Will Donnie’s Israeli Ass Kissing Ever Subside as Promised? See how Trump pisses on the constitution again…

Executive order could redefine Judaism as a race or nationality, which critics argue is itself antisemitic



For those of us with Jewish or mixed families, which probably includes 90% of the fake Jew hating right wing, Trump’s moves are pushing the most despicable of Americans, and we mean Trump supporters, back to their Jew hating selves, a movement begun in the 19th century and alive and well today…in the back woods and among the ignorant.

The Likudist mobsters running Israel and Trump’s “handlers” hate the idea that the majority, the vast majority of American Jews don’t want to support Israel’s death camps, and if Gaza isn’t a death camp we don’t know what is.

Israel’s homegrown “SS” overlook massive concentration camp

At the same time, the MEGA gangster billionaires are funding America’s illegal support for the military dictatorship that runs apartheid Israel.

To the ADL, who works to silence anyone, particularly Jews who speak truth, a big “fuck you” from VT.

“For instance, it describes as anti-Semitic “denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination” under some circumstances and offers as an example of such behavior “claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.”

Yousef Munayyer, the executive director of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, said Mr. Trump’s order is part of a sustained campaign “to silence Palestinian rights activism” by equating opposition to Israeli treatment of Palestinians with anti-Semitism.” (NY Times)

“Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Wednesday targeting antisemitism on college campuses.

First reported by the New York Times, the policy would broaden the federal definition of antisemitism, according to administration officials who spoke to various news outlets on condition of anonymity. By expanding protections granted by title VI of the Civil Rights Act to people subjected to antisemitism, the order could also redefine Judaism as a race or nationality.

Title VI bars discrimination on the basis of race, color and national origin at colleges and universities that receive federal funding. One official said Trump’s order would make it clear that title VI will apply to antisemitism as defined by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. That definition says antisemitism may include “targeting of the state of Israel’.


Guardian: “The move has drawn criticism from those who worry that such a characterization of Judaism as a race or nation is itself antisemitic. Free-speech advocates also have concerns that a broader definition of antisemitism might be used to limit criticism of Israeli government actions.

A second official insisted the order was not intended to limit freedom of expression and was not aimed at suppressing the boycott, divestment, sanctions movement known as BDS, which aims to support Palestinian aspirations for statehood by refusing to purchase Israeli products or invest in Israeli companies. The movement is on the rise, sparking tension on many college campuses.

The Israeli government has urged allies to rein in the boycott movement, while its backers deny antisemitism charges and describe themselves as critical of Israeli decision-making, not Jewish people.”

Guardian, and from the NY Times:

Trump Targets Anti-Semitism and Israeli Boycotts on College Campuses

The president’s order would allow the government to withhold money from campuses deemed to be biased, but critics see it as an attack on free speech.

 President Trump plans to sign an executive order on Wednesday targeting what he sees as anti-Semitism on college campuses by threatening to withhold federal money from educational institutions that fail to combat discrimination, three administration officials said on Tuesday.

The order will effectively interpret Judaism as a race or nationality, not just a religion, to prompt a federal law penalizing colleges and universities deemed to be shirking their responsibility to foster an open climate for minority students. In recent years, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions — or B.D.S. — movement against Israel has roiled some campuses, leaving some Jewish students feeling unwelcome or attacked.

In signing the order, Mr. Trump will use his executive power to take action where Congress has not, essentially replicating bipartisan legislation that has stalled on Capitol Hill for several years. Prominent Democrats have joined Republicans in promoting such a policy change to combat anti-Semitism as well as the boycott-Israel movement.

But critics complained that such a policy could be used to stifle free speech and legitimate opposition to Israel’s policies toward Palestinians in the name of fighting anti-Semitism. The definition of anti-Semitism to be used in the order matches the one used by the State Department and by other nations, but it has been criticized as too open-ended and sweeping.

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  1. They can make all the so-called idiotic laws they want, but when it comes down to real combat, these satanists are lilylivered cowards:

    ‘Resistance Fighters in Jenin [West Bank] spoke of how Israeli soldiers on their own RAN SCARED when fighting man to man, cowering, peeing in their pants etc out of fear. Same with Hezbollah when Israelis occupied Lebanon and Resistance fighters fought them to free Lebanon. they too describe the COWARDICE of wimping Israeli soldiers who only show their ‘BRAVERY’ when hiding behind their Caterpillar Tanks [provided by USA] or the Fighter Jets again courtesy of America.”

    [Other than shooting babies and defenseless people, they are actually total COWARDS when faced with real fighters. Let’s hope their worst FEAR comes true — and they are ended.]

    “Israel has come out of the boils of hell, a satanic state” — Norman Finkelstein

  2. No matter if the orange buffoon in the white House signs it into law, it will never pass muster in the Courts. It should immediately be challenged in federal courts and if need be taken all the way to the Supreme Court.
    The very fact that such a law would be passed not only by a weak, corrupt and malignant congress and then to the president’s desk, where he will sign it into law, is a clear violation of the First Amendment. It signals just how far down that slippery slope the nation has slid.
    To think this nation has been brought down to such a level of corruption, loss identity and the trashing of the Bill of Rights, the outright attacks on every single one, and yet the American people for the most part remain silent.
    Israell and its agents in Washington need a good beating and that includes their agents in the Whore House.

  3. One of the things that turned me away from “church” is the fools that go their thinking that Christians should kiss Israels ass and if we don’t somehow we are going to be cursed. After doing some studying into the Talmud (book full of mud) and reading some alternative views on Israel, such as Arthur C Butz (he’s Jewish) view on the Holohoax and Arthur Koestlers (he’s Jewish) “Thirteenth Tribe” I came to some rather obvious conclusions which among them were that so called “Christians” in the church are mentally deluded on Israel. I’d rather die a heathen then sit among those fools. Well, I’ll die a deist if anything. To find out that the US GIVES IsraeLIE billions every year while the infrastructure of “our” country deteriorates and people are in the street homeless, I think I’ll go puke.

  4. Judaism cannot be redefined as a race or a nationality. It is the first “officially” recognised monotheistic religion along Christianity or Islam. Period!
    Those who are doing so, will mix in the same way language with ethnicity and so on. It is absurd!
    Those who are playing with such non sense will get their fingers burned and it will back fire into a spiral of deep rooted confusion.
    Then, the majority of people with the Jewish faith despise Israel for what it is really: a colonial, genocidal and Zionist entity which knows that its days are now numbered. Hence their panic gestures of threats and destroying the everyday powerful BDS movement.

    • I agree Apha but both Talmudists and Nazis agree that Jews are a “race”. The former based on the Talmud of course and the latter on the pseudo “science” of Eugenics.

    • Jews are just another made up people, with a made up religion created long ago by some hustlers with long beards.

  5. The feeding frenzy begins as the noose tightens. Every sector of political power in Washington has Trump at their fingertips now. The republicans will save the best for last and we should be very carefully watching what gets signed during the senate trial. This bill will be toothless, as we can neither make any laws applicable to a foreign country, regarding what is or is not a race, or in respect to any particular religion. It’s just in line with dozens of other things he has signed that get thrown out later. I will wait and see what the Republicans will want when they have their hands securely around his throat. If Barr is any indication , and this, it will be to favor Christianity over other religions, violating separation of church and state. This is the obligatory move before the real intention.

    • I don’t think there will be a senate trial, nor will they call any witnesses. The republican leadership will move for an immediate vote, and unless 20 republican senators jump ship, along with dems voting strictly along party lines, Trump will be acquitted. Then, look for a miraculous trade deal with China, a nuclear weapons ban agreement with NK, both before the election. If he wins a second term, look out below, cause that’s grounds for a war with Iran.

    • President Washington warned us to avoid foreign entanglements and favoritism to any other nation.
      The tRump administration, mostly bought and paid for criminals everyone,, betray the American people at every step besides pissing on the Constitution.

  6. Dictator Trump is a traitor to Israel as are all 535 whores in Congress who are all on the take. Watch and listen to the video by former Marine Ken O’keefe at LAX in 2016. Then tell all these worthless traitors to America to go F themselves. Strong language is used by this patriot. By the way, Israel did 9/11/01 along with Bush, Cheney and the four star generals. Any such so called executive order is blatantly Unconstitutional and in violation of Amendment No. 1. Dictator Trump is aiding and abetting enemies of the U.S. in Israel. Every time you fly on a plane your basic Constitutional rights are bang raped by thugs in Homeland Security for illegal searches and seizures of private property. The Patriot Act by Congress is totally unconstitutional. Screw all theswe traitor thugs who seek destruction of America. Wake up American fools. There are many other religions on the planet besides the one which those in Selfish Israel purport to believe. How about them?

  7. This is a non-Mizrahi Rabbinical phenomenon and heresy against Judaism. Matriarchal rule = proto-eugenicist mindset. Judaism never worked that way until they created the BS Matriarchal doctrine to “keep it all in the family”.

    How does one “convert” into a DNA anyway? CRISPR? Bone Marrow Transplant? Is Ivanka now a “different people” because she claims she is “Yael”?

    Is Rachel Dolezal black? A theater of absurd ideas.