Mike’s Notes: Those of us who have observed Donald Trump for more than a nanosecond know that he is a malignant narcissist or as I like to describe him he is afflicted with rectum dominate personality disorder.

This latest tweet goes well beyond narcissism into the realm of  complete delusion.

I would like to think that he is just making a joke but I think he may really picture himself this way.

All politicians have big egos and this is necessary for them to believe that they are capable of making a difference, but Trump takes this to levels previously unknown. As a lifelong conman he is well versed in self promotion but when the conman starts to believe his own spiel he goes into the twilight zone.

With almost half of the country buying into his bovine scat, the forces, whoever they may be, that want to divide us are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

              By: Mike Brest  – Washington Examiner            

President Trump tweeted out a fake photo of himself in a boxing ring, and chaos ensued on social media.

The photo, which appears to be from the movie Rocky III starring Sylvester Stallone, has the president’s face imposed on the Rocky actor’s body. The president did not caption his Wednesday morning tweet.

Trump did, however, reference his “gorgeous chest” during his Tuesday evening “Keep America Great” rally in Florida. While discussing his unannounced visit to Walter Reed hospital about a week ago, the president said the doctors told him to “show us that gorgeous chest.”
“We want to see it,” he claimed they said. “We’ve never seen a chest quite like it.”

“Show us that gorgeous chest. We want to see it. We’ve never seen a chest quite like it.”

Rocky III, which was the third installment in the Rocky film series, debuted in 1982.
Social media users shared their reactions to the president’s tweet, with some mocking him and others praising him as an “expert” troll.

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  1. We are in grave danger. A man is occupying the Oval Office who is mentally unstable and morally unfit, delusional and narcissistic. All the qualities that make a person dangerous not only to others but himself as well.
    As the pressures mount, tRump will not be able to handle them. He’s not sitting in front of a TV camera for a Hollywood production. This is it. It’s the real thing and it may very well take him down as he appears to become less and less stable.
    Some people can handle the pressure for only so long before they blow up.
    The pressure cooker is on full.

    • Indeed, and his supporters are just as delusional as he is. Many of them are literally filled with hatred towards anybody who dares disagree with them. Some of them even wish a civil war. America is a land filled with extremists on both left and right.

  2. There are two Trumps. (I say six) But one says its a joke and the other says oh, yea, this is me. He lies to himself until he believes it. Its a simple sales technique he adopted early and melded into. The hook is to be the twins, and the buyers always opt toward the positive, then the troop door can be released.
    He was elected by less than 25 % of the eligible voting population , so to say half is not accurate. Anyone can take their own polls. Observe your fellow human beings and ask, How many ? The same poll as how many play 3 card monte.

  3. One must give him credit for obtaining two positions of the 9 on the SC or over 22%. While this does not guarantee victory in any particular case, it does not hurt. It also buys him time since they move slowly. One article also claims he has nearly 30% of the Circuit Court Judges. The big issue pending is his tax returns. He will pull out all stops to keep them under wraps. If the court forces them to be released this could be the beginning of the end for him. The Democrats would have been better advised to focus on this issue than wasting so much money and time on impeachment which is traditionally a lost cause. He seems to have unlimited funds to make appeals to any and all courts, unlike ordinary citizens.

  4. You need to lighten up. I never thought that Obama playing a scene from the Lion King to counter the birthtards was as you say narcissistic. I thought it was funny. Just as I thought the video of Trump going full Rambo at Church of Fake News was and this is too. Double standard much?

    • Here we go again with the Obama drama. Michael Chester never mentions Obama’s and his taking a shot at the retarded Trump for going after him for years, which is very different than this megalomaniac’s self promotion. Apples and oranges. Obama has a sense of humor. Trump has none hence his sitting at the White House correspondents dinner in 2011 and getting butthurt and feeling ridiculed. Talk about lightening up.

    • It is a mistake to think military (or other) psyops do not employ humor, as one way to calm opposition is to get them to laugh at a serious issue. The brain upon its return to the issue remembers the humor and not the outrage. Its a seed, that can be planted with ease by any amateur con artist. Any decent predator or alert prey is not fooled by it.
      The smiling spider, among the simplest examples.

    • Oh yeah O-bomb-em the drone king joking about taking out one his daughter’s beaus with a hellfire missile was pure comedy. GMAFB. Trump is just a lighter more tactless version of Obama who was just a Black version of GW in many ways. Think NDAA.