Tulsi Takes Down Hillary and May Well Obliquely Expose Israeli Control as Well


What we see with this is a field of Democratic candidates bought and paid for by the same people running the GOP, Kosher Nostra stooges.

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  1. I sent her $2 with a note asking her to look into the Zionist aspect of 9/11. I was told she received my note and appreciated it. She came out the next week with a pretty solid foray into calling for 9/11 disclosure. I love Tulsi – CFR or not. The point is that it’s not about a candidate anyway, it’s about us finding our voices again. Political activism is 365 days a year. We the people can use Tulsi’s candidacy to open up a space for reality to re-enter the public sphere. Exercising the 1st amendment matters. And not just online, but in town hall meetings, streetcorner soapboxes, door-to-door for Tulsi, your local pub…? Happy Thanksgiving to All

  2. she has seen a lot but she doesnt get it. she, and many, think that getting votes or even getting elected will give you the power to change the system….with the system….that is controlled by a small group of internationalists…it doesnt. even jesse ventura couldnt be useful as a governor in his prime with a real soldiers background and more experience than her. need a strongman that will make a last stand great enough for people to follow it up

  3. At this point I find no one worth my time and that includes Tulsi. As for Buttigeig, the only reason he has gained favor with the MSM is because he’s gay and because he’s one of victims of white male oppression.
    However, none of the others running for Office have anything real to offer except the usual platitudes and rubbish, like listening to a televangelist selling something based on false promises and unsupportable claims.
    If they were , however, to take on the Federal Reserve, and the growing police state not to mention the government spying on everyone 24/7 might be a different story. As it is the Dems just voted unanimously to renew the Patriot Act along with increased military spending. So feel any freer now?
    So at this point there is very little if no difference between the Dems and the Reps except some of the Reps have begun to sway towards the Libertarian side.

  4. I took copious notes during the debate. And I noticed that Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang weren’t given a fair shake from the get-go, not being allowed to speak at all for ages. Yang has already called out MSNBC for that. But Tulsi, when given her chance, took on both Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. I have concerns about Buttigieg and his career in Navy Intel and in Afghanistan. Was he one of the good guys or one of the bad guys? Surely he must have noticed that we are there for drugs?

    • Buttigieg is a hand puppet for the coalition recently formed by evangelicals and catholics to protect massive government contracts, advance the narrative that priests are not pedo’s they are just gay, because if the militant catholics want all gay priests removed, it would destroy the church almost entirely in the US. Also, the USSC has cited the Papal Bull from 1492 (hundreds of years before our founding) as justification for a ruling as recently as 2007 Sherill vs Oneida, and multiple other fronts to retain power. People need to learn the depth and breadth of religious activism inside our politics, and it’s operational capacity. The super pacs are bloated from tax free dollars. Barr has squelched the investigations thereby solidifying the christian voting block. Pete is their Catholic guy on the left. The separation of church and state has never been under threat as it is now.

    • The Church has damaged itself between making deals with Fascists like Musolini and Hitler and with its pedo priests, has hopefully damaged the Church from ever recovering.
      Henry the VIII was correct is driving out the Church from England.

    • I was more interested in his Navy career. Oh well. He’s gay and married to another guy, so obviously he’s not Catholic now. But he mentions his “faith” at every event, without saying what that faith is. So I looked it up just now online. Close enough, he’s Anglican/Episcopalian. I found this: “Buttigieg is a Christian, and has said his faith has had a strong influence in his life. His parents baptized him in a Catholic church as an infant and he attended Catholic schools. … A member of the Episcopal Church, Buttigieg is a congregant at the Cathedral of St. James in downtown South Bend.”

  5. I am really hoping that the veterans of these recent and ongoing wars will coalesce behind Tulsi to turn our country around. Swamps and cesspools abound; evil and confusion reigns; and now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country.

  6. Apha the Higlander,
    Trump developed a war against Yemen that has killed thousands .In Venuezela,
    A subversive war of black market extorsion by thugs paid for by the U.S. ,Withholding of staple
    items in warehouses to drive up prices ..Gee ,I wonder who was responsible .Colluding with
    Saudi Arabia to get OPEC members to increase oil output to drive down prices and impose
    sanctions against Venezuela was on Obama’s watch but Trump has increased sanctions and recent-
    ly attempted a coup which failed miserably . Children in Caracas’ hospitals are dying because of a
    lack of medical supplies caused by the sanctions, Wars are not only fought with bullets.Trump is a
    butcher. And finally , his continued support of Bibi has caused an escalation in the suffering in
    Palestine . Suffering that won’t end until the U.S. stops funding the Zionist genocidal sociopaths.

    • You’ve listed some of the more egregious acts done by tRump so far while in Office without mentioning his prior misdemeanors and felonies.
      However you will now be labeled with the TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) marker.

  7. Ms Tulsi Gabbard forgot in her first minute of talk to mention Nobel toilet paper prize Obama on that list of regime change. It got worse with him w what we witnessed in 8 years of his rule with the 2 idiots acolytes Clinton and Kerry without forgetting the successive defence secretaries. Last time I checked, current US Donald Trump has not opened a new war front, despite some hurdles in some part of the world…
    If she becomes president, taking down the zionists and their hijacking of US foreign policies in the Middle East/West Asia and the cancer that is the zionist entity occupying historic Palestine remains to be seen…

  8. “What we see with this is a field of Democratic candidates bought and paid for by the same people running the GOP, Kosher Nostra stooges.” You hit the nail right in the head, Gordon.

    • Indeed, so it doesn’t matter who gets into that office, nothing changes, except for the worse and anybody who refuses to bow and scrape to the kosher nostra gets nowhere.
      Besides if you vote, you have no right to complain.

  9. Call me jaded as much as I like what Tulsi Gabbard has been saying and most of what she has been saying resonates with the way I see the US today but there’s always that gnawing feeling of the betrayal that US constituency have experienced for the past 50 years or so from candidates who promise a big game but fail to fulfill. The deep state will never allow an infringement on its turf other than the one that serves its opposition control tactics.

  10. The Hildabeast is such an easy target. How she ever ended up being a candidate while psychotically raving about going to war with Russia over a suspected cyberattack and obliterating Iran then laughing maniacally about painfully and cruelly offing Gaddafi and embracing the destruction of Libya as her greatest foreign policy achievement would have Hitler holding her beer.

  11. what seems to me is that presidential candidates should do is what is expected of them, support all the forms of publicly accepted forms of speech, governance, family, hang out with war criminals on Aipac’s and Pentagon’s parties, and then if once elected, draw their own moves, develop and play strategy from the office and not from the revolutionary textbooks, for example undeclare all those US foreign enemies as enemies and start global cooperation with Russia, China etc on all levels (military especially), and tell the foreign exchange money traders the US will not cover for them anymore. Israelis have very much hold on foreign policy yes, but a president could form such alliances abroad that would make Israelis not matter at all, even if/when they support US or not.

  12. I’m not sure how (any) US commander in-chief can defuse the wars and lessen the american military influence. US military has holiday resort bases such as Mauritius, Guam, Samoa, the extention of the Commonwealth control of the high seas, there are many bonds there other than Israel deep state alone. I don’t know how many terms in office would one commander-in-chief need to shut down enough US bases abroad to be able to stop overthrowing governments, sowing wars and chaos, but one-two terms surely wouldn’t be enough to unplug this monster US Wehrmacht from the national and transnational economy.

  13. I’ll believe that when I see her stop kissing up to Bibi. As long as she wears her Nuttybombyou knee pads, I’ll retain my doubts.

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