26 stunning image pairings.

“’Lamentations’ profoundly engages with both its message and its messenger, with both the precarious existence of glaciers and wetlands and with photography itself,” says Russell Lord, NOMA’s curator of photographs, in a press release.

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  1. They use trick photography for this garbage. Weak minds fall for it. How about going on a hunger strike over nothing?

    • Correct! Fear is the weapon they use to control the dumb and stupid masses who will buy any crackpot. Let us also not forget that Earth is dynamic, with earthquakes, volcano eruption, lava flow, naturally occurring floods, rain… So,, obviously, seen from space, Earth will change and this is a natural phenomena, as our planet like many others are still active. But guess what, even Earth natural change is the fault of global warming, no matter what!

  2. One detail I forget about that Climate change mumbo jumbo, is the real fact that mankind has been using geoengineering for quite some times for warfare purpose. According to some researchers, the technology used is the one from suppressed of genius Nikola Tesla. Using ionising antennas to create phase array waves in order to heat up the ionosphere to modify the jet stream and induce severe weather damages in any place chosen of the planet is real and we have seen a few cases like these, especially strange case of drought and flood in Iran in recent years. Nikola Tesla, I am sure never wanted his technologies or ideas used for nefarious aims. The other thing that people mentioned but just have a little grasp is the chemtrail problem, using various and sometimes heavy metallic powder up to nano size to deliver onto our atmosphere. I am no expert on this, but it reminds me of the Sumerian tables telling about the Annunaki, who later genetically engineered us among other things, to extract metal ores in many parts of the Earth, especially gold, to refine it to powder level, so that it can be used to spread on the dying atmosphere of their planet Niburu.

  3. “No denying that we (our earth) are/is too warm”- Ms Carol on her notes.
    That is not what the telemetry satellites were showing prior to the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit. The satellite measured an overall global temperature in reduction, not in increase. That was unacceptable for the globalists puppet masters and their hordes of egg heads at the UN IPCC. So, they have to cheat the temperature data to show it is increasing. The problem with that is that they got hacked and got their pants down and caught in the act. the hacked e-mails were showing details their fraudulent activities. Tell us, UN so called scientists, when is science becoming a political baseball, all that to engage in a conspiracy extortion at a global level! Especially taxing the basic element of life: element carbon. That issue with the e-mails was published in few major newspapers, even here in the UK but it was short lived. Obviously, the globalists and their puppet masters are still singing that false song and minimised the impact of that fraud. Finally, solar activities are indicating we are going through a new phase a solar minimum, which no doubt will affect our planet and most importantly our agriculture. Author and geopolitical analyst F William Engdahl demonstrates this in his article on NEO: Are We Blocking Out the Sun?

  4. For accurate information on your weather along with historical climate data is one source to begin building your own “Mosaic of Truth”.

    • Thanks for the tip, Jim. I am fully aware of the work of Piers Corbyn.
      Also if you are not aware, consult the book of Mike S King: Climate Bogeyman: The Criminal Insanity of the Global Warming. A good recap of what I just mention below plus the fraudulent science and financial scam at a global level.

  5. No. We cannot.
    We have, however, created a sustainable future for Earth’s plants.
    Climate changes. No one “denys” that.
    The roots of the UN IPCC are Eugenisists.
    Thank you, VT, for teaching me to research on my own.

    • I tend to accept your comments, Jim.
      VT readers and all should watch out about the globalists and their friends in big corporation and the puppet masters-the international bankers, who will do everything to pass the Carbon tax scam at a global level, similar to what the Friars in Rome did with their Indulgences to sell promises of heaven to the people of Europe- Each individual, their loved ones and their ancestors. The scam was to steal people of their money so that the Friars could build the St Peter Basilica in Rome, so an extortion and a conspiracy of a large scheme. VT readers and all should assess both examples and evaluate for themselves. Regarding climate science, no computers, how sophisticated that can be, can make long term prediction. Period! It is a fallacy to accept such results based on non observable climate phenomena in a long term future, it is simply a fraud. These crackpots should build a time machine and observe future climate events and report back accurate data as we all know that the climate is changing nonetheless and had happened throughout Earth’s long history.

    • Climate change is a fact. No denying it. This is what I wrote below. The zealots and their globalist conspirators tried so many things to scare the gullible public: in the 70s, it was the ice age scare. As this did not happen they chanted the ozone depletion issue-Then, we do not hear about it anymore. In the early 80s, the same people who sold us the false ice age scare, went full swing with global warming. But as this did not work to well, since telemetry satellites show that average global temperatures are reducing, then they re-branded their propaganda to climate change, very conveniently, because climate change is a fact as the Earth experience it throughout its entire history.

  6. Why not using the propaganda and pictures: be Worried, Be very worried instead. Uh! Uh! I am scared!I have written a lot about the crackpot and fraudulent science based called global warming, conveniently re-branded climate change and the financial scam around it: Carbon Tax on a global scale. Climate is fact! no denying it. It has happened many times while we were around and also when we have not been introduced in this planet as GMO around 140 000 to 290 000 years ago, together with our friends, domesticated animals and plants. The zealots who are putting pictures like this on a MSM journal, just to make a point is not the complete picture, it is fraudulent too! There are many areas of the planet were glaciers are thinning and others expanding as well. So, why are these guys cherry picking and scaring the ignorant masses! In this example, pictures of land emerging do exist, as does pictures of flooded areas. These are facts! Nothing to do with fraudulent global warming. Again, when a new glaciesr in Antarctica are calving, it is a natural process which any VT can research from him/her-self.

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