London Terror Follies, We Ain’t Buyin’ It (video)


Nowadays you have to be more afraid of exposing street theatre than of being a terrorist, something we aren’t so sure exists.

Going back 35 years, we have not found a single known, “named” terrorist without direct ties to the CIA, MI 6 or Mossad.

A bit of reality, you don’t shoot someone with a fake suicide vest and no weapon, that’s murder.

You don’t shoot someone with a real suicide vest because that would active the “deadman switch,” an inherent part of every suicide vest.  Without a deadman switch, it would be a theatrical prop.  Oh, now I’ve said it…

As for London, the video above is a good start but we ask:

“Who washed the knife?”

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  1. I wrote in a recent Press TV debate on that theme, that time will prove me right that the thing was all a set up fabricated. Thank you for doing that! The reason for my suspicion was the “shooting” of the designated bogeyman, Osman Khan, by police while he was wrested down by street “passengers”, as if to kill the patsy scene we saw from LHO days.
    I have watched the video, but when you are claiming that the guy was putting down the knife, well we do not see that scene here. He was having the clean knife on his hand all along. I agree with the symbolic gesture with that knife, but come on let us grow up a bit here! In general, the free Mason I know are respectable people, have a lot to share in Ancient text and esoterism, are very knowledgeable in sacred geometry. They have nothing to do with NWO or black occult and black magic non sense conspiracy junk. As far as I am concerned, I do not have an issue with pyramids, especially when we cannot build a small replica of the Giza great pyramids with our current tools. The only issue I have with Free Masonery, is that they have been severely infiltrated by nefarious groups which gave us the orchestrated French revolution of 1789 and the Young Turks, with Zionist help committing genocide against Armenians in 1915-16 to cite a few.