Doublefuck!!! Navy Secretary Fired for Backing SEALs Against Alleged “Rotten Apple”


VT will withhold reporting on this because not one single word made available to the public or media on this is true.


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  1. They don’t, and never did, “hate us for our freedoms”. They hate us because lowlife bastards like this Gallagher, in the employ of criminal psychopaths, murder people with impunity in our name. We are the Great Satan, and deservedly so!

  2. America is now in a death spiral with no one in command to level it out. The moral MCAS system has gone into full down trim and airliner America is headed straight for a hard landing.
    At this point the rest of the world has to have come to the conclusion that Americans are beasts with no moral compass, acting much like the hordes of Genghis Khan or the Roman army. Murdering someone who has surrendered is a war crime and the orange buffoon in the White House told the rest of the civilized world, there is no crime too great for which it will be punished. He has given his approval of crimes against humanity. Donald tRump has given the finger to the rest of humanity.
    What more proof do people need to see that this president has no moral authority or decency at any level.

  3. A war crime committed in a war which is itself a war crime. We’re prosecuting the wrong people. Are we reading news or Alice in Wonderland?

  4. Quote from “Blade’s” Wikipedia entry:

    “Chief Gallagher was accused of multiple offenses during his final deployment to Iraq and during the Battle for Mosul. The most prominent accusation and the best-attested to was the murder of a prisoner of war, a war crime.[6] A captured young fighter of the Islamic State (also known as ISIL, ISIS, and Daesh) was being treated by a medic. According to two SEAL witnesses, Gallagher said over the radio “he’s mine” and walked up to the medic and prisoner, and without saying a word killed the prisoner by stabbing him repeatedly with his hunting knife. Gallagher and his commanding officer, Lieutenant Jake Portier, then posed for photos of them standing over the body with some other nearby SEALs. Gallagher then text messaged a fellow SEAL a picture of the dead captive with the explanation “Good story behind this, got him with my hunting knife.”[6]”
    Isn’t this murder not war?

    • Idiot Trump doesn’t know the difference between a murderer and a hero. He pardoned a murderer who killed a prisoner in captivity in the most cowardly way possible; an ambush. What a shameful disgrace this country has degenerated into.

    • As sick and disgusting as it is, small wonder such occurrences take place as America is spiraling down is a death dive. These people grew up watching TV and movies, laced with violence, sex and every other perversion and form of degeneracy and whose parents worked all day, creating an entire generation of latchkey kids.
      The failure of a society is in the failure of its people to instill a moral compass into its children. That is why we have war criminals in our midst and even more outrageous is they are called heroes.
      Chris Kyle is just such an example, however he used his religious training and brainwashing as an excuse.

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