Russia’s Lavrov Wants US Out of Japan, Duff on Press TV


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Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Not only should the U.S. leave Japan but Okinawa as well, especially Okinawa as the people absolutely despise the American troops stationed there.
    As Ron Paul continues to state that America does not need to have 800 bases stationed in over 150 countries for the supposed purpose of defending America. which is true. Those bases are not for defending America or anybody else’s freedom. They are there to control those countries and surround others who refuse to kowtow to Washington. In the middle east, it is for Israel. In South east Asia it is for the oil companies and mining interests. The same can be said for Latin America.
    The truth is, in former Eastern bloc countries, they have simply traded one master for another.

    • I agree in the sense that US bases around the world are created for the purpose of control. This is an octopus tactic. And a huge pile of funds is allocated for this. It seems to me that if one year the United States Defense Ministry lives on the military budget of Russia (approximately $ 50 billion), then the remaining money will be enough to build houses for all homeless people in the United States and to solve many more problems. But this will never happen. The patient will live while he is supplied with economic blood by donors around the world. Unfortunately, the tactics of the Wild West are the basis of the existence of the United States itself, serving the rich. And the rich will never give up power and money.
      As for the territorial dispute with Japan: they will receive nothing. Japan is an occupied country and their words in the treaties will not cost anything. Yes, we remember the value of Western words about the block of countries in eastern Europe. We left, the Yankees came. And they do not damn care about contracts and promises. It will be the same with Japan. If the Japanese (read – the Americans) are allowed on these 4 islands, then the Far Eastern fleet of the Russian Federation will simply be locked.

  2. I think this is misleading. Germany got nothing from the US. Stalin and Soviet Union was the only that materially helped Germany in between the World Wars, It doesn’t matter how much money printed from thin air one gets, when the US hardware is always missing. Same thing during Winter War, we bought in gold several Brewsters from the US, but somehow Your great President Roosevelt forgot to deploy them to us. Did Germany bought something from You with gold or all of their gold?

    • I wouldn’t have trusted Rosenfeld as far as I could throw him. His entire administration was made up of communists.

  3. Speaking to Japanese and German youth, they appear far more well-researched as to what happened to their nations and people than their would-be temporary conquerors would suspect. “Blowback” in this sense was inevitable. America’s strategies were short sighted because America was just another chess piece war cow of European Ashkenazi Banksters.

  4. A risible litany of either gratuitous, unsubstantiated garbage-opinons or an infantile understanding of the measures that the leaders of countries besieged by utterly evil imperialists, needed to understake, in order to swiftly crush the mercenary hirelings ; hirelings in the pay of evil alliances of Westrn countries, wishing to surround and destroy them.

    Your running off at the mouth would impress no one with an ounce of sense or indeed, an understanding of good and evil. Your own implied religiosity is blasphemous.

  5. Yep, old Abe has learned his lesson about having – any relations with Washington’s/ Tel Aviv’s enemies – it was called Fukushima and I believe that operation was the mafia hint – not to go there. 58,000 troops still in Japan, 28,000 in South Korea – but Russia is an Aggressive force in the world. – Somehow, most of those Federal Reserve printing presses that are cranking out trillions to keep the NWO in business , worldwide, need to be stopped.

  6. And Gordon Duff, you are an assheadist, you support asshead, yet with no professed Belief.

    PressTV was started by Ahmadinejad, but now run by monkeys that can mimic english fluency.

    Russia you are no better than nato, and iran you are no better than saudis, so stop talking about righteousness when you overlook your brutality against Rebels and Protestors, and Immigrants and Refugees, and Civillians, and Citizens, and every Man Woman and Child you have experimented on with you putinized experimental weapons in Syria.

    The people of russia are just as putzed by lavrov, as japanese are by abe.

    Enjoy your political gaming, but it will never hide your bombing of Aleppo when you took a side on Muslims because they were more palatible to your wine drinking secularism and obesity.

  7. lavrov is second rate to putin, just like khamenei is second rate to Khomeini.

    If putin isnt charismatic enough to solve Syria without his experimental weapons, then lavrov is just, in japanese speak, a chimpira (a monkey trying to mimic humans).

    • JHK — ?!?!?!?!
      Nothing written makes sense. Lavrov is Putin’s right hand, seems like to me.

      Khomeini is passed away, so why compare the living to the dead? Doesn’t even make sense.

      Charisma doesn’t “solve Syria” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Please enlighten. What solves Syria are experimental weapons that have been verified in battle to do what they are supposed to do. Syria solve!

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