Death of the Trump Presidency: NATO leaders video “laugh-a-thon” over Trump idiocy goes super-viral (video-CBC Canada)


Media cameras at a reception at Buckingham Palace picked up a conversation between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson apparently venting about the behaviour of U.S. President Donald Trump.

All the talk about secret plans against the Deep State, how Trump is going to rise up against “the Jews” or other fantasies are just that.

Is he simply a babbling moron who exists to prove America is dead?

This of course was the same day when expanded criminal charges in only the first impeachment round, others are coming, cite Trump as an organized crime/racketeering figure…which too many Americans are in denial of.

VT backs the House impeachment report as sane, rational and accurate.

The time for lunacy has ended, as Europe’s leaders have just told us.

You don’t think Putin does the same thing?

We know Netanyahu does and he is facing prison as well.


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  1. Notice the white glove treatment both Hillary and Slick receive since Trump got in. The media treats them like Gods. Supposedly Slick flew on Epstein’s plane but how much do you hear about him vs the Prince? Silence. Two lying lawyers married. You have to admit they are very good at what they do. They are waiting in the wings to see Trump fall and they will swoop in behind. I don’t like Trump. But at least he is not a lawyer. I can’t see any of the other democratic hopefuls beating Trump if it came to that. But Hillary is another story. It probably won’t happen but there is a chance we could boot Trump out and end up with Hillary! Remember Bill Clinton has full time Secret Service Protection for life and probably so does his wife. Do they have 40 bodyguards like Netanyahu did when he visited NY? Or more? Remember the words of wisdom from Ross Perot in 1992 almost 30 years ago: “We need to clean out the barn in D.C.!” This country is obviously in deep deep manure.

    • You must believe in Fairy Tales Nookie. All presidents including Carter since Lincoln have a had Secret Service detail assigned to them under the DoT.

  2. So you back the NeoNazi of Ukraine and a continuation of the cold war because you hate Trump so much? That’s real smart. Like that old saying about cutting off one’s nose to spite their face. Well done.

    • Actually it’s just Gall. One of the Indian leaders who along with Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull defeated Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. As far as that warmongering psychotic bitch from hell Hilary Clinton. I couldn’t imagine anybody who was sane supporting that sociopath who promised to reign nukes on Russia for a suspected cyber attack and obliterate Iran. Destroyed Libya and armed ISIS and then the crazy bitch bragged about her Genocidal tendencies. Not only that but fabricated this who Russia KOrnSpIRAcY which the so called “Impeachment” is just a continuation of.

    • What do you expect from a Nobel “Peace” Prize recipient Alpha? 🙂 These days it has as much credibility as the Academy Awards and the Pulitzer. Yeah I remember when O-Bomb-em scammed us all about ending the war in Iraq (mercs don’t count as boots on the ground I guess) and shutting down that torture factory on GitMo.

      What did he do instead? Surged Afghan, bombed the shit out of Libya and armed the head choppers of ISIS in order to cause civil strife in Syria. In other words started more wars than “exceptional” (also a polite way of saying retarded) Bush. Not only that but even expanded the surveillance state and extrajudicial killings even beyond the neocon’s wettest (literally) wet dream O-Bomb-em was raining death from above with killer drones. Not only that but bragging about it. I could go on and on but they have a limit on comment length.

  3. Side-stepping impeachment for the moment, the irony is this will do way more to enhance Trump’s standing in the U.S., especially from the “we’re number 1” types. Think about it…we’re talking about Macron, Boris Johnson, and Trudeau. The media could have gotten way more mileage with a mic’d up Mette Frederiksen laughing about Trump’s offer to buy Greenland. Not so much from these three wimps.

  4. Trump and his personal deficiencies notwithstanding, all these globalist charlatans dance to the same tune of the global moneychangers, the only difference being a little higher up the cabal’s chain-of-command. They work for the elites, spew the same scripted bullshit, and give lip service to the programmed masses. The lot of them are a disgrace!

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