Turkey: America’s Indigenous Genocide (like in Israel with Palestinians) Promoted

Turkey’s confrontation with the United States is becoming stronger, the Turks will not surrender to the Americans, they will find what to present, expert Vladimir Avatkov said.



  1. Two wrongs do not make one right. The Armenian Holocaust or Genocide is well documented to be roughly 1.5 million. The treatment of American Indians by the Settlers from England and beyond was and still is a national disgrace. Many lies were printed in high school textbooks about this basic Holocaust too. There have been some victories for them and some areas have been set aside for the various Indian Tribes. But again most Americans are so ignorant of this subject they think the American Indians can be viewed as Tonto with the Lone Ranger on his white horse! After all the American Indians were here first weren’t they?

    • Here is the great story of Mark Twain illustrating the plunder of the White Man: “He placed one Anaconda Snake with a herd of 500 sheep; it took one for its meal. He placed two hunters with a herd of 500 buffalo; they slaughtered the whole herd!” Mark Twain concluded from this that Man evolved DOWN from the higher animals.

  2. MR Erdogan, keep fallowing “THE GREAT SATAN”, and you will end up in hell. close the bases, kick the zio yanks out and free yourself. the sooner the better.

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