Ian Greenhalgh: The End is Near


by Ian Greenhalgh

This may be the last time I write for VT or anyone else; I have found myself writing less and less over the last two years. There are multiple reasons for this, the primary factor being my ill health, with 49 leg infections, 8 stays in hospital and a litany of other ailments over those two years. However, there are other factors that have driven me to the point of putting down the pen and walking away. I write from the heart and if my heart isn’t in it, writing with any degree of enthusiasm or purpose becomes nigh on impossible.

The deaths of the majority of my friends have been a body blow, the four people I communicated most with, who were my confidantes, my most trusted associates, the people I discussed things with before committing my thoughts to the word processor all sadly shuffled off this mortal coil. Others close to me have battled cancer and survived, my own mother was bedbound for many months and gravely ill, so it has all been rather stressful and unpleasant in my world.

So now I find myself in the unenviable position of being a reluctant hermit, unable to indulge in the activities I once enjoyed due to the parlous state of my health and with almost all my friends gone; therefore I find myself rarely speaking to anyone outside my immediate family and struggling for direction in a morass of isolation and disenchantment.

But enough of my personal woes, I simply abhor people feeling sorry for themselves or complaining so I refuse to indulge in such things myself. There are other, external factors behind my increasing inability to write effectively.

Perhaps it began with Trump… I still remember the day I was told that he was running for POTUS; I thought it had to be a joke, how could such a ludicrous figure as trump become President? He was a career criminal, a man who had no legitimate background at all, everything he had ever been involved in had been an organized crime endeavor, a swindle of some kind. The man was an utter fraud and even the most cursory examination of the widely and readily available information about the man-made it abundantly clear just what he was.

Trump with his Russian mafia handler Felix Sater, this is the real ‘Russiagate’, the one Mueller covered up.

However, regardless of how clear and blatantly obvious, all this was, it seemed that there were precious few others who understood just what Trump was and what he represented in terms of the criminals he was a frontman for. I expended a lot of effort in the run-up to Trump’s ‘election’ in a pointless attempt to wake people up to the great scam being carried out in front of them; in return, I received a huge amount of scorn and derision, we even had to shut down all commenting on VT for a few months, such was the backlash.

No doubt that a fair proportion of the vitriolic attacks were emanating from paid trolls, but there was a lot that wasn’t, that came from normal people. The why of this is one of the most disturbing and depressing things I have learned in all my time working for VT – to put it simply, there are a sizeable number of ignorant dumbfucks out there who are bigoted, racist and who actually like Trump, who lap up every racist, misogynistic, disgusting piece of rhetoric he spews; who believe his all too obvious lies and will support him regardless. The media calls these people Trump’s ‘base’ and while this base isn’t big enough to outright win him an election, it is big enough to allow the criminals who created Trump the politician to meddle with the polls and pull off an ‘election victory’ using manipulation of electronic voting machines.

All in all, the whole rotten Trump saga left me with the inescapable feeling that all the words I wrote, all the radio and podcast appearances I made, all of it, was a huge waste of time, I was the old man trying to tell the tide not to rise, my words cast asunder by the four winds. In short, it was all absolutely fucking pointless, the agenda had been set and it was being followed, nothing I said or did could make a single shit of difference. Since trump waddled his obese orange form into the Oval Office I have barely written a thing about the situation, totally disenchanted and demotivated after seeing all my efforts against the man come to naught.

But enough of Trump and the US of Assholes, events much closer to home have caused me more distress, not least because they so closely mirror the events that lead to the nightmare of Trump as POTUS. In Britan, we have our own Trump in the equally disgusting form of Boris Johnson, a proven compulsive liar who has been sacked from virtually every job he has ever had for lying, who’s own brother resigned from the govt. recently because Boris is such a liar.

But Boris is popular, like Trump, he has a degree of Teflon coating so that dirt doesn’t stick and he carries on regardless; he gets away with this because, like Trump, he has a certain base of support consisting of the worst arseholes in Britain, the right-wing low-information morons, and cretins who hate foreigners, despise darker-skinned people and are all too willing to swallow whole the lies Boris feeds them.

During the Trump campaign, it was a matter of continual, maddening frustration that whenever I wrote anything negative about Trump, (which was everything I wrote about Trump, it was all negative) there was an overwhelming chorus of ‘but what about evil Killary, she eats babies and kills anyone who gets in her way’ or words to that effect.

There are endless such memes…

The exact same phenomena have been plaguing British politics for several years now, ever since Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the Labour Party. Whenever any political debate occurs among members of the British public, inevitably, there is a constant drone of ‘Corbyn is a terrorist sympathizer’ from the right-wing arseholes who rely on the front pages of the tabloid newspapers for their knowledge of politics.

These people who constitute Boris’s ‘base’ are encouraged by a range of utterly disgusting cheerleaders who have no doubt been well paid to commit what I consider treason as the paymasters are foreign intra-national interests, part of the organized crime syndicate that is responsible for the Trump nightmare.

One example that really had me frothing at the mouth in anger came a little under two weeks ago when the Chief Rabbi of Britain publicly announced that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party were dangerously anti-semitic, my anger only being magnified a couple of days later when the Archbishop of Canterbury, the senior clergyman of the Church of England, publicly stated his support for the Rabbi’s bullshit.

Of course, the whole ‘Corbyn and Labour are antisemitic’ narrative is complete and utter bullshit, it stems from two wellsprings, the first being the pro-Palestinian stance of Corbyn and a large part of his party – two years ago at the annual conference, Labour delegates waved Palestinian flags en masse in a show of support for the Palestinian plight in the face of the genocidal policies of Israel.

Last week I nearly spat my breakfast coffee all over the table when I heard a Tory politician making a speech on the BBC News that included the statement ‘Jeremy Corbyn is a Marxist anti-semite who would bankrupt Britain faster than you can say Venezuela’. My god, where to even begin dissecting all the lies in that sentence…

Of course, you expect such lies from the Tories, but there have been several cases of Labour politicians joining in with the ‘Corbyn is anti-semitic’ lies, the fact these traitors are Jewish tells you who is behind this slander. Prime examples include Luciana Berger and Margaret Hodge. Whether these Jewish women have chosen to become spokesmen for the ‘Labour is antisemitic’ movement because they have been paid to do so or because they are victims of the ‘all Jews must blindly support Israel otherwise they risk ending up being gassed and shoved in an oven’ lie is as yet unknown; it is probably a bit of both, but either way, they are traitors, both to their party and to their country.

Which brings us to tomorrow’s general election in Britain. I haven’t bothered writing about this event at all because as far as I’m concerned, it is a farce, the result predetermined; it is all a re-run of the 2016 Trump ‘election’. Boris is going to win, all that remains to be seen is whether he will have a workable majority in Parliament or not. Cambridge Analytica may not be around anymore, but the fix is undoubtedly in, just as it was in 2016 for Trump or for the Scottish and BREXIT referendums, all of which saw Cambridge Analytica at the center of the fix, which means the British SIS (Secret Intelligence Services, i.e. MI5 and MI6) were deeply involved as Cambridge Analytica was an SIS front.

Ezra Pound had it right and paid dearly for his bravery in speaking out.

It must be borne in mind that the SIS does not work for the good of the British nation or its people, they are a creature of the deep state, which in Britain is called The Establishment and is composed of the aristocracy, the royal family and the handful of Jewish banking families lead by the Rothschilds. They own and control the Tory party and hand-select Tory leaders from a pool of talent they have nurtured since they were small boys.

Boris is one of those who were selected and prepared from a young age to become a frontman for these deep state criminals; selected during his school days at Eton alongside other Tory luminaries such as David Cameron, Oliver Letwin, and Jacob Rees Mogg. These boys were selected according to certain criteria, primarily certain moral flexibility that enables them to tell lies and cheat, swindle and commit fraud without suffering the pangs of guilt and remorse that normal human beings would.

The techniques used to then mold and shape these young men involve a good deal of buggery and participation in ritualistic activities (remember Cameron’s admission to having fornicated with the head of a dead pig) designed to create men without peccadilloes who will happily lie, cheat and commit criminal acts on behalf of their criminal masters; in short, the ideal Tory politician.

Should these men ever consider developing a moral code and going against their masters, they can be reined in by the compromising material gathered on them, usually involving the abuse of children, something they were unwittingly trained for through being abused themselves during their days at Eton, being repeatedly buggered by both teachers and elder pupils.

Eton’s Bullingdon Club. David Cameron is second from the left in the back row, Boris Johnson is seated on the right of the front row. The fact that Britain in the 21st century is still run by these spineless inbred upper-class twats makes my blood boil.

I myself almost attended a public school, strange for a working-class country peasant like myself, someone from as far outside the circles of aristocratic establishment as it is possible to be; but I sat the entry exam and passed, being then offered one of the handful of places given to the children of non-wealthy families, my education paid for by a bursary rather than hefty fees paid by my parents. I chose not to go, already at the age of 10, I didn’t want to dress like a penguin and pretend to be superior to my fellow man. I was working-class and proud of it, proud that my family had had to work damn hard for everything they had ever owned. I look back and wryly smile that if only I had chosen to attend that public school and submitted to the regimen of buggery and humiliation, I might myself be today, one of the leading politicians. Or maybe not, I have a moral code and a sense of right and wrong, which disqualifies me…

Back to the election, which sees Boris Johnson pitted against Jeremy Corbyn; as I have already stated, Boris is going to be handed the victory regardless of the actual vote, of this, I am as certain as I can be. The main reason is simply that Corbyn is too dangerous to The Establishment and its army of buggery enthusiasts who populate the upper ranks of Britain’s political, media, judiciary, and law enforcement spheres.

Corbyn could not be relied upon to cover their arses whenever the latest scandal threatens to expose their paedophiliac hegemony. For instance, Corbyn would most likely have failed to suppress the release of secret papers relating to Lord Mountbatten and his pedophile activities, especially in Northern Ireland at the Kincora Boy’s Home. Victims and witnesses to Mountbatten’s activities have come forward in recent years and allegedly, there are about 20 files on Kincora which should have been deposited in the National Archives under the 20-year rule but the authorities are refusing to release them despite the release in the US under FOIA of FBI files that describe Mountbatten and his wife Edwina as “persons of extremely low morals” and contain information suggesting that Lord Mountbatten was a paedophile with “a perversion for young boys.”

The former Kincora boy’s home in Belfast where it is alleged that Mountbatten and the SIS sourced boys for sexual abuse purposes.

Mountbatten was murdered, blown up on his boat by a bomb supposedly placed by the IRA and an ‘IRA bomber’ was tried and convicted. However, the unfortunate patsy had his conviction quashed and was released from prison several years ago and the IRA have always maintained they had nothing to do with the killing. It is almost certain that it was in fact, the British SIS who were responsible, motivated by a desire to keep a lid of secrecy on the pedophile rings they allegedly run and which recruit young boys from homes such as Kincora, Bryn Estyn in North Wales and Haute De La Garenne in the Channel Islands.

Corbyn becomes a clear and present danger in the context of an event such as the current Prince Andrew affair where the prince has found himself surrounded by allegations his friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein involved the sexual abuse of underage girls. If such a scandal erupted under a Corbyn government, there would be the risk of the government failing to support the prince and perhaps even going so far as to co-operate with US authorities in prosecuting him.

Corbyn is a committed republican who doesn’t watch the Queen’s speech at Christmas and would dearly love to see an end to the monarchy. Given that the monarchy is a key arm of the British deep state AKA The Establishment, the threat posed by a Corbyn government is all too clear, hence I am convinced that the SIS, the dirty tricks dept. of the deep state,  will once again be fiddling with the ballots in order to ensure a Boris victory.

I dearly hope I am wrong and that Corbyn does win, then perhaps we can finally begin the long-overdue process of dismantling the deep state in Britain, The Establishment of upper-class buggery enthusiasts, Jewish banking families and inbred fake royalty that has wielded hegemonic control over us for centuries and has been a stain on the whole globe.

However, I shall not be holding my breath.

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. I agree Nik. Who knows if Hillary would have been any better? Actually she seemed more dangerous with your promise to retaliate against Russia over a suspected cyberattack and to obliterate Iran. Also laughing hysterically over the death of Gaddafi seemed not only unpresidential by psychopathically insane.

    One didn’t need a trove of documents dumped by her political enemies to see this person was a sociopath!

    Of course Bernie Sanders would have been far better than either of them but his campaign was sabotaged by the DNC.

  2. Good to see you back and this is an excellent article which I only wish could be seen by a lot more people. Get fully well soon and sorry to hear about your troubles.

  3. Hey Ian: I am sorry to hear of your health problems, and believe me I know what it is to be old(er) and having health problems, and being isolated. As to the loss of TRUSTED friends, this one of the curses of getting old. If you pack it in, it will be for me like losing a wonderful and TRUSTED friend. As to my fellow countrymen and women, most of them are scared witless, and have always been so. Paralyses is what defines them, and they are dangerous. In some ways, I fear my fellow countrymen and women even more than the psychotic U.S. establishment, in all of its barbarity. Finally, I will dare to ask you to keep on writing for all of us who depend on your extensive knowledge, and enlightening insights. As E. Dodge said, we are at war, and war is arduous, dangerous, and exhausting. Whatever you choose Ian, I wish you all the best. And and if you choose to retire I certainly will remember you fondly.

  4. “US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that will make Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act apply to anti-Semitic acts, amid concerns that it will be used to silence those who oppose Israel’s apartheid policy toward the Palestinians.”

    He basically has declared war on all sane nations of the world and there are still people here who think that he hasn’t started a war.

    • How do you define “war” Nuke? To me war is armed conflict. I suppose you have some other definition than the one more commonly used which could explain your “us or them” mentality as such.

  5. FAO ………Ian Greenhalgh………..Home brew…….Holy Grail Trail……….Pour Colloidal silver potion into hydrogen water machine, bond Nano Silver to Hydrogen, Win Boston marathon……. …….No time to die…….

  6. Sorry, but I can find enough to not support either of the Clinton’s based solely on their words while knowingly on camera and their actions on public record as elected members of government. Just because they have often been politically opposed by even worse persons does not excuse their behavior.

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    • One of the problems with Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is when taken by mouth it leaves the body quickly in about two hours in the urine. In order to get a high enough concentration in the bloodstream Klenner showed it was necessary to develop a safe form to be injected. No ordinary patient can do this safely on their own. Since it is not approved by the FDA one must find competent doctors or pharmacists to accomplish this safely. Klenner documented a number of diseases which could be dealt with safely and effectively with high dose Vitamin C injected. He even cured many poisonous snake bites this way, much cheaper and simpler than the expensive and complicated approved anti-venom treatment. Klenner was born in 1907 and died in 1984.

  8. Ian, The day after the crazy election where Trump was crowned king of the U.S., I had an immediate, horrible pain in my back. I do not have back issues…ever, but there it was. Like my body was reacting to the horrible time that was ahead. Previously I could not imagine that he would have been able to win the presidency. I truly thought it was a sick joke that he was even a candidate for the office. My back was so bad that I had to go to the doctor and then a physical therapist for several weeks. Back is okay and I am better now, but he is still here 🙁 Carol

    • Glad your back is better, that sure does sound like a psychosomatic injury. Sick joke is right, it’s a joke that has long worn thin.

  9. Thank you, Ian. Prayers going out for your recovery. Another little known deep secret is now being unraveled. The Mormon cult is being sued for fraud. It propounds a sanitized narrative of its historical origins, while, as of 2013, has inconspicuously lodged its true toxic historicity in its own official website three levels deep, innocuously called it Gospel Topics Essays – a type of nothing burger – and went a step further to declare that there will be no campaign to disseminate the ugly facts. tinyurl.com/thesnowjob. Thus, a class action is in the making: ldsclassaction.com

  10. The most clear, concise and accurate way to describe elections in America is like getting to choose the bread type on your shit sandwich… and my fellow Americans fight over this choice and thank God for it… meanwhile I see on Sputnik that the US House just passed a $738 billion defense spending bill for ’20… 18 years of the US Army supporting the opiate wars of Afghanistan is getting expensive.

  11. BoJo is going to break records in office for shortest modern prime minister. Sometimes UltraZionism is too dangerous, especially to the Zionists.

    • Oh I so hope you are right. Thankyou everyone for the kind words, they are much appreciated.

      As for Hillary, go take a look at the Steele dossier and note where it states that Putin feared a Hillary presidency. Why is that? Because Hillary was strong enough with strong enough backers that she would have been able to stand up to Israel and the Judeo-Russian mafia, just as Bill did until they managed to exploit his weakness for women with Lewinsky, then they could force his hand into bombing Yugoslavia. Few believe me, but I have done the research – every piece of anti-Clinton material I looked into came from a source that was financed by the pro-Israel neocon right, usually, but not exclusively, Sheldon Adelson. Anything from such a source is almost certainly fraudulent, therefore I have been unable to verify any of the allegations against the Clintons and found them all to be black propaganda on behlaf of the Israel-neocon, judeo-mafia crime syndicate that controls Trump, Netanyahu and probably Putin too.

  12. Ian, I have always enjoyed reading most of the articles you have written for VT to this day, I might have missed one or two here or there but not by choice and I hope this won’t be the last although you said it is. While I pray for your speedy recovery, you know sometimes all it takes is a candle to light up a dark room.

  13. Keep writing Ian. I read your writing even if I don’t totally agree with everything you say. As far as Trumpasaurus Rex. Well what can be called “elections” in this country have become a real shit show. Our “choice” is really no choice at all.

    On one side a racist terrorist state of Israel loving Orangoutang and on the other side racist terrorist state of Israel loving “super predator” who can’t wait to call in the Nuclear Football. Like I said. What a choice?

    There is no way you can compare Corbyn to the psycho bitch from hell. Maybe to Bernie Sanders who by all rights should have won the election if the primary wasn’t rigged by DWS the Zionist Shower Queen.

    • Alpha, the night is young. As Ian nicely wrote, Trump like Johnson will be selected again for the Greater Israel job and we shall see how far they will take their love for the establishment (Likud) this time. You and Gall seem to want to have your cakes and eat them too. And just like the sleepwalkers of Trump’s pre selection, your blinders are up. What Trump has done so far for Israel is irreversible, regardless of what the international laws says. The reality on the ground is different from the hopeful visions that you hold so dearly which I sense that it is coupled with a deep hatred of liberals.
      Iranians know who Trump is and they don’t live in la la land.

    • Also, Alpha, the only reason why “Trump has not brought the US into another major war” is that he can’t as in the military has advised against a war with Iran. Otherwise when he was down on his knees doing his benefactor Adelson he was clearly given a task as Adelson dictated: “drop a nuclear bomb in the middle of the Iranian desert, then you say, ‘See! The next one is in the middle of Tehran. So, we mean business.”

    • Actually what you call “liberal” is actually Neoliberal who are just as bad as Neoconservatives. Speaking of blinders it seems you’ve never read the book I recommended American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People’s History of Fake News―From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror by Roberto Servant and Danny Haiphong if you believe that Trump is any worse than his accusers.

      Also I disagree with your dialectic view of politics. Implying that someone who supports Trump’s noninterventionist policies supports him. In fact I broke with Trump when he launched missiles into Syria. However I still support his noninterventionist policies such as withdrawing from Syria and ending the endless war in Afghanistan which the so-called “liberals” seem to be adverse to. Also they want to use Ukraine to continue conflict with Russia.

    • Apha. I’m beginning to suspect that Nuke as I call him as in Nuke Gingrich and his contract on America that he is either nothing but a troll or has a very limited grasp of complex subjects and dislikes being confused by facts.

    • Gall the most coherent response I’ve read from you was your “go multiply.” Otherwise you’re all over the board with your defense of the indefensible Trump.

  14. Origanum Vulgare is the type of mountain grown Oregano. Try Arnica oil for soreness. Try CBD oil. Don’t give up. We need the truth.

  15. Try Oregano Oil with a high concentration of carvacrol for infection. High doses of Vitamin C for immune system and Black Seed oil. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar too for energy. Hope you do well.

    • Funny you should mention that John. I’ve pretty much quit eating anything with processed sugar in it and haven’t felt this good for years. Braggs is good stuff too.

  16. Appreciate the introspection! It’s difficult, losing trusted voices, and you becoming the last Mohican, as it were. Some degree of isolation is to be expected, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to become stuck. Give yourself a kick, take charge of your health, and do whatever you have to do. “Not in your heart” is not an option. Trump and Johnson are but battles, there’s a war to be fought, and your voice is too important! We carry on, mate. it’s all we can do.

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