1. Metamorphosis of Corporatism/Fascism, Imperialism, Colonialism!
  2. Globalization is the new Colonialism!
  3. North Africa and Arabia
  4. India and Indochina
  5. Let us learn something about fracking!
  6. Further Sources
  7. Libya, Tunisia: Regime change for fracking!
  8. New Zealand, Mozambique, Iran
  9. Mediterranean
  10. Pakistan
  11. Mexico and the USA!
  12. Galapagos
  13. Somalia
  14. Spain, Canary Islands

Written and Submitted by Enkidu Gilgamesh

1. Metamorphosis of Corporatism/Fascism, Imperialism, Colonialism!

In the age of colonialism, the aggressors apologized for their criminal acts as “delivering civilization” to the primitive people and/or bringing them the “right religion” and “rescuing their soles” from hell.

Some Europeans swarmed over the world as a menace, like an epidemic, a super-cloud of locusts and killed, robbed, abused and enserfed the people of Europe, Africa, America, and Asia and washed their bloody hands in “charity“.

From about 3rd to 15th century the Roman Catholic Church was the main amoral apologist and profiteer, but the protestant churches and non-religious ideologies of “European enlightenment” didn’t make any difference. Even the abused and enserfed Celtic, Germanic, Irish, Slavic people became an active part of the crime, which rolled first over Europe and then the World.

Serfdom, fanatism, racism, racist nationalism, robbery of resources are the real heritage of Europe, not the fine arts, literature, and philosophy. Europeans are deeply infested with racism, colonialism, and imperialism, that even the ones who suffered most, socialize themselves with the abusers, by saying that the “white man brought civilization to the primitives“.

Consider that the notions “slave” and “slavery” evolved since the year 800, after the downfall of Avarain Empire when the Franconian plunder knights began to attack, kill and hijack the last free tribal people of North-Eastern Europe and sell them on the human trade markets of Europe, Africa, and Near East. Whenever the customers asked “which people“, the answer was no more Saxonian, Frisian, Thuringian, Celtic, Britons, etc. but always “Slave“, that the word “slave” replaced the notion serf and “slavery” the serfdom.

Being also “white” like their abusers, the people of eastern Europe deny their history of victimization. Instead, they distance themselves by looking at the much later similar fate of African people, who became prisoners of marauding Arabic desert pirate armies, after the breakdown of Muslim Order of states under the loose leadership of Caliphates of Baghdad and Cordoba, following the lost wars against the European Crusaders and Mongolian hoards and rise of colonialism.

Arab slave trade

The majority of slaves traded across the Mediterranean region were predominantly of European origin from the 7th to 15th centuries.

Slaves were also brought into the Arab world via Central Asia, mainly of Turkic or Tartar origin. Many of these slaves later went on to serve in the armies forming an elite rank.

Slavery in Africa

The Atlantic slave trade or transatlantic slave trade took place across the Atlantic Ocean from the 15th through to the 19th centuries. The Atlantic slave trade was significant in transforming Africans from a small percentage of the global population of slaves in 1600 into the overwhelming majority by 1800.

Only pressure can form diamonds! The endless attacks towards the east formed first Poland and then Russia, the owner of huge natural treasures. When the Nazi troops marched on the east front, they were seeking to conquer the huge oil reserves of Russia, not to “liberate” the Ukrainian nation!

Today in the main news program of German TV ZDF, the presenter Claus Kleber shows the Ukrainian Nazis at the Donetsk and Luhansk front and says that “they take care for order and calm“. What do You need more to recognize Fascism, when it knocks on Your door with Nazi-swastika or SS on its helm and a double-hook on its tank?

From German: ZDF-Kleber/Eigendorf: Asow-Death-Squadrons “care for calm order “
Thursday, 2. April 2015

ZDF shows them with SS-runes, nazi-swastika, and “Wolfsangel” (double-hook) – presented by Mrs. Eigendorf without critique!

For Mrs. Eigendorf they are “the fighters of the voluntary militia are the new heroes.” Murder as “order and security”.

From German: For Springer Media and ZDF under the wolfs-rune: The Eigendorfs
Montag, 8. September 2014



Today Fascists are financed by human traders who like to be called “philanthropists“. The original meaning of philanthropy was a more natural, reasonable and human-friendly way of education. The abuse of people begins with the perversion of notions. Therefore the biggest assholes, which tend to be also the super-rich, abuse people by using money and forced to become more rich and powerful.

It is not a coincidence, that the financiers of the “colored protests and revolutions” are also behind the campaigns for “climate change“!

Does it make any difference, if the ruthless, greedy bastards are not called human traders but “philanthropists“?

Why may a super-rich deserve to be called “philanthropist”? Just because he “loves” to trade with people instead of cattle?

We should protect our language because language is abused to program our minds. Liberation from enserfment begins by clearing the notions!

Never forget, it is always about control on and exploitation of resources, never “charity“, “protection of climate“, “democracy“, “freedom“, “human rights“, “civil rights“, “gender equality” “animal rights” and “peace“. All these “good meaning” notions are perverted to serve the interests of perverts.

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  1. Dear Gall,
    there is no separation between “fossil” & “non-fossil” fuels. Methan is the base molecule of the carbon-hydrogen molecules or we could say that all the other carbon-hydrogen-molecules (2CH6, 3CH8, 4CH10, 5CH12 etc) are a chain of methane molecules (CH4).

    Carbon-hydrogen molecules form if the carbon and hydrogen are available and pressure and temperature are suitable. This can be in the digestions system of animals, in the crust and mantle of the Earth, in a laboratory or a factory.

    Methane from Earth crust is the main product which is broken out of the underground rock formations by Nuclear Fracking! So framing this fracking methane as a “renewable energy” is deadly wrong. Yes it is reproduced all the time in all layers of Earth’s crust, but that doesn’t mean it would be available without any danger and pollution.

    If there wasn’t the radioactive contamination, earthquakes and tsunamis, fracking out gas from deep rock formations would be a good solution. The same applies for fracking plus underground gasification of coal beds.

    Currently all this is done without risk avoidance and compensation of death and damage. In some states of the USA and also in Netherlands and Great Britain there are controls and limitations about the earthquakes, but in countries like Haiti and Indonesia, there is no limit and accordingly 200K+ of dead people. But no one cares because all think that these earthquakes and tsunamis as well as the deadly storms were “natural catastrophes”.

  2. Thanks for recommendations Gall.

    In our times the native people all over the world are abused to promote global colonialism and sad to say particularly the people of the pacific island states fall perfectly into this trap. They are bombarded by geophysical technical storms, experience death and damage, but buy the story about the “rising sea level”.

    In climate conferences their politicians are allowed to speak as marionettes and their music and art groups to present their culture of naivety and submission.

    When the corporations get access to their or neighboring shores and start exploding nuclear bombs in the underground for fracking and cause deadly earthquakes and tsunamis, the media is filled with “helping hands” and collecting money, which all lands in the accounts of Clinton Foundation and other perverts.

    I don’t only blame the gruesome imperialists, but also all the people who love to be victims and live in a psychology of victimization.

    Under the conditions of geoengineering, now all people, all animals and plants are in danger. Globalist Colonalinalism/Fascism/Corporatism is not racist. It kills all, without any exception.

  3. Dear Gall,
    please look at the statistics of CERES about fracking, which are quoted in this article.
    I could write more about fracking in the USA. More background knowledge is collected in other articles which also will be published here on VT.

  4. “Fossil Fuel is Nuclear Waste” > CanadaFreePress(.)com
    Hydrocarbons exist throughout the Universe and on Earth, are a fission heat and elemental atoms (nuclide) byproduct. Methane has Specific Gravity of 0.44 and when outgassed has four year half-life in the atmosphere. Responsible capture and use of this renewable resource could be a benefit to all humanity. Capture and misuse by demonic plutocrats is detrimental to humanity.

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