by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,  … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow …and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a research institution for the study of the countries and cultures of Asia and North Africa.

[ Editor’s Note: VT has some things in here that have never been published before. Why now one could reasonably ask? That would usually be due to timing, based on what else is going on now, and things that are in the works.

Between now and Trump’s state of the union address he may have a bumpy road to travel. If he gets hurt bad in the impeachment process, not that the Republicans would ever find him guilty, but that more could still be in the closet.

What if the stuff still in the closet is worse than anything on the table, and frustrated parties decided it was now or never time to release? What would Trump be capable of doing to protect himself from losing out on a nice cushy rest of his life on the world stage as an ex-US president?

Some of the things below are just a tiny sample of what is out there, plots to really make things much worse that did not come to fruition, yet. VT editorialized endlessly that if those responsible for doing very bad things, 9-11 is just one example, were left to roam around the planet, they would not be running charities to repent for their evil deeds.

They would be planning the next one. Why? It’s because they feel it is their right, and after 9-11 was covered over they have 100% confidence that they are not touchable. So far the entire network has not been touched.

Yes, some of their plans have been foiled. Iraq survived, and Syria now, and Iran has taken everything thrown at it and getting stronger everyday, while Bibi may be wearing prison pajamas in a twin cell being saved for his best buddy.

What would such people do to save themselves? What would they have to lose by trying, with one last jihad, and take a lot of us down with them?Jim W. Dean ]

– First published … November 27, 2019

We begin with a rash statement or is it? As the Democratic Party in the US self-destructs, with 3rd rate candidates turning on one another like ravening rats, one candidate stands above the others, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

In 2017, Tulsi Gabbard, or we may well call her US Army Major Tulsi Gabbard, a decorated combat veteran, traveled to Damascus and met with, among others, President Assad. This fact is used continually by a cacophony of fellow Democrats to damn Gabbard as “unfit.” What are Gabbard’s real beliefs?

Let us put this one thing up front, she promises an end to regime change wars America seems to continually engage in, now decade after decade, though she withholds, quite carefully, what needs to be done as well.

America’s regime change wars are all fought on behalf of the gangsters, the “Kosher Nostra” as it were, that controls the military dictatorship that has become Israel under the Likudists and the billionaires and “oligarchs” who have bought Netanyahu into power time and time again despite the wishes of a majority who vote against him in every election.

Who is Assad? Well, he spent much of his life in London, he is a medical doctor, qualified for general practice with a specialty in ophthalmology.

His personal politics are simple, he is a liberal democrat, by American standards, or “labor” as they might well call it in the UK, extremely popular in Syria and elected by landslide.

He and his wife travel within Syria with no security. He drives himself and will show up unannounced, as I have seen him, strolling through the lobby of the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus, no bodyguards, and, quite frankly, no one seems to notice.

He is generally well liked with American, British and French political leaders but none will stand against the Deep State’s orchestrated attacks with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard and perhaps John Kerry.

What are his accomplishments? Singularly, out of will alone, that and the sacrifice of the Syrian people, victimized by not only ISIS and al Qaeda but by the US, Britain, France, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia as well, he has held Syria together when smart money bet he would go down.

You see, the occupation of much of Syria by “freedom fighters” recruited and paid for by the Deep State, could not have caused so much suffering and hardship were it not for so many governments, so many corrupt governments, who sought a Middle East ruled by a nuclear armed Islamic State.

That state, run by crisis actors and fakes from the Mossad, CIA, MI-6 and so many other organizations, were following the plan America’s neocon rulers laid out after 9/11, a plan that would put the region under American control, looted and stripped bare.

The methodology of Rice, “Wolfie” and gang was never laid out in detail but always included the use of CIA surrogates, false flag terrorism, fundraising through narcotics and organ thefts, and of course a fake Islamic movement paralleling the Muslim Brotherhood, but with many new twists as we were to see.

As for “nuclear,” this was always the plan. When Mosul fell to ISIS, the nuclear research facility there began developing the capability of producing mid-third generation, yet still highly classified, moderate yield fission weapons, in the 2 to 10 kiloton range.

Advances in weapons design, plans stolen from the US during the Clinton administration, outlined procedures for turning nuclear fuel into atomic bombs, not “dirty bombs,” not “fizzlers” but designs for weapons that maintained sufficient chain reaction capabilities to rival the weapons used by the US against Japan during the waning days of World War II.

Between 2015 and 2017, shipments of nuclear material amounting to tens of tons were seized on the way to the ISIS capitol at Mosul, seized in Ukraine, Georgia, Romania and Turkey, transited by NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) supposedly tasked with operating hospitals and providing “civil defense” in regions of Syria controlled by the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” according to sources at the IAEA.

For every shipment seized, how many got through?

Other accusations have been made as well, that the US held up the fall of Mosul for many months, even openly warring on Iraq’s Shiite militias that were storming ISIS positions, in order to allow ISIS to complete its first weapon.

When we look at Syria today, we see America dug in along the Eastern bank of the Euphrates, blocking Syria’s oil supplies, which will lead to another cold winter for suffering millions at the hands of the Trump administration.

Yet, without the US presence, ISIS is beaten, beaten by Assad, beaten by the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army that beat ISIS into the ground despite continual attacks by American and Israeli air forces.

Tulsi will never be able to say these things, they will never be published in the US, nor will the American, British or French people know how close the world came to having a terrorist state go nuclear.

One might ask why the US, Britain and France, perhaps we might well add Israel and Saudi Arabia to the list as well, allow such a thing? Then we might remember, Israel is a nuclear state and continually announces to the world its “Samson Plan” capability, to take the world down with it if Israel is threatened, incinerating every European capitol.

With Syria and Iraq conquered, ISIS would have an air force, a small navy of mostly patrol boats and, of course, would take over the Russian naval base at Tartus.

What kind of neighbor would such a nation, run by “head choppers” and fanatics, or so we are told, be for Israel or Saudi Arabia? Yet the idea of a power endlessly greater than Saddam’s Iraq, one exceeding his brutality and extremism many times over seemed not just acceptable but gleefully so.


Then we ask, but what would it all mean to America, if Assad had not defeated ISIS as his forces are now crushing al Qaeda in Idlib Province as well?

What damage might a former Syrian or Iraqi patrol vessel with a nuclear weapon onboard mean to targets such as the Suez Canal or even New York harbor?

What if Iran fell to ISIS, as was in the original plans drafted by the Bush (43) White House? The nukes would get smaller, so much smaller, the missiles would grow in range and a terror state of up to 200,000,000 would eventually face off with American power or would it be a secret surrogate of the Deep State that controls America and its allies?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

[ At the beginning of the 20th century, by the 100th anniversary of its foundation, the Asian Museum became a major Oriental center with a collection of manuscripts in 45 oriental languages and a library. In 1929-30 the Oriental Department of the Academy of Sciences was reorganized, and the Institute of Oriental Studies was created on the basis of the Museum under the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

In 1950 the institute was transferred to Moscow. At the end of the 1950s the institute became a center of oriental studies, the largest one in the USSR.

Now, the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences is a research center where history and culture, economics and politics, languages and literature of the countries of Asia and North Africa are studied. The chronology covers all periods of the history of the Orient – from antiquity to the present day. About 500 experts work there. ]

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. All I could is this__

    I have been “Visiting, Reading & Commenting on VT” since 2006 maybe longer.
    Therefore, I am very familiar with Mr. Duff’s “Excellent Articles.” Anyone
    who question his ”Research & Hard Work” above ALL his “Truth Telling”
    he/she is missing out on a “Free Education” or he /she has a Strong
    Reason for doing so.

  2. “He is generally well liked with American, British and French political leaders”- G Duff.
    Really! That is not what I recall of here int he UK politicians, especially that idiot of PM of the time Cameron. For once Parliament/house of commons did its works. They also should bring Tony Blair, the princess of Darkness he call his wife and all in his government- involved in Dr Kelly’s murder and the falsifications made to execute the illegal Iraq war- to account and hang them one by one by their private anatomy parts until they squeal to death. Good riddance!

    • Then back to the home front of la douce France, our Francois Hollande, then president, stated in French TV/radio stations that he would use cruise missiles against Syria after the August 2013 chemical weapons, falsely attributed to the SAA/Syrian government by the usual suspects. Syria’s deputy FM called Hollande and his government irresponsible. In his place, I would have used crude word to describe him and his acolytes for what they are faecal matter and cowards in short!

  3. Bashar Al Assad showed the world what true moral leadership is, something those in the west know nothing about. Neither Blair, Merkel, Bush, Obama , Trump, Netenyahu or the rest of the bought and paid for gangsters that make up the so called free world. Thugs and gangsters, every one of them. The problem is only those who are easily corrupted get into those positions. How many children did they molest?
    Assad showed great courage and leadership, which is something those leaders in the west have neither. That’s why he is constantly under attack in the western media. Another problem is the majority of Americans believe what they are told by the talking heads from CNN, FOX, MSNBC and so on.
    Stupid, brainwashed Americans. Maxxing out their credit cards and sending their young off to colleges and universities, to become mindless little muppets with a massive college debt and a useless degree.

  4. Oh my, in my simplicity I thought the plan was to to tear up Syria with hoards of head-choppers so that US could come “legitimately” to take over the place. But a nuclear powered IS sending suicide teams everywhere (except the country next door) would have been quite a tool for the globalists. What kind of a sick bastard dreams up shit like that? And puts it in motion? It is the opposite of morality. Love Assad for many reasons, this is another one.

  5. President Assad has been one of the very few “Men of the year” for the last 5 yrs. as far as many are concerned. And we notice – there are some very heroic Women journalists that are devoted , till the end, to spread the truth about the Syrian holocaust. As far as the murderous Jews next door, they just don’t have Nukes , I ‘ll bet that their contractors that work internationally on nuclear energy plants and other strategic infrastructures , have been sabotaged with their mini mini nukes – their electronics are everywhere and they are extortionists on steroids. My simple opinion. Thanks VT

  6. Heading is very impressive but some might wanna add Iraqi popular forces & military defeating isis in mosul as well. Tulsi is too good for the majority of American people who don’t really care much about what happens outside the country especially in middle east as long as barbecue & beer parties continue. There was also Jill Stein in the last election with similar approach as Tulsi and we know how much vote she had in the last elections. Bottom line is whether we like it or not, its the people’s preference and people seem to like trump, I hope I am mistaken.

  7. I remember McCain and Graham visiting Mosul and only days later “ISIS rolling in”. None of that being contrary to official US policy.

    I’m just curious about this point why they can’t just fake the entire wars too and collect the same war profits anyway since none of us have a choice? Run fake casualty numbers, make explosions in the sky, press a lot of buttons, look busy, etc.

    Oh, I know… a Space Force! 😀

  8. The jewel theft in Germany shows, anything can be stolen if skill is employed with a focus.
    Nuclear weapons, technology and material to that end, is for some, a game to be won. They may not even want the bomb, they just want to be the ones who stole it, and will sell to anyone. There are many who could have had it, if their morals just leaned slightly.
    Education is critical in this regard, as many things dangerous to humanity could be prevented with a process that teaches sanctity of life as the goal, not money or popularity.
    It’s not that hard, so treatment must be forefront. Address the systemic greed.

  9. army major!?!?!?! come on only the simple joined the ‘war effort’ post 9-11, no offense. she was a medic and a cfr shill. even if you and putin are backing her, thats not near enough. who is working her security to deal with the fbi and cia plus protect the people they could use to extort her? btw trump didnt need this and bibi is not going to prison

    • Yea, it is the simple who are compelled to protect the “complicated”. Except after we examined this, it appears the ‘complicated” are much more simple than first imagined.
      A mini-van is t-boned and overturns at an intersection, cries of a child are heard, some run away and some run towards, none at the time asking why. Except you.
      Where exactly do you think you are ?

  10. If you believe that they travel with no security . . . I’ve got a nice track of land to offer in the Golan, free of liens, encumbrances, not a cloud on title. LMG’ishAO.

    If it wasn’t for the Russian Federation, under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, and the brave men who supported them in this really “thin ice” moment in history . . . which I’m sure Assad can comprehend, maybe not, a shit ton of his people had to make a hasty exit . . . but thanks to the Russian Federation and their soldiers! I remember when they took one for the Kippa . . . and lost a plane, or a few of them in various bitch slaps that no one wants to remember?

    Yeah, all hail Assad.

    The KISS my ass heard round the world . . . for all.

    That’s MY opinion of events which make me want to actually toss the baby out with the ba’ath water.

  11. “What kind of neighbour would such a nation, run by “head choppers” and fanatics, or so we are told, be for Israel or Saudi Arabia? Yet the idea of a power endlessly greater than Saddam’s Iraq, one exceeding his brutality and extremism many times over seemed not just acceptable but gleefully so.”. G Duff
    History shows us that they prep someone or some entities to become the next enemy, for the next war waiting to be rolled out at some point. If your article is correct, they would have let it be nuclear. But Hey oh! we live in a crazy world, akin to Hell for those who have not yet figured this out!

  12. “Israel is a nuclear state and continually announces to the world its “Samson Plan” capability, to take the world down with it if Israel is threatened, incinerating every European capitol”- G Duff.
    Correct and that is why that cancerous entity gets away with genocide and war crimes for more than 7 decades from so called and insulting word “international community”. Nor the US or Russia can do anything against these petty thieves as long as their nukes are not disabled.

  13. The Daseh’s- And I do not like to call them with the 4 letter words, as it is done on purpose to confuse people with Ancient Egypt early history- sway and take over of most Iraq and then Syria from the Summer of 2014 was no accident. It was orchestrated and that new army of mercenaries were prepped from day 1 by the usual suspects. It is no secret that the Iraqi army of that time around Mosul , was told to leave their weapons and let the take over happen. These guys with the so famous Toyata trucks, their weapons, military fatigues, advanced communications devices, cash…you name it… and how they managed to steal oil using American trucks, running cities….had sponsors who prepped them to the scene with the new terror army , another name to confuse and remind the people of the terrorist tentacles -as part of the fake war on international terrorism.

  14. You guys’s memory is short. John Kerry is no such thing. Have you forgotten his stupid TV presentation back in 2013? I recall there was a picture of that idiot , his wife and the Assad’s couple in Damascus well before he was secretary of state during Obama run No.2. In return to President Assad and to spit on his face, by calling him a “thug”. Idiot Kerry should return that compliment to himself and all Obama team if I was him, especially Obama selling to the world OBL’s fake death! After the August 2013 chemical false flag attack by the terrorist in East Ghouta used to blame the SAA, with the West and all usual suspects wanting to get rid of Syria’s government, and after the convenient Obama’s red line on chemical weapons, the idiot Kerry appeared on TV with his 4 pages WH toilet paper intelligence trying to convince the US population for war against Syria. That was his worst presentation made on TV, and he was clever enough to not provide real hard facts, because there were none in the first place, and also he learned from mulatto and criminal Colin Powell after his UNSC of 2003 presentation. So, VT editors get a bit real and unbiased.

    • As I stated in a previous comment, John Kerry and Obama should have shared that 4 pages document as their common toilet paper at the WH…

    • No, Gordon. That was not Obama’s initial aim- Perhaps and possibly later if you state so. I would like to remind you that on the 11th April 2011, a certain Mr Donald Trump came publicly, asking Obama to provide his birth certificate, while he did so on that TV program. Obama evaded this and tried hard to humiliate Mr Trump. To get that birth certificate issue go away, on the 01st May 2011 he offered us with his fake situation room the OBL, aka Timothy Osman dead and shot by seal team 6, who met also a strange fate in Afghanistan. He provided his b”birth certificate” via the internet but many have voiced that it looks like a fake. John Kerry was caught up his pants down lying on TV back in September 2013 for his case for war against Syria. I remember he told the US public with these words: “I am tired of wars” then “do not take my words, read the (4 pages) WH intelligence document”. To that I respond to Kerry: Shove it directly into your stinking part of your anatomy.

    • Again to you Gordon and in response to a previous article on the fake killing of Deash leader, I would also comment on the fact that US president Donald Trump outsmarted Obama and in general the democrats. If they dared, with some of their deep state friends on their side, to accuse Mr Trump of false claims on that fake killing, then Mr Trump would have easily backfired at them and ensured that they will too pay a big price on their big fake lie. That is why they wouldn’t dare opening their pie holes and keep it shut and go all along the fake official line. That is DC politics, and really that stinking swamp need to be drained once and for all.

  15. Listen, no one of importance has ever been arrested for anything. Not the USS Maine and the Lusitania, not 911 or JFK, not even Las Vegas or the El Paso Walmart. It’s silly to think anyone of importance, and there are many, will ever be prosecuted. The front men like the 2 Roosevelt’s, and the Bush family all die of nothing more serious than old age. Reading about their crimes is just mental masturbation.

    • So who’s going to slap on the cuffs?
      when I see these creatures being perp walked into a court, wearing an orange jumpsuit, then I’ll know justice is being served.
      Until then………..

  16. Quote from wisegeek: “At one time, former presidents received Secret Service protection for life. This changed in 1996, and now former presidents and first ladies are only entitled to this protection for ten years after their service to the country. The protection can continue, however, especially if ordered by the current president. Essentially, the president has the authority to extend protection to anyone or to any event, such as a meeting of high-ranking officials, that might carry potential danger. Also, presidents in office may extend it to all of their children, not just those under the age of 16. Clinton has lifetime protection.” If the head of Syria doesn’t need protection why do former officials here need it after office? I say stop all of it except for those in office and even consider stopping that. Let them take their chances like the rest of us. By the way suppose this agency were corrupted. Just think of what they could do to bring the country down. Just look at how the corrupt four star generals aided the crimes of 9/11/01 by failing to defend the attacks both on the towers and the fake attack on the Pentagon as well. American fools hated physics in school. We all pay the price today. Physics and mathematics are the two most important courses of instruction but most students hate them and avoid them like the plague. In fact I would suggest abolishing all the other garbage in high school and teach only physics and mathematics. History books lie.

    • How did the Secret Service do “protecting” the Kennedy’s? Obviously they dismally failed didn’t they? Little has been written about this failure. If some one or some group is determined enough there is little that can be done to prevent their evil intentions. Look at 9/11/01 for example. Many important folks had to have known about this in advance but still it happened didn’t it? Our government is totally corrupt to the core. The U.S. of Israel with 535 whores in Congress all on the take. Many big shots in NY had to have known about 9/11/01 in advance. Observe the deafening silence of Trump about 9/11/01 too.

    • Instead of wasting his time pardoning convicted criminals in the Navy for selfish political reasons, Trump should have the four star generals investigated for obviously standing down and failing to defend the country against the 9/11/01 attacks.

  17. I saw a photo recently of Bashar al Assad, sitting with his wife, she in a cushion chair, with an IV drip bag, receiving her chemo therapy, presumably for breast cancer. Anyway, it was the look in each of their eyes, and their soft smiles as they gazed at each other. With nothing else but the feeling that photo evoked in me, I could tell he was a good man. I can’t think of one leader in the west that is his equal, given the horror and injustice inflicted on his nation. He has my unwavering respect.

  18. “He is generally well liked with American, British and French political leaders but none will stand against the Deep State’s orchestrated attacks with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard and perhaps John Kerry.”
    As the Sonoma County team captain for Tulsi 2020 I would like to remind Y’all that Major Gabbards voice in the Democratic campaign is a worthy achievement.
    Please send her your name and at least a buck if you can not volunteer for phone banking the early states.
    Tulsi2020 dot com
    Never mistake Aloha for weakness!