Urgent Appeal for His Excellency Bashar Assad, Commander in Chief, Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic

In English and Arabic

Secretary of State John Kerry and President Assad discussing the defeat of ISIS
Exclusive / Dr. Bassam Barakat, Nahed Al Husaini, Gordon Duff of Veterans Today

Get up Gilgamesh, behead the snake, and return the people’s usurped rights 

Introduction by the Senior Editor

While the Syrian people, aided by Hezbollah, Iran, Iraqi freedom fighters, Kurdish elements and the Russian Aerospace Forces have defeated ISIS, a new move is being made against the Syrian people, a 5th column, long hiding among the corrupt bureaucrats whose souls had long been sold to Saudi Arabia or the Kosher Nostra princes of Tel Aviv, London and Washington.

A war has been won, all that is left is to push remaining ISIS/US forces out of Syria and to retake Idlib, something well within grasp, but that won’t be enough.

Syrians fought for a real democracy, one most Syrians believe President Assad can deliver aided by democratic elements within the nation.  One war has ended, another will begin as there are those who will not give up their power easily, power won by the Syrian people and intended to be held by the Syrian people.  From Dr. Bassam Barakat, in English and Arabic, a message to the President delivered in Islamic literary style:


Gilgamesh left in a long quest for the immortality plant that he desired to cultivate for his own people and himself as he was growing in age. In his journey, He met with  the immortal man (Otunabishtim) to ask him about the mystery of immortality and the location of the plant.
Gilgamesh dived into the sea at 120 Meters depth to fetch the required plant, later he had a severe exhaustion, and fell asleep. The snake took advantage of this golden opportunity and crawled towards the hero’s place, stole the plant, ate it and rejuvenated.
The snake situation resembles to a great extent that of many of our ideologues and their whale associates from the corrupt system, as well as the brutal takfiri terrorist gangs and their clergy masters who have implanted Zionist and Wahhabi ideologies in the brains of our youth, deprived our people of the opportunity of eternity, and danced happily on their carnage.
Those gangsters  have changed their skins like the serpent through their swinging decisions, sit-ins, and fake elections to insinuate that they are a new government, in a new attire.
It is the snake itself, Gilgamesh , O hero of the holy Uruk, do not be tricked by its appearance.  Often crocodiles cried before. Get up and kill the snake that stole the immortality plant from your people and return the usurped rights  to your people.
((( انهض كلكامش فقد سرقت نبتة الخلود )))
رحل كلكامش باحثا عن ( نبتة الخلود ) التي ارادها ليزرعها من اجل شعبه ، و من اجل نفسه في شيخوخته .فالتقى بالرجل الخالد ( اوتونابيشتم-) ليسأله عن سر الخلود ومكان النبتة فأخبره . وما كان من كلكامش إﻻ ان غاص في البحر على عمق 120 فرسخا ليحصل على نبتة الخلود المطلوبة .. وشعر بعدها باعياء شديد نام على إثره نوما عميقا .فاستغلت الأفعى هذه الفرصة الذهبية و زحفت نحو مكان البطل وسرقت النبتة واكلتها .فصارت في كل عام تنزع جلدها .. وتجدد شبابها .
وهكذا العديد من جهابذتنا وشركائهم من منظومة الفساد وحيتانها وكذلك العصابات الإرهابية التكفيرية المتوحشة واسيادهم من رجال الدين الذين زرعو الفكر الوهابي الصهيوني والإخوانجي الشيطاني في عقول  شباب تائه سرقوا فرصة الخلود من شعبنا ، وراحوا يتنعمون بخيراته  ويتلذذون بعذاباته ويرقصون على صوت انبثاق دمائه نازفا أنهارا ، وأكلوا هم ، كما الحية ، نبتة الخلود فصاروا ينزعون جلودهم بين قرار وآخر ، وبين اعتصام وآخر ، و بين انتخابات و أخرى … ليوهموا الشعب انهم حكومة جديدة .بثوب جديد ..
إنها اﻷفعى نفسها يا كلكامش ، يا بطل اوروك المقدسة ، فلا يخدعنك لبسها
 ومظهرها….فكثيرا ما بكت قبلها التماسيح . انهض كلكامش  واقتل الحية التي سرقت نبتة الخلود من شعبك وقطع رأسها  وإرجع لشعبك حقوقهم المسلوبه….( نداء موجه لسيادة الرئيس بشار الأسد القائد العام للجيش والقوات المسلحة )

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  1. What a refreshing allegory based on the epic poem. How rare is it that someone in the media can see the parallels of history with present day chaos. Certainly not to be anywhere in the western zionist controlled media. This is again what sets VT apart from virtually all media anywhere. The message is hardly surprising as the enemies of freedom persist until the end in their efforts to retain control of the money, arms, and minds of the majority. Thank you Nahed and VT editors. Your elegant appeal for President Assad hopefully will enlighten and empower those able to help him in the new cold war.

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