Corbyn Won’t Apologize to Israel? Or Won’t STOP Apologizing?


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Will Jeremy Corbyn keep apologizing to the Zionist criminal syndicate? Each time he apologizes, they insist that it wasn’t good enough—he needs to grovel even more shamefully in humiliating self-abasement!

Personally I prefer to respond to the ADL in a slightly less obsequious manner:

Dear B’nai B’rith: Is it “anti-Semitic to point out that Jewish control over the internet is all pervasive”?

I Just Made the ADL Short List!

In this week’s episode of False Flag Weekly News, Helen Buyniski explains that the verb “to corbyn oneself” means to apologize to a bully in such a way as to draw upon oneself even more bullying.

Helen Thomas corbyned herself a few times. Ilhan Omar too. The one politician who never, ever corbyned herself is my friend and hero Cynthia McKinney, who may not be president, rich, or even still in Congress, but who still has her self-respect…and the respect of everybody who’s paying attention.

When will guys like Corbyn learn to stop apologizing and go on the offensive? If it works for a moronic sleazebag like Donald Trump, it should work even better for people with principles and three digit IQs.


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  1. Of course moronic sleezeballs like Trump have the full Jewish Lobby behind his racist comments such as referring to countries that the US has destroyed with their interventionist policies as “shit holes” and trying to include the Indian Hating “founders” of this stolen “nation” as part of Indigenous History month and going on and on about the virtually non existent “threat” (according to the FBI’s own crime statistics) of “Radical Islamic Terrorism” while supporting the Terrorist Nation of Israel. A nation that like America was “founded” on terrorizing the Indigenous population or supporting the racist coup in Bolivia which is now committing acts of genocide that he ludicrously calls “democracy”.