Netanyahu’s Fake Accusations Against Corbyn Interference in Britain’s Elections

RT/Moscow: A Jewish group is up in arms over a Dutch cartoon that suggests Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to use claims of anti-Semitism against Jeremy Corbyn for his own political benefit. The cartoon’s artist has defended his work.

The caricature, published in De Volkskrant, a major Dutch daily, depicts the Israeli prime minister holding a stone labeled “anti-Semitism charges” in one hand and reading an indictment for corruption in the other.

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is opposite him, saying: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

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Dutch daily’s cartoon shows Netanyahu behind Labour anti-Semitism scandals 

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While the cartoon seems to suggest that Netanyahu has used accusations of anti-Semitism directed against Corbyn in order to deflect from his own corruption scandals, the Israeli prime minister has remained – at least publicly – largely silent on the issue.

ALSO ON RT.COMBBC received over 1,500 complaints of bias against Jeremy Corbyn after Panorama episodeThe Netherlands-based Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) said the cartoon’s statement was “absurd” and “reaffirms the anti-Semitic stereotype that Jews are more loyal to Israel than countries where they live.” 

Responding to the accusation, cartoonist Jos Collignon said that he was being labeled as a “Nazi sympathizer” for criticizing Israel and its leader.

When allegations of anti-Semitism occur, the Israel lobby is never far behind… There is no point linking modern-day opponents to atrocities from the past. We’re all being labeled as Nazi sympathizers.

Although Netanyahu has remained tight-lipped on the issue, many have pointed to Israeli links to the Labour anti-Semitism scandal. A BBC documentary on the heated political topic features two unnamed interviewees, who also appeared in an Al Jazeera documentary on the Israel lobby’s influence in UK politics. One of the individuals interviewed by the BBC about Labour’s alleged institutionalized anti-Semitism was a former employee of the Israeli Embassy.


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  1. John H. and Tali R were reported to me as owning a house on the Golan Heights. John’s father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Dutch Military and trained in Physiognomy during WW2 to recognise Jewish facial characteristics. As an early teenager, Tali’s dad was used by the Zionists for clearing Palestinian Villages.
    The Netherlands also had a full SS Division on the Eastern Front during WW2 and as well as supplying Fokker Airplanes during WW1, acted as Entrepot for vital supplies to keep the German War Machine ticking over, without which the German War Machine would have collapsed early, a vital part of the Manipulated Dialectic, likely assisted by the Amsterdam and Frankfurt Bankers, to keep the war ticking over to their satisfactory conclusion. Zionism and Nazism have had a much closer understanding than may be discussed.
    Antifa is a Joke and Klaus Barbie’s Defence Lawyers were prevented from accessing ten tonnes of Gestapo Documentation in the basement of the Gendarmerie at Lyon. My ex mother-in-law was the daughter of Professors at the Sorbonne Medical School and they got False Papers and went to Provence as “Peasants” for the duration, with her attending a Convent School. The History of Europe is an Orchestrated Litany of Lies and Revisionist History is dismissed with Propaganda. Truth is the New Hate Speech.

    • The High Cheek bones were mentioned, so the emphasis was on moving Eastern Jews on to Israel. The ensconced Higher Echelons seem to have sat out the duration.

  2. . Here She comes, here she comes again: That ancient painted Lady with the scent of loathsome rant: Tehy actually worship the Anti-Ashtar of the anti-Hebrews, attempting to establish historical inheritance thru a manqué theostasy: (1) Fault thru no proof, and (2) swearing allegiance to many other gods than their own Jahwe.
    . J. Corbyn is a true Good: A potential deliverer and saviour of Zion — which they hate.