Sightings of “Snake-Like” Object in the U.S. Skies?

Snake-like Object Hovering in U.S. Skies

Health Editor’s Note:  What could this be? Any ideas?….Carol

UFO Hunter Claims Spike in Sightings


Over the last month, an elongated unidentified object, which reminded some of a cigarette or a snake, has been spotted in several US states, from California to Wyoming, and even Scotland. However, there is still no explanation of what it was or where it came from.

Numerous sightings of snake-shaped objects hovering in several places in the US, from Wyoming to Texas, have prompted conspiracy theories about the government secretly spying on people, The Daily Star reports. The claims were fueled by reports about one of them hovering over Dallas, Texas. According to the outlet, images of the “craft,” which witnesses on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) describe as “a black pipe” with a “dull metal colour,” have now emerged, although they were initially taken in September.

The outlet reports that at least two people have independently said that they spotted the strange object that day.

“They had also seen the object and shared the exact same testimony. That definitely adds some validity to this sighting. I don’t think, right now, anyone is lying,” UFO hunter Jane Kyle told the British outlet, dismissing an allegation that it could be something as simple as a balloon.

With no feasible explanation available, researchers have suggested their own theories. Kyle agreed with one of them, saying it could be something “top-secret military,” but added we will hardly be able to find out exactly if that was the case as “it’s something we don’t have access to as the public.” However, the unusual shape of this object offers room for debate.

“A snake-like UFO, I feel like I want to lean towards that not being something of our own,” she told the outlet.

Over the past month, the enigmatic object (or similar objects) has been spotted above numerous places in the US– New York, Wyoming and Washington –even Edinburgh, Scotland. It was allegedly spotted for the first time in June above California’s Mojave Desert, located not far away from the notorious Area 51 – a military base, where, as various conspiracy theorists claim, the US government allegedly experiments with alien technologies. Its reappearance there was reported in September.

“Something big in the sky up there is moving really-really-really slow. And it is tilting back and forth sometimes. Look at how slow that thing is moving. And it’s humungous. It’s really-really big,” said the author of the video.

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  1. Could be the “Tic Tac” mother ship. Big cylinder shape craft are known, the Germans had them. The ufo tv programs are now permitted to state that the German Vril, Haunebu, Foo Fighters are a fact.

  2. Better not be seen over Yemen or it will get shot down for sure.
    Doesn’t quite resemble a Vogon destructor ship.
    Light from the planet Venus, reflecting off a weather balloon through swamp gas?
    It’s just a drone!
    Looks to be large enough to abduct a couple hundred humans out of Montana. Obviously didn’t hang out over Cal for very long. The stench from L.A. drove ’em off.
    So far none have been noticed over the skies of Northern Michigan…. a couple strange fireballs once.
    The problem I have with MUFON is they have become very political especially in some states, to the point where people are leaving a creating their own network. How much does Bob Bigelow own now?
    Tom DeLonge doesn’t believe in this one.

  3. With well over $25 Trillions missing form our treasury, Katherine Austin Fitts was asked: What does someone do with $23 Trillion dollars? Her answer, while short, was meant to be pondered. She replied. “Anything they want to do”. Maybe Gordon knows what the floating cigar is, as he is involved in a company that leases surveillance balloons to governments. As it is NASA is the leading purchaser of mylar, and latex. So that would also be a good place to ask questions of.

    • Thanks for bringing Ms Austin Fitts statement here. Yes, they can also manufacture the hidden technology that some people spot in the sky, surrounded by some ionising plasma of some sorts. I am talking about UFOs and the majority, but not all, of these are simply exotic but nonetheless human technologies, which is suppressed to the public. Being expensive, you need a lot of cash but also brilliant minds and black projects, not Einstein or Hawking (I nonetheless had respect to the later but I do not share his thoughts). The US$23tr is only the tip of the iceberg. That fraudulent activity had been on going since the end of WWII.The cigar shaped UFO was observed again at Mallstrom AFB (I cannot recall the year but in early 2000s, but was subject to UFO provocations in the 60s and 70s), where that thing was “playing” with minutem of nuclear ICBMs. Robert L Hastings has written a very good book “UFOs and nukes” and I recommend it to VT readers. UFO or not? At this stage I have no idea!

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