The Sick Truth About the Impeachment, Trump and the Kosher Nostra, Duff on Press TV



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  1. For some reason your moderator seems to have an aversion to links included in the comments so I’ll repost what I posted earlier without the “offending” link.

    “Our representatives”? You’re kidding right? Most of them represent the state of Israel. Also who gives a shit about our “prestige”? (as if America has the self ordained right to lead the world) I recommend reading the following book:

    (American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People’s History of Fake News―From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror

    Can be found on Amazon and totally blows the myth of American “Exceptionalism” (except maybe in the sense of being used as a euphemism for retardation) and “Innocence” (you know like Prince Andrew?).

    I’ll add that Trump is merely a symptom and not the cause.) and as I said Personally.

    I hope Trump brings the whole circus down.

    • Trump IS the circus. “The King of Israel” is what he calls himself. Your Trump apologies are starting to read like soft hasbara.

    • Hey Newt why don’t you go be fruitful and multiply? Neoliberal fascists that support the machinations of the deep state and their endless wars of conquest are getting quite gauche these days. I suggest you improve your literacy level by reading the book recommended. That is after receiving an enema to remove that cranium obstructing your bowel moments.

    • No I mean you always mention Israel followed by an ass kissing apology of your Mango Mussolini savior of Israel and Netanyahu’s best pal. It’s good to stay hopeful but this stupid has to have another explanation. Shredding the JCPOA for the camera is “merely a symptom and not the cause” … okay sparky.

    • Like I said “improve your literacy level by reading the book” otherwise take your self infatuation to the extreme of copulation. Regarding Israel if you actually read my posts then you’d know I have no love for the parasitical terrorist state and fondly hope it destroys itself. If that’s “hasbara” then you’re a few cards short of a full deck. Also Presidents have been breaking treaties since the beginning either overtly as in the case of Jackson and Trump or covertly as in the case of most others. So yes you could say it was symptomatic. Of course being the O-Bomb-em lover that you are you wouldn’t have noticed that he violated the Laramie Treaty of 1868 when he insisted on running the XL Pipeline through Indian Land.

  2. “Hey Jimmy, you still got that guy in the patent office ? Good, look I gotta make this thing happen for Zeke. We gotta a guy to run over there, but we need that thing pronto to make sure he wins. Couple headlines. And give Ralphy a call, he can clean up that mess you got down at the pier. He knows Rudy, he’ll take care of it.”

  3. On the ball.

    Just wondering myself if anyone in US INTCOM is questioning Chabad Lubavitch’s involvement in defrauding DHS security funds with staged shootings that suddenly turned into persistent incidents at the cult’s various venues when their devotees got their long-time stooge, Trump, in.

  4. What are the chances of Trump being IN on his impeachment as a way to further divide the American Sheeple and cause a Bolshevik revolution for the Jew World Order? I can see him playing the part of a Judas Goat. Gordan says he is a member of the Kosher Mafia and this impeachment appears to be a “Jew Coup”. See the evidence of that here: