What Are You Eating for Thanksgiving?

First Lady Grace Coolidge and Rebecca, the raccoon she and her family kept as a pet (Library of Congress)

Health Editor’s Note:  Where we lived in Ohio, we used to have many, many raccoons that would visit in the evening, perhaps even to eat the left over turkey carcasses.  It all started when we moved in and inherited three feral cats which we trapped and spayed and released. We fed those girls and of course having food outside the house, on a very regular basis, would begin to attract raccoons. We did not know the raccoons were there but they soon made themselves known.  One female raccoon always had six youngsters. The bandits never made a mess, bothered the cats, or explored the garbage can on the one night it would go out. As you can imagine, I could never eat a raccoon, or for that matter a turkey that I had a relationship with…..Carol

Raccoon Was Once a Thanksgiving Feast Fit for a President

by Jason Daley/Smithsonian.com

Turkey, ham, and even a bit of venison or elk would pass muster on most modern Thanksgiving tables. But a century ago, many diners would have been just as happy to see some raccoon sitting next to the gravy boat.

As Luke Fater reports for Atlas Obscura, Native Americans and early American settlers relied on small game like raccoon and squirrels to supplement their diets. In the American South especially, raccoons were an important staple for enslaved individuals.

“After they’d finish their workday, they were permitted to hunt in the middle of the night to get some extra protein in their diet,” Hank Shaw, author of Hunt, Gather, Cook, tells Fater.

Archaeological digs show that enslaved people even stewed whole raccoons in a manner similar to a West African cooking technique.

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  2. Of course, I long ago stopped eating meat and dairy products to help save the planet from global warming and to keep myself from dying from heart disease and dementia. I had a perfectly delightful whole food plant-based meal and I knocked every bite of it. I hope you all will start eating healthier too.

  3. Warning: Thanksgiving has become the enemy of all humanity! The humanity threatening holiday will produce a massive carbon footprint that along with the pumpkin pie will destroy the planet according to Huffpost. The amount of carbon created to roast a turkey into delicious meal complete with all the trimmings not only threatens the future of humanity but is also racist and transphobic! Besides all the carbon created by people driving and flying to Grandma’s house for this unnecessary waste of food while the carbon footprint created endangers the planet.
    Therefore the only politically correct meal should be a sandwich made of lettuce and arugula along with soy milk and bugs.
    Yes you should be eating bugs instead!

  4. Raccoons are funny creatures and it’s very interesting to watch them. We have so many people taking raccoons as pets. But we must understand that raccoons are by nature destroyers and “piglets”. It’s one thing to watch funny videos with raccoons, it’s quite another when they turn everything in the house upside down. I would not take a raccoon home 🙂
    You had Thanksgiving there, and yesterday I became the godfather: there were a lot of different and tasty food. Well, a bottle of scotch Grants whiskey, too 🙂

    • Andy, congratulations on becoming a Godfather….just don’t order a hit on anyone………Joking.
      ” I want you to do me a favor, Michael………

    • Thanks, JohnZ 🙂 I’m Godfather second time 🙂
      So, as i got you from your first post – thanks to you there was 1 turkey life saved this year? 🙂

  5. I wanted to cook the turkey in the smoker but some people don’t like smoked foods.
    Oh well, next time.
    As for raccoons, like them better watching their antics. Obviously they make great pets , though in most states a permits may be required.
    Caution when dealing with raccoons be aware they may be carrying rabies.