Mike’s Notes: Donald Trump can’t help himself. Even though he is in the midst of impeachment for corrupt dealings with a foreign country, he now has used the power of the presidency to bribe Mongolia to get his son, Don Jr. out of a legal jam.

On a recent trip to Mongolia, DJTJ went trophy hunting for and killed an endangered species of sheep. Of course, since rules don’t apply to him, he did this without getting the necessary permit.

Facing possible prosecution, he turned to dad who made several offers and deals  (BRIBES) with the leaders of Mongolia including a coveted visit to the White House. Miraculously, DJTJ was issued a retroactive permit for his otherwise illegal hunt. This had never been done before. Had his father not been president, he would have had to make the bribe the old fashioned way, with cash.

Welcome to the NEW NORMAL where lies are facts, facts are lies, up is down and down is up.  If someone submitted the story of this presidency as a screenplay, it would be rejected as being too unbelievable.

by Jake Pearson, ProPublica, and Anand Tumurtogoo for ProPublica

The rocky highlands of Central Asia, in a remote region of Western Mongolia, are home to a plummeting population of the largest sheep in the world, the argali. The endangered species is beloved for its giant curving horns, which can run over 6 feet in length.

On a hunting trip this August, Donald Trump Jr. shot and killed one.
His adventure was supported by government resources from both the U.S. and Mongolia, which each sent security services to accompany the president’s eldest son and grandson on the multiday trip.

It also thrust Trump Jr. directly into the controversial world of Mongolian trophy hunting — a polarizing practice in a country that views the big-horned rams as a national treasure. The right to kill argali is controlled by an opaque permitting system that experts say is mostly based on money, connections, and politics.

Trump Jr. received special treatment during his summer trip, according to records obtained by ProPublica as well as interviews with people involved in the hunt. Listen to the episode.© Provided by ProPublica

The Mongolian government granted Trump Jr. a coveted and rare permit to slay the animal retroactively on Sept. 2, after he’d left the region following his trip. It’s unusual for permits to be issued after a hunter’s stay. It was one of only three permits to be issued in that hunting region, local records show.

Afterward, Trump Jr. met privately with the country’s president, Khaltmaagiin Battulga, before departing the capital of Ulaanbaatar back to the U.S., according to Khuantai Khafezyn, a local government official in the region where Trump Jr. hunted the argali and a former government official with knowledge of the meeting. It isn’t clear what was discussed. Trump Jr. wouldn’t answer questions about the meeting. Representatives for Battulga haven’t responded to requests for comment.

“What are the chances the Mongolian government would’ve done any of that to someone who wasn’t the son of the United States’ president?” asked Kathleen Clark, a professor specializing in legal ethics at Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. She said that though Trump Jr. is not a government employee, he’s nonetheless politically influential, incentivizing foreign officials such as the Mongolian leader to treat him favorably out of a “desire on the part of a foreign government to curry favor with the president’s family.”

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  1. Where’s his yarmulke? He’s not wearing it.
    “Oh, the agony of being so handsome and the son of a president. I can do anything I want and I’m still not happy. People who don’t like my dad(Trump derangement syndrome) should be sent to a re-education camp. I mean it, really…..they should be reeducated to accept and love our great president unconditionally. He’s the greatest president America ever had, besides being sent by God and stuff.”

  2. One interesting curiosity that VT does not seem to have commented on is that under the old Soviet System and even now, there is a Special Jewish Entity on the Chinese border, possibly at an important crossing point. I do not know anything about that. Do any of the writers know? I worry that Russia and China have both been well and truly mined for future control as a result of the way that the Great Game Players think so far ahead.

    • Rubbish, he’s not nearly the hunter that Ted Nugent is. The greatest hunter and guitar player of all time!
      (sarc alert)

    • I was about to write along these lines and thank you for doing so.
      With regard to freak show US tax payer impeachment and corrupt dealing with a foreign country, well I reject how all the tables are turned upside down. regarding the corruption, well I do not care if it was US president Trump or someone else who had noticed suspicious corruption case involving papa and son Biden. Papa was known for his dual role in the 2014 coup at Maiden, although he did not distribute cookies with Vicky F—the EU Nuland Kagan, and for installing his son in board of director at a US-The Ukraine shale oil gas company. Biden’s son, cocaine snorter, was caught his pant down receiving money for not doing productive work and also not being qualified in energy issues. Let us not forget Papa Biden visit to Brazil and his nefarious activities before the coup against presidente Dilma Rousseff.

    • As I commented on the article of the congress or in reality the American Knesset since they all work for Israel. This whole impeachment circus is totally pots and kettle. It’s hard to decide who is the more traitorous scum.