U.K. Election Meddling: Where did all the votes go?


Britain was just struck by disaster as Rothschild stooge and compulsive liar Boris Johnson was ‘elected’ Prime Minister is a general election. I use quotes around elected as it seems obvious that the polling result was completely fraudulent.

According to the BBC, there was a turnout of 67.3% which is 1.5% less than the last election in 2017.

Results of the 2019 General Election – BBC News

However, there is a large body of solid evidence that this is not true and the turnout was far higher than in 2017. Social media, especially Twitter is awash with comments and photos from people who were surprised to find lengthy queues at their polling station, something not seen in a very long time.

These reports came from all over the country, from London boroughs to Birmingham, the reports of huge queues are many. So how does one square this with the official voter turnout?

The major media outlets such as the BBC and ITN have not mentioned these queues, but many smaller media outlets are reporting on them.

Historic queues at polling stations – ignored by media. Don’t miss your chance to make (more) history. Here’s how

TheJournal.ie:  Voters reportedly leaving queues, as long lines form at polling stations

Reports of “huge queues” at polling stations as threat of low turnout gets quashed

Reports of “huge queues” at polling stations as the threat of low turnout gets quashed

Voters are reporting waits of up to an hour in places as Brits head out in their droves.

Obviously, something is not right here, the official story and the evidence are at complete odds.

The UK Election Postal votes and almost the ENTIRE ballot process, including managing the Electoral Register, is outsourced to IDOX, the company launched by Lord Peter Lilley, a former senior Tory MP.

HeraldScotland.com:  Concerns raised over senior Tory MP link to election count firm

So much for British democracy, it is clearly dead and the major media outlets are fully complicit in the killing.

“Voter turnout at the 2019 general election is slightly down on two years ago, despite reports of ‘busiest ever polling stations’ and people queuing 45 minutes to vote.”

Mirror.co.uk:  What was voter turnout for the 2019 general election?

How very strange.

“England’s turnout was down on the 2017 General Election from 69.1% to 67.4%.”

INews.co.uk:  General election turnout 2019: here is how much of the UK voted, and how it compares to previous polls

“TORIES are panicking tonight after ENORMOUS QUEUES at polling stations sparked fears of a huge youth turnout.”

TheScottishSun.co.uk:  BO BLOW Tories panic in final hour of polling amid fears surge in young voters could cost Boris

“Massive queues began forming outside polling stations across the country early this morning, with people reporting having to wait in line for the first time to cast their ballots, pointing to a bumper general election turnout.”

Express.co.uk:  Election 2019: Police rush to Bristol polling stations after voters ‘intimidated’

“People have reported waiting in the ‘longest queues ever’ as voters turned out in their millions …

“Pictures show scores of young people waiting in the queues at polling stations and universities across the country …

“Experts have said the crowds suggest that THE TURNOUT … COULD BE THE HIGHEST SINCE CLEMENT ATLEE AND SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL fought to be PM in the 1950s …”

Metro.co.uk:  Election ‘Youthquake’ as students queue in pouring rain to vote

Voters reportedly leaving queues, as long lines form at polling stations

“Members of the public have been reported leaving before casting their votes due to long queues outside some polling stations.

“Waits of more than half an hour were reported at various locations across England this morning …

“Many members of the public said they were encouraged by the queues, suggesting it could mean a greater turnout than in the last general election …”

TheJournal.ie:  Voters reportedly leaving queues, as long lines form at polling stations


“I still think Tories cheated. Everywhere. ‘Low turnout’?! Don’t think so – we saw the queues …”


“Do you not find it odd how there were record numbers of people registering to vote and unprecedented queuing at polling stations and the official turnout figures are lower than 2017?”


“very interesting how there was a record number of registrations to vote, queues outside polling stations etc yet somehow voter turnout was down.”


“… how come we had record voter registration & queues at polling stations – yet somehow turnout was ‘low’?
Something seriously stinks.”


“… huge youth turnout, queues around the block at polling stations, what happened, it doesn’t make any sense …”


“@electoralreform do we know that the vote was legitimate. I’ve heard of many turned away. Queues yet low turnout?”


“Feel the same about Southampton Itchen. Very marginal. Tory hold increased. Turnout said to be down on 2017, and yet a huge student turnout (missing last time) overwhelmingly Labour, which survived being sent to wrong polling station etc and voted on mass. Doesn’t feel right.”


“Again I ask – How is it that the turnout in 2017 was 78% yet there are reports of 4 million additional people registering to vote in 2019 election and reports of unprecedented queues to vote in 2019 yet only 69% (final figure) turnout recorded. Something stinks”


“The stats show voter turnout down on 2017 … Yet ‘more than 300,000 people apply to vote in one day in largest ever pre-deadline surge.’


“I’ve never seen people queuing to vote, only at around 9:45pm when polling is about closing but yesterday, there were queues around the block, yet, voter turnout was apparently lower than in 2017. I call utter bullshit!”


“I keep thinking same. Incredible crowds everywhere he went. 3 million new voters registered, majority youth. Pretty much unprecedented queues at polling stations up & down the country.
So how come voting turnout meant to be smaller than 2017….? Just doesn’t sit right.”


“This UK election sure had a lot of ‘wow the lines have NEVER been this long to vote!’ takes for an election that had slightly lower voter turnout than 2017.”


“And how did HUGE numbers of young registering to vote for the first time, and Twitter awash with videos of voters queuing around the block with officials saying the numbers were unprecedented, translate to ‘Low turnout’!?
Any theory other than they somehow “lost” some”


“… My own polling station were shocked by the total turnout at 9pm …”


“Voter turnout 1.5% down after a huge surge in registered voters???? Something absolutely stinks?”


“No way was turnout low. My village steady stream all day as one came in one went. Queues all over the country. Traffic backed up on side streets because of polling. It doesn’t add up.”

Rev Suzan Inayat Khan @thinkingran:

“I am ashamed also. And I cannot understand how there was lower turnout for this election and yet there were queues at polling stations.
To be honest, I don’t feel safe in this country any more.”


“My local polling station had to open up the school playing field as an overflow car park due to the turnout …”


“Would not be surprised if tories won due to postal vote fraud”


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  1. What will happen next, Ian? Pitchforks and PAPER BALLOTS would fix it and I truly hope the British Citizens Rise-Up! Here, in the States (soon to be ‘regions’?) it wouldn’t happen. So many have been dumb’d-down by a wide variety of sources; e.g., zy0-controlled media (90%!),fluoridated water, chem-trails, Afghan heroin, zy0-controlled big-pharma (drugs & vaccines plus lies and boundless profits), MIC weapons mfr’s/org’s (e.g., the Carlyle Group, etc.) And on and on.
    An intellectual cartoonist (Walt Kelly) created a ‘#1 cartoon-strip’ entitled: . The character, POGO, is a possum in a pram floating on the ‘Okefenokee Swamp’ who declares: “The Future Sure Ain’t What It Used To Be.”
    That was two-generations-ago.
    I tried Siam for several-years and had a ton of fun (chased-out by predatory ladies & mafia, too).
    Now my gaze is focusing on the central highlands of Mexico. An agrarian endeavor, peradventure?
    Kind regards to All

  2. Even trump stated he was actively working to keep corbyn out. Kosher approved buffoon will sell out the people to cheers until it’s all too late. Did corbyn ever have a chance? Or was he a “Manchurian ” placed as the Marxist to ineptly lose it on purpose. After all its a stated quote of owning both sides to always get a win for that certain bloodline

  3. Jake Tapper explained the 2016 “leaners”. Me, I saw a lot of leaners in the US, and even in large numbers in California. Call it laissez-faire racism, or chauvinism like the Hispanic voters who just can’t imagine a woman president, but the silent majority exists, especially in UK where the race card and tax dodging is at the top.
    It’s on YouTube:
    “Jake Tapper “trump leaners”“

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