Honorable Gary Peters
U.S. Senate
Member of Armed Services Committee
Hart Senate Office Building
Suite 724

Washington, DC 20510

RE: The Congressional Committees Needs to Investigate Systemic Corruption in Afghanistan

Dear Senator Peters:

On numerous occasions, I’ve sent you, the Ethics Committee, the U.S. Department of State and other representatives numerous letters highlighting war crimes and corruption in Afghanistan. The Washington Post has recently published an in-depth expose revealing the significant levels of corruption, waste of U.S. taxpayer dollars and war crimes in Afghanistan which I previously noted to you and others.

As a senator, you have a responsibility to address these matters. Trillions of U.S. Taxpayer dollars have been wasted, hundreds of thousands of lives lost in this war, and a country ravaged by corruption and drug trafficking. It is a war that cannot be won. As an elected representative of the people, it is paramount that you take action on these matters so that the past 18 years will not be repeated. Please see my attached letters to the Ethics Committee.

As an American citizen and ethnic Afghan, I welcome the peace talks in Qatar to end the Afghan war. However, it is evident that there are fundamental issues with the process, which could cause a repeat of the past 18 years.

Three aspects which need to be addressed are as follows:

(1) I believe that the Trump administration’s announcement that the United States will withdraw 4,000 troops is misleading. During these past 18 years, the United States and its allies have utilized thousands of private contractors/mercenaries to fight its war. Those 4,000 troops will be replaced with paramilitary forces, primarily foreign contractors who have terrible human rights records and have war crimes, which have been well documented by organizations such as UNAMA and Human Rights Watch.

The United States has promoted terrorism by funding and by the CIA’s training of paramilitary “death squads” like the National Directorate of Security (“NDS 01” and “NDS 02”) Khost Protection Forces (“KPF”), Kandahar Strike Forces and many other CIA militias, who are targeting and assassinating innocent Afghan villagers, peace activists, journalists, and Afghan intellectuals (See the U.S. budget for these terrorist groups, which you approved). Unfortunately, this information has not been disclosed to the American people.

HRW.ORG:  Abusive Night Raids by CIA-Backed Afghan Strike Forces

(2) As a part of this strategy, the current administration is forging even stronger ties with corrupt Afghan politicians who have stolen billions of U.S. taxpayer funds and war criminals such as Abdul Rashid Dostum and Asadullah Khalid. Both have well-documented track records of human rights violations.

a. Abdul Rashid Dostum is a documented war criminal. He was the subject of articles in Time magazine and Newsweek. As reported in the Time on November 19, 2001, and in Newsweek, on November 5, 2001, Dostum and his group raped many Afghan women and children, “…Dostum’s marauders chopped off breasts and tied the toes of women behind their heads..” Instead of prosecuting this criminal, my U.S. government ignores his war crimes, supports and keeps him on the payroll.

The United States government needs to follow the rule of law and international law. Instead, it is covering up these war crimes and helping him commit new war crimes against the Afghan/Pashtun like recently in Faryab Province. In addition, the Afghan majority have not forgotten about the war crimes committed by Dostum against the Pashtun tribesmen in November 2001 at Dasht-e-Leili. Physicians for Human Rights and the New York Times have also extensively covered Abdul Rashid Dostum’s crimes: How disgusting that General Miller gave a medal to Rashid Dostum a war criminal and pedophile.

PHR.org: Assessments and Documentation in Afghanistan

NY TIMES: Accused of Rape and Torture, Exiled Afghan Vice President Returns

b. Asadullah Khalid is the current Defense Minister of the Afghan government. He has been implicated by Canadian officials for his extensive involvement in drug trafficking, sexual abuse and the murder of United Nations workers.

HRW.org: New Afghan Defense Minister Should Face Investigation, Sanctions

CBC.org: Afghan governor’s rights abuses known in ’07

(3) The United States and its allies must stop the fraudulent election drama currently perpetuated. The brave Afghan majority did not participate. Before the results of the fraudulent election are announced by the Afghan Ghani administration, UNAMA is asking that the Afghan people respect the results. However, the people of Afghanistan did not participate in the recent Afghan election.

A very small percentage of the Afghan population participated as the Afghan villagers believe the elections are illegitimate when their country is occupied by foreigners. There can be no free and democratic elections when a country is occupied. Besides foreign occupation, the corruption and fraud in the election process make them a farce, which the Afghans realize. The majority of the Afghan villagers do not consider the Kabul puppet regime to be their government. Afghans need to control their own elections and decide their own governments. Rampant voter fraud over the past two elections has been well documented by news agencies as well as domestic experts such as Naval Postgraduate School’s own Professor Thomas H. Johnson.

The recent releases of documents by The Washington Post are just the tip of the iceberg of corruption and waste. Trillions of U.S. dollars have been wasted in Afghanistan on waging war and the interference in Afghan elections. During the past decade, I have sent hundreds of letters to my U.S. Congressmen, the U.S. Department of State, the Ethics Committee and the media especially to Ms. Karen DeYoung of The Washington Post, requesting that the war crimes, drug trafficking, corruption, and fraud be exposed to the American public, investigated, those responsible prosecuted and the U.S. end its war in Afghanistan.

I did not receive responses and nothing was done. After eighteen years, the U.S. government and “selected” corrupt, puppet Afghan administrations, who consist of war profiteers, warlords, drug traffickers and communist war criminals like Rashid Dostum have not been able to win the war in Afghanistan. U.S. war policy and war strategy need to change to a “sincere” negotiation strategy for peace. Peace cannot be achieved with the increase or continuance of the same number of U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan as desired by the war profiteers. I only want true peace for the American and Afghan people. This cycle of war cannot continue. I believe it is my patriotic duty to always support the U.S. Constitution, but to question the policies and strategies of those U.S. government officials in power at the time when it is harming the United States in the long term.

Now we are at a critical juncture where peace can finally be accomplished, saving thousands of lives and U.S. taxpayer dollars. I strongly recommend the inclusion of educated Afghans from across the globe, who have not profited from this war, to be utilized as a bridge for peace. During these past 18 years, only the war profiteers have testified and been involved. Congress and its committees need to hear from them. Hence, I ask you for your help so that this ugly war can end in an honorable way for the United States and Afghanistan and true peace can be achieved in Afghanistan.

Kadir A. Mohmand
6147 Old Log Trail
Kalamazoo, MI 49009

CC: U.S. Department of State, and Congressional Ethics Committees

March 22, 2017

To the Honorable Johnny Isakson, U..S. Senator

Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee
220 Hart Building
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

RE: Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Tom Cotton has a conflict of interest in Afghanistan

Dear Chairman Isakson:

I strongly believe that the Senate Ethics Committee needs to investigate whether or not Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Tom Cotton has a conflict of interest problems because his wife, Mrs. Cindy Hensley McCain’s businesses profit from the war in Afghanistan. In addition, it has been reported by Afghan media, Afghan individuals and other western media that intelligence services such as the CIA and MI6 are involved in drug trafficking in Afghanistan. It has also been alleged that some U.S. Senators, who sit on the Senate Armed Services Committee, are profiting from drug trafficking such as through the provision of necessary chemicals to convert the raw opium to heroin. It appears that Senator McCain tries to keep an arm’s length distance from his wife’s war profits to try to shield himself from conflict of interest problems. However, since Senator McCain is presently serving as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee I strongly believe that the ethics committee should investigate these allegations.

It is time that the American and Afghan people stand up and request investigations regarding the funding of the so-called “ISIL” fighters in Afghanistan. I believe individuals such as U.S. Senator John McCain are obstacles to peace in Afghanistan because of the war profiteering in his family. When I was in Afghanistan I heard that some top U.S. government officials were profiteering from the war and drug trafficking in Afghanistan.

I believe a lot more investigation needs to be done regarding who is involved and who is profiting from the war and drug trafficking. I think the world would be surprised to learn who the profiteers are. In 2000/2001 the production of drugs in Afghanistan was almost zero, but after the U.S. invasion and during the occupation and war, Afghanistan has become a narco-state. Some independent investigators need to find out who or which companies, agencies or governments brought the chemicals and the process to convert opium to heroin to Afghanistan.

On April 6, 2012, when I met with the U.S. State Department’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Frank Ruggiero, I asked him if Secretary Hillary Clinton knew about our meeting. He said yes the decision-makers know too. Did I say, President Obama? He said no the decision-makers. Who are the real decision-makers regarding the continuation of the war in Afghanistan? It looks like it is the Pentagon, war profiteers and the Pentagon’s RAND Corporation!?.

On October 6, 2015, and Oct 8, 2015, General John Campbell, Commander of the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee and House Armed Services on military operations and U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, the sexual abuse of Afghan children, as well as the recent U.S. bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital. General John Campbell was the only one to testify at these hearings which were just the same old propaganda and rosy picture of the past 14 years in Afghanistan created by the Rand Corporation advisers as updated by General Campbell. These hearings were conducted to create a record for the next U.S. planned step of vacating the plan to draw down troops to the normalized embassy level by 2017 to move forward with the desired plan of increasing troop levels to implement the United States’ real agenda of maintaining a long term presence in Afghanistan.

Throughout the hearings, General Campbell testified that the United States needs extended troop commitment and a long term presence in Afghanistan. As reasons for staying long term, General Campbell testified that Afghanistan is “a vital area in the world”. It is located in a neighborhood that does not follow rules. He further stated that “presence equals influence”. He testified that if the United States was not there long term other countries such as China and Russia would be. The United States needs long term presence in the region and Afghanistan is the Heart of Central Asia. As I stated many times in the past after the fall of the Soviet Union and the world had one superpower, the United States determined that its new outer defense perimeter would not be in Europe along the former Warsaw Pact countries’ borders, but it would be in Central Asia with Afghanistan being the heart. Thus, the building of permanent military bases in Afghanistan to form this so-called outer defense perimeter is one of the true reasons the U.S. wants to be in Afghanistan long term. It really is not about terrorism. In order to justify to the American people this long term presence, the United States must keep feeding the American public with the appearance of terrorism in Afghanistan and must continue the CIA’s divide and conquer policy to create an Afghan Resistance.

To stay long term, the United States must continue to destabilize Afghanistan. In fact, at the Senate Armed Services Committee’s hearing, General John Campbell stated that the United States would “continue the effort to destabilize Afghanistan…” (emphasis added). After his Freudian slip which revealed the truth, he corrected himself and said stabilize. If Afghanistan continues to be unstable with active Afghan resistance and Americans are spooked into believing Al Qaeda and Daish are there, then it will be easy for the U.S. government to justify to the American public its long term presence with its expenditure of trillions of dollars, which only benefit the war profiteers. I strongly believe the fact is the United States does not want stability and peace in Afghanistan because if there are peace and stability it is much harder to justify its long term presence.

Once again, Chairman McCain and Chairman Thornberry stated in their opening remarks that Afghanistan must not be allowed ever again to become a safe haven or sanctuary for terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIL. General Campbell alleged that Daish was in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda was trying to rebuild. There was no direct evidence offered to support these allegations. These allegations are false. Furthermore, both Senator McCain and Representative Thornberry alleged that there had been considerable progress made in Afghanistan these past 14 years because no further terrorist attacks on the homeland had originated from Afghanistan. The tragic 9/11 terrorist attack did not originate from Afghanistan so why would it be an indicator of the progress that no other terrorist attack has originated from there.

As history has shown, Afghans do not attack countries outside Afghanistan’s borders. Afghans only defend themselves against foreign invaders and occupiers inside Afghanistan. There has never been any direct evidence that Afghans were involved in the tragic 9/11 attacks. It is just the opposite. The United States government used the 9/11 attack as an opportunity to further its goal of obtaining military bases in Afghanistan, the heart of Central Asia, to establish its new outer defense perimeter.

The Afghan people have been scapegoated and terrorized by the United States, NATO, its corrupt puppet partners, and its agents/ hundreds of thousands of contracted mercenaries. Afghan civilians have been victimized twice by communist war criminals such as Rashid Dostum, who is the First Vice President of Afghanistan, and who’s supported and funded by the U.S. At the House Armed Services Committee’s hearing, even Representative Loretta Sanchez stated in her question to General Campbell that Al Qaeda was in Yemen, Sudan and other countries but not Afghanistan. There is really almost no likelihood that Afghanistan will be a sanctuary for Arab terrorists. There is no evidence that ISIL and Daish are in Afghanistan.

Just like during the 1980s, Afghans do not want Arab fighters in their country. In the winter of 1984, while I was fighting the Soviets and Afghan communists in Afghanistan (see my photos), I told the U.S. government that Afghans do not want CIA training camps in Afghanistan training Arabs like Osama Bin Laden. Yet the United States had a 150 million dollar budget for these CIA training camps. I ask you who is responsible for training these Arabs the CIA or Afghanistan?

In addition, when I met with Abdullah Abdullah in September 2012 in Afghanistan after showing me his extremely expensive gold watch, he bragged that he was in charge of the mercenaries. I have known Abdullah since childhood. Furthermore, I have been told from reliable sources on the ground in Afghanistan that any so-called Daish is really hired mercenaries and thugs paid by the CIA with huge amounts of drug trafficking money. Any “so-called” DAESH, ISIL ISIS, fighters in Afghanistan are really CIA and MI6 contracted thugs. The former, governor of Paktika Abdul Karim Mateen, admitted that the Afghan government paid several hundred thousand dollars for these mercenaries and thugs, which are the Daish. He was removed from his position right after that comment.

So I ask you who the real “terrorists” are in Afghanistan? Who are they paid to terrorize? It is not the U.S. homeland they terrorize, but instead, they are hired to terrorize Afghans, who reside in areas such as Helmand Province with vast deposits of Rare Earth Elements (REEs), which are worth trillions and vital components of defense and technology systems. It is an intentional and systematic targeting of civilians especially Pashtun in the REE rich areas. As history has shown, these Afghans, mainly Pashtun, in Helmand, fight for their independence, their land and now their REEs. They are the main roadblock to easy access and control of these REEs.

What is the United States’ desired long term presence in Afghanistan really about? It is all about REEs!!! The continuation of the instability and war with permanent U.S. military bases allows the United States to control Afghanistan’s Rare Earth Elements (REEs) such as lithium, worth trillions, which are vital to defense systems and technology. It allows the United States to build its strategic stockpile of REEs. In a Pentagon internal memorandum, the Pentagon called Afghanistan “the Saudi Arabia of Lithium”. REEs such as Scandium, Yttrium and fifteen lanthanides are key ingredients in a number of military applications such as guided missiles, lasers, radar systems, night field equipment, battlefield communications, guidance, and control systems for Tomahawk Cruise missiles, smart bombs, predator unmanned aircraft, etc..

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is establishing a strategic stockpile of these REEs as it has an insufficient supply to meet its demand.. China has mined REEs in its country and has dominance as the main supplier of REEs that are of strategic importance to the U.S. military. China controls 90% of the world’s supply. According to petroleumnews.com ( 03/31/2013), U.S. Senators Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski, and Representative Mike Coffman, stated that”’ clearly rare earth supply limitations present a serious vulnerability to our national security…” The U.S. DOD provided Congress with a written report on its REE demand and stockpile requirements.

The United States was looking for a new supply chain for REEs. Based on the information I have received, I strongly believe the United States knew about the REEs deposits in the Helmand Province even before the tragic events of 9/11 and before it chose to invade and occupy Afghanistan long term. Soon after its invasion in October 2001, the United States dropped down geologists into the REE deposits in Helmand with special operation forces.

The U.S. has used special aircraft with special technology to look at the subsurface geological strata to map out the location of REE deposits in Afghanistan. The DOD has a special division to address REEs. Afghan villages located near the vast REE deposits are bombed and destroyed. The Pashtun villagers are forced to relocate or are killed. They are wrongly labeled “terrorists” because they resist the destruction of their homes and villages and the stealing of their minerals.

I believe the U.S. and its Afghan puppet government are committing war crimes. They are terrorizing the Afghans in these areas. In September 2012, when I met with Amb. Hugo Llorens, second in charge of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, he talked about the REE deposits. He thought because of my engineering background I would be interested in obtaining a contract to be involved in REE mining. I am not a war profiteer. I would not profit from war and the blood of my Afghan brothers.

It is all about U.S. control of the REEs. It is all about Afghanistan being the United States’ new supply chain for REEs! It is not about nation-building. It is not about terrorism! It is not about helping the Afghan people! A former State Department employee, who worked on the ground in Afghanistan, told me in an e-mail that the U.S. government does not care about Afghans.

So please U.S. government officials and elected congresspeople, cut the crap that you care about the Afghan women, children and the rest of the Afghan people. Have courage and tell the truth. It is all about Afghanistan’s REEs! Of course, REEs are never discussed at the hearings of the armed services committees because control of Afghanistan’s REEs is the main reason the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, why it occupies it, why it has 9 permanent military bases there, why it installs a puppet government, why it has communist war criminals and thugs in the Afghan government like Rashid Dostum to terrorize and kill Afghans who resist ( do the U.S.’s dirty work), and why it is so secretive about the REEs in Afghanistan.

It is much easier for the U.S. to keep its strategic stockpiling of Afghanistan’s REEs a secret. However, the United States really cannot hide the fact it bombed a hospital and killed civilians. General Campbell stated that it was a U.S. decision to bomb the Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz. He stated that there were U.S. special operation forces in the vicinity. General Campbell further stated that it was mistakenly bombed. Mistaken means based on error or wrong. The U.S. made a deliberate decision to bomb the hospital, which was based on an error. It intentionally bombed the hospital. It realized it was a mistake to do so after the fact.

General Campbell said rigorous U.S. procedures were used to make the decision to fire the weapons. I agree that the U.S. decision to bomb the hospital was wrong. General Campbell did not say that the U.S.’s bombing was accidental or collateral damage. I strongly believe that the U.S. bombing and killing of innocent civilians at the Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz is a war crime and a terrorist act. This bombing was intentional and not accidental “collateral” damage”. Before the bombing, Dr. Ehsan Osmani, who was a staff member at that hospital, reported on his FaceBook page on October 2, 2015, that the Afghan resistance did not harm anyone inside the hospital but the U.S. and NATO bombing was causing all of the civilian casualties and deaths. He openly denied and countered the United States and Afghan governments’ claims that the Taliban was causing all of the civilian casualties and deaths in Kunduz.

He was killed a few days later when the U.S. bombed the hospital. I believe this bombing was retaliation. I believe this hospital was targeted by the United States with its precision weapons. It definitely is a war crime that needs to be investigated by outside neutral sources and those responsible prosecuted in lawful tribunals including the leaders and decision-makers from the United States, Afghanistan, and NATO. This U.S. bombing is terrorism as it was violence directed toward civilians and civilian property instilling fear in Afghans, who oppose the U.S. and NATO occupation and the U.S. installed puppet government.

Not only are Afghanistan’s REEs being exploited, but even more importantly Afghanistan’s precious, vulnerable children are being sexually abused and sexually exploited in this 14 years long U.S. war and occupation. At the hearings, General Campbell stated that there are procedures to report sexual abuse and exploitation of Afghan children through the military chain of command. General Campbell stated that Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah find it unacceptable and there are Afghan laws. These procedures and laws are useless.

They look nice on paper but in reality, the United States is turning a blind eye to this rampant sexual abuse and exploitation of Afghan children. The U.S. government installs, trains, assists, advises, supports and funds the Afghan government in Kabul, the provincial governments, the local police, and Afghan military, which consist of many sick pedophiles such as the well known communist war criminal Rashid Dostum- First Vice President of Afghanistan, Salahuddin Rabbani, Afghan Foreign Minister- pimp and brothel house owner, Hanif Atmar, National Security Adviser, Amrullah Saleh secret service pimp and Bismillah Mohammadi. former Defense Minister. Many of the Northern Alliance warlords such as Mir Alam in Kunduz, the communist war criminals, and the drug traffickers and other thugs in the national and provincial governments are involved in this sexual exploitation and abuse of Afghan children ( See the linked videos). Many of these creeps are U.S. and coalition partners. They are supported and paid by the U.S. to do the “dirty work” for the U.S.

The sexual crimes they perpetrate on the Afghan children are ignored because the U.S. and the Afghan government want to keep them “happy”. The U.S. and Afghan governments keep and allow these criminals to be in positions of power. The U.S. and the Afghan government are responsible for these human rights violations and sexual crimes against children. There is a duty to report sexual abuse and prosecute criminals. There is a duty to ensure that these criminals do not have contact with Afghan children. For some professions, it is a crime not to report. Based on what has happened in Afghanistan these past 14 years, if you are a pedophile it looks like the best job to have would be a member of the Afghan government, be an Afghan cop or soldier in training, or be an American contractor or soldier in Afghanistan. How shameful, sick and sad.

It is not just some sick Afghans in positions of power committing this sexual abuse and exploitation of Afghan children, but some American contractors, diplomats and their consultants, and military are involved in these crimes. In 2012, Wiki Leaks (see Change.org) released a cable revealed that that U.S. taxpayer-funded, military contractor DynCorp has organized and paid for parties where young Afghan boys are made available for purchase as sex slaves. DynCorp trains Afghan police and security forces. DynCorp is a U.S. company from Texas.

This U.S. taxpayer-funded military contractor trafficked young Afghan boys for sex with cops and Afghan security forces in training. The former Afghan Minister of Interior, Hanif Atmar, presently Afghan National Security Adviser to Ghani, tried to quash this sexual abuse and exploitation from being made public. He even requested the United States government suppress it. Some DynCorp American employees sent visual depictions of the sexual abuse (child pornography) back to the United States.

DynCorp’s sexual exploitation of Afghan children is just one example of the rampant sexual exploitation of Afghan children. Almost all of the incidents are not revealed. They are ignored and/or suppressed by the U.S. and Afghan governments. When I was in Afghanistan in September 2012, I visited Endra Gandhi Hospital in Kabul. One of the doctors at the hospital told me that everyday young Afghan children are being admitted to the hospital. These children have been raped and sexually exploited.

These exploited children have come from Bagram and other bases and Rabbani brothel houses for foreigners. I do not want to reveal the doctor’s name in this letter for fear of retaliation against him by Afghans in power. I was told by many educated Afghan people that at night next to the palace in Kabul, Afghan children are bused by these Afghan pimps to military bases and brothels to be sold and used as sex slaves. When I returned to the U.S. I reported in writing this sexual exploitation to officials at the U.S. Department of State, to the Senate Armed Services Committee and other departments of the U.S. government. Thus far, I have not seen any actions being taken to stop this sexual abuse and exploitation of Afghan children.

I am strongly offended that the New York Times and some U.S government officials have said that sexual exploitation of children is part of the Afghan culture. That is not true. Sexual exploitation of children is not accepted and part of the Afghan culture. It is illegal and prohibited by Afghan law, Afghan culture-especially the Pashtunwali Code, and Islamic law. “Bacha Bazi”, boy play, is not a Pashto word. Before 1979, my father and family were in charge of the police and security forces in Afghanistan before the superpowers invaded, occupied and corrupted my homeland.

Rape and sexual exploitation of children were never tolerated and those crimes were severely punished. Sexual exploitation is rampant in Afghanistan these past 14 years of the U.S. war and occupation because the United States is installing and funding thugs and warlords at all levels of government to do its “dirty work”. Along with many other good educated Afghans, I have chosen not to be part of the Afghan government or become a contractor due to this U.S. funded sexual abuse and exploitation of thousands of Afghan children every day. The U.S. and Afghan governments and the U.S. funded military contractors want to keep these Afghan thugs and their own employees happy and foreign civilians and military happy with brothels. They are part of sexual exploitation. They all are responsible for these war crimes and human rights violations committed on Afghan children.

I strongly believe this war and occupation of Afghanistan must end now. The United States and NATO must leave Afghanistan. Then, Afghans themselves can prosecute the war criminals, who committed crimes from 1979 to the present, in lawful tribunals. Afghans have suffered enough these past four decades because of war and occupation. Afghan children have suffered enough. Stop killing and terrorizing Afghans.

Kadir A. Mohmand
Former Representative for North America of the Afghan Freedom Fighters in the 1980s
6147 Old Log Trail
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
(260) 353-7044


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