UPDATED: London Bridge “terror attack” — another false flag?

Any Brits who believe Andrew's innocent and Epstein committed suicide MIGHT buy this one


Blustering Muslim-bashing nitwit Boris Johnson is poised to capitalize on yet another suspicious “terror attack” right before an election. The world’s leading false-flag criminals, the Israelis, whose friends dominate British media, are dead set on keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of power. Anyone who can put two and two together can figure this one out. -KB

UPDATED: London Bridge “Terror Attack”


The breaking news right now is an alleged “terrorist attack” on London Bridge. The story as reported so far is a man, wearing a “hoax suicide vest”, attacked and stabbed several people near the north end of London bridge.

The man was set upon by the public, disarmed and held until armed police arrived, at which point he was shot dead….

Full story at Off-Guardian

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  1. The most important thing we can do as woke truth-tellers is armchair quarterback an event based on reading websites and looking at videos online. Not even the people who are paid to investigate these incidents, who are there in real time and briefed by people who were there at the event can outdo the thorough research basement dwellers from thousands of miles away can perform at the click of a mouse. Obviously such esteemed research methods can only lead one to conclude that the ‘london bridge stabber’ was a mind controlled/ mossad agent/ government patsy/ working for the New World Order, or AMerican chemical plant lobbyists, or the British Conservative party. It’s all so bloody clear!

  2. of course, another false flag…aren’t they all? Except, of course, 911. But the moron sheeple will believe it’s real if it’s on the TV. How sad that the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN is winning this charade because the people are too stupid, willfully ignorant, and morally lazy. They’re taking us all down in flames.

  3. Hi Kevin.. your paragraph in italics sums it up perfectly.

    A few people have pointed out that the knife held by the so called hero does not have any blood on it. Also there is a video out there that shows the ‘dead terrorist’ moving and attempting to sit up after playing dead for a while.

  4. Just before the Brexit vote, MP Jo Cox was apparently shot and stabbed, by a loner picked out by the security services to be the Patsy. His family where told not to attend the trial,DUH??? Who was in the dock?
    All covered by Richplanet.net ,

  5. So obviously a false flag. Only a total moron would believe that it was an actual event. First of all even though the alleged “victims” are not minors their names haven’t been released. Maybe the police are involved in scouring obits right now to find “victims” just as happened here in America with a recent synagogue shooting.

    • Forget to do that of arrest them and putting in cuffs and later to do a fair trial, that’s expensive and old fashion… 🙂