Trump Dragging Feet on Ban of Vaping for Children

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Health Editor’s Note: Why would there be a place for those who profit from sales of e-cigarettes and vaping at the table to discuss the teen vaping epidemic? What does “high standards” of the product that is harming have to do with successfully implementing a ban on e-cigarettes for minors policy? …..Carol

White House Vaping Meeting: Many Opinions, Few Answers

by Joyce Frieden/News Editor/MedPage Today

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s White House meeting with various interest groups to discuss the teen vaping epidemic yielded lots of contradictory opinions but few conclusions.

“We want to take care of our kids; we’ve got to take care of our kids,” Trump said Friday before the press corps left the room where the meeting was being held.


Several healthcare groups represented at the meeting urged the president to keep that commitment. “We’re totally aligned with and supportive of the position you took on September 11,” said Gary Reedy, CEO of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN).

“The children are counting on us,” added Sally Goza, MD, president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

A flavor ban also got support from a non-medical corner. “We have half a million members, many of whom are moms, and they’re very concerned,” said Penny Young Nance, CEO and president of Concerned Women for America, a conservative Christian group that tries to bring Biblical principles into all areas of public policy. “We very much support what you put forward in September.”

Opposing Opinions


Scott Eley, president of the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association, which advocates for self-regulation and standard-setting among e-cigarette makers, spoke of the need to maintain high standards in the industry. Trump seemed to agree. “If you don’t have high standards, you can have very dangerous things happen — that’s what’s been happening, right?” he said. “Where people are using devices and other things that are not good.”

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) also attended the meeting, noting that he and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) have co-sponsored legislation to ban flavored e-cigarettes “so we don’t have kids getting hooked on nicotine products,” Romney said. “We also insist that cartridges are tamper-proof so kids can’t add contaminants to the cartridges.”

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    • Joe Camel was one of my favorite cartoon characters. Too bad the smoke free nazis got him banned along with much of the first amendment when it came to cigarette advertising. Now I have to go on eBay to get an American Spirit T-shirt.

      Never been a big fan of vaping but that’s my personal choice. Also I don’t see anything wrong with warning potential vapors of the adverse effects but banning them? GTFO! They should do what do currently do with cigarettes and alcohol. “Ain’t 21 yet then hit the road Jack.”

      Funny how they waste time on vaping instead of trying to stem the opioid epidemic. Also up in smoke-free Great White North they like the Brits have a real big alcohol problem. Drunk driving is killing more people up there than we do with guns down here in the land of the free (fire zone).

    • Heroin and crack cocaine are smoked, much like vaping. They require a little more heat. Nicotine given iv is reported to be as enjoyable a high. Most addicts use nicotine.

    • Personally and traditionally I prefer smoking tobacco like its been done here for millennia. As far as doing by IV and getting a kick. All power to ’em. Whatever. Not my thing along with those stupid patches and that disgusting gum. Might as well chaw tobacco.

      No surprise that coke and H can be vaped. So can THC also less mind altering substances like menthol and eucalyptus and this proves exactly what?

    • Until I see someone holding up a liquor store for a pack of Marlboros I’ll suspend my belief on the UofMd “study” since most “science” these days mostly serve political objectives. The FEMA “structural” study on the World Trade Center is a case in point. My suspicion that the above study was funded by Purdue Pharmaceuticals the makers of Oxycontin or some other Pharmaceutical concern.

      Nicotine is the basis of Nicotinic Acid better known as B6 or Niacin. So basically what they are saying is people are more highly addicted to a vitamin than the opioid heroine. Yeah sure and Porky’s got a pilots license.