Jim Fetzer USMC (Hon. Discharge) Is a Real Marine Officer NOT a Crisis Actor

We just went through his trunk full of old uniforms and documents


Michael Lewis must pay Fetzer’s defense fund $50,000

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Dr. James Fetzer has been called many things, some laudatory, others unprintable. Just don’t call him a crisis actor!

Fetzer is well known for doubting the official versions of a long list of events, beginning with the JFK assassination—a list that has grown to include 9/11-anthrax and its follow-up false flags, the Wellstone assassination, the victors’ version of World War II, and several domestic massacres (or ersatz massacres) that Fetzer believes were staged to sell gun control to the public. As major national news outlets reported this fall, Fetzer believes that the Sandy Hook school shooting was “A FEMA drill to promote gun control” employing crisis actors to play various roles, including “grieving parent.”

One such grieving parent, Leonard Pozner, sued Fetzer for libel and won. Fetzer is appealing the decision, which, right or wrong, did seem the product a flawed judicial process.

Though reasonable people may doubt some of Fetzer’s methods and conclusions (I stopped working with him in 2015 due to “irreconcilable differences”) one thing is indubitable: His dogged sincerity. The man obviously believes what he is saying. That’s why when people who don’t know Jim Fetzer argue that he must be some sort of cointelpro provocateur, my response is: Spend some time with him!

Someone named Michael Lewis who runs an anti-Fetzer blog recently gave me a reason to spend some time with Jim. Lewis, writing in the Unz Review comments section, renewed his earlier promise:

Dr. Fetzer: I hereby renew my commitment to fund your legal defense in the amount of $50,000. You need only demonstrate, with clear and convincing evidence, that you at any time served in the United States Marine Corps, as you claim.

Jim responded by posting some clear and convincing evidence. Then he called me to suggest I visit his house and look through the trunks in his garage holding his old Marine Corps uniforms and documents.

So on Sunday, after watching the Packers’ exciting comeback victory over the Lions, a friend and I drove to Oregon, WI and rummaged through Jim Fetzer’s USMC uniforms, paperwork, and paraphernalia. Here are the photos I took with my Mac laptop. I will add my friend’s higher-quality photos when available.

Clearly Jim Fetzer has satisfied Micheal Lewis’s demand for “clear and convincing evidence.” If Michael Lewis wishes, he is welcome to use his $50,000 to fly to Madison, Wisconsin and examine the evidence for himself, then subtract his travel expenses from his donation to Jim Fetzer’s legal defense fund. (He may bring along a document expert and subtract those expenses as well.)

If Michael Lewis refuses to fulfill his promise, he will henceforth carry the heavy burden of a reputation as a liar and a fraud (and will undoubtedly be banned from the Unz.com comments section).

Jim Fetzer opening a trunk full of his old USMC gear
Jim’s trunk was full of old USMC hats and uniforms






Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

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Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. Many years ago, when I was in my 20’s ( I am in my 80’s today), a successful company, which had been in business for a long time, marketed a product named “Geritol” and made the claim it successfully treated a disease it described with the phrase “TIRED BLOOD”. Agencies of our government sued this company to force them to stop making this claim which they claimed was not the truth. Today our government is the patient with the disease of TIRED BLOOD. In fact our government is so sick its employees do not know truth from fiction. It lies to us lowly citizens every hour of every day. Everyone in our government has tired blood and must be fired and prosecuted. Not only are they corrupted but they have corrupted all the media, radio, television stations, newspapers and more. Everyone is lying. False flag attacks to fool us citizens are everywhere, all done by the liars in our own government. All these school shootings are false flags just like the old pirate ships your teachers taught you about in the 5th grade who put up someone else’s flag on the mast to deceive others about their true identity. 9/11/01 was a false flag attack, blamed on Muslim patsies, but planned and executed by Israel and our own government criminals Bush, Cheney and even the fancy generals of our lying military with all their fancy ribbons and medals were in on it; did you observe them “defending” the country that day? NO! If we fail to cure our government of TIRED BLOOD soon, we will all likely

    • All these school shootings are false flags just like the old pirate ships your teachers taught you about in the 5th grade who put up someone else’s flag on the mast to deceive others about their true identity. 9/11/01 was a false flag attack, blamed on Muslim patsies, but planned and executed by Israel and our own government criminals Bush, Cheney and even the fancy generals of our lying military with all their fancy ribbons and medals were in on it; did you observe them “defending” the country that day? NO! If we fail to cure our government of TIRED BLOOD soon, we will all likely end up pushing up daisies. All these false flag attacks are intended to instill fear in the population to induce them to surrender their hard fought rights under our Constitution. This is why everyone who seeks to board a commercial airplane today is illegally searched in patent violation of Amendments 4 and 5. These school shootings are intended to get rid of the right to bear arms in Amendment 2. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. According to some estimates there are about 1.3 million lawyers in the country. Three of them, two from Minnesota and one from Wisconsin in the form of a Judge came to the aid of Pozner pro bono. How many offered to come to Jim’s aid pro bono? Anyone who believes this case is unimportant just observe the efforts by those who seek to continue the lies and cover up about this massive scam on the public. They have succeeded now for 7 years and counting. They have pulled out all the stops. Many people, even including police officers have been bumped off. Connecticut must be one of the most corrupt States. Its governor is a liar. Many officials are liars. The fear of God has been instilled in the population. All have clammed up. Kevin has done a great job aiding Jim.
    But what does Kevin now believe happened at Sandy Hook if he still disagrees with the conclusions of Jim based on a large body of evidence and facts? All the rules of crime scene investigations for over a century have been obliterated at Sandy Hook. Even the former top authority Henry Lee in Connecticut is silent and comfortable in retirement; not a peep from him. He is obviously scared too. How about it Kevin? What happened at Sandy Hook if not the scenario of Jim Fetzer? Are Jim and Kevin the only Americans with any balls left?

    • Wolfgang Halbig is another hero in the sad corrupt drama of Sandy Hook December 14, 2012. In somewhat different ways he has gone to the wall for TRUTH in exposing the lies of Sandy Hook by the authorities. He traveled to Connecticut and sat with an attorney in long meaningless school board meetings with a lying lawyer who obstructed every reasonable question Wolfgang or his lawyer had. Why would these so and so’s go to all that trouble to obstruct when the easiest way would be to simply provide the documents or answer the questions truthfully? Obviously they had plenty to hide and cover up. What a disgrace they were to their corrupt State of Connecticut and to this country. Everywhere one turns in the Sandy Hook Con is answered with criminal lies and obstruction by every authority in Connecticut and the Federal Government. Obviously they have plenty of illegal conduct to hide and cover up with the full military armed force of the government in America today. What a shameful disgrace they all are. Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer both deserve the Medal of Freedom. I fear for their safety with these thugs lying about them and seeking to disparage them and their character. When Netanyahu came to NY he had 40 bodyguards. I think Wolfgang and Jim deserve a protection force of 40 bodyguards each too. The Sandy Hook Hoax criminals are the lowest of the low. They iie, cheat and steal. These crooks are being protected by our corrupt government at the highest levels.

  3. The themes of the crisis events changed with the President according to their policy agendas. Obama was gun control, LGBT rights, and the false Syrian war, so he had “gay nightclub shootings with AR 15 equipped ISIS devotees” that didn’t make any logical sense (I suggested that ISIS is capable of operating industrial oil equipment and finding state level purchasers, but can’t figure out its own military priorities).

    Trump is owned by Kushner and Lubavitch, so now Lubavitchers are the main crisis actors. Of course, Chasidim literally get trained to do exactly that. Lubavitch is nothing but Jewish Only Freemasonry essentially. Knowing that the themes have changed so drastically and obviously, the remainder is self-evidenced and self-demonstrated to be false.

    All that said, Fetzer has an issue with the following (1) priorities; (2) focus; (3) seeing the bigger picture; (4) figuring out which toes to step on; (5) not miring everyone in the useless details of every event; and (6) poisoning the well of discussion on the same topics. I don’t think you can discern a spook by talking to them and USMC credentials doesn’t make him any less pedigree for US INTCOM. But I also don’t think he’s a Jerome Corsi, let’s say. At some points, however, it was hard to tell. I bet ACTUAL counterintelligence felt the same way.

    • Happy 2020, Fetzer may not know this, but like I have with others, I kind of calculated his impending risks and “doom”, knew he was a good guy, and knew he was stubborn. I’m a lawyer — all of what I am doing online has the security parameters of mitigating legal risks, so it was easy to see where Fetzer was headed. I can even show you chat logs of me instructing my own content producers to steer clear of the topic because the success in court (no matter the actual truth) was impossible (for reasons I don’t want to totally elaborate here). So I ended up cursing him off and berating him (and Rense, another one who is a hand grenade) in hopes that somehow this would make him think about things a little (after being offended).

      The appeal court will hopefully rule a remmititur and reduce the damages or toss it aside. Unfortunately — and this is why I cursed him off because this is all a losing game of crony courts and non-lawyers often think the court decisions are driven by equity instead of interests — there will be no re-examination of the facts upon appeal. They will only decide if there were errors in the prior trial and if it had an affect on the disposition.

      All that said, Happy 2020. Next time anyone sees me throwing insults, plz read between the lines to realize (1) it’s not actually personal and (2) I’m trying to signal something that I can’t elaborate on online. 🙂 Cheers.

    • Oh for crying out loud. No. The last time I was in the least impressed by someone saying I’m a lawyer, was never. This is backtracking. Very few lawyers are investigators. They are verbologists with specific verbology attractive to “in god we trust’, the black robes.

  4. Dr. Fetzer is a Marine and he is real. Sandy Hook mass shooting? Not so much. There is so much wrong with the event it is hard to point to just one thing about it that cries fake. But, one above stands above all others, and that is the fact that the patents weren’t allowed to view the bodies. As a parent myself, I would have resisted that order violently. I think most if not every parent would have.

    • That is a very weak point. Losing a child is considered life’s most difficult thing. If a parent views a child in horrific condition then that becomes the memory of that child and it cannot be erased. Any decent sheriff will tell you the same thing. It is a universal instinctive response to prevent parents from viewing a horrific scene. I lost a friend when quite young to a shot to the head. The mother was not allowed to view, and the father did not view the face. I have never witnessed a more broken heart. Having a sense of what it does to people, it is a kindness to disallow viewing. Most humans just can’t take that.

  5. The Sandy Hook School Shooting Dec. 14, 2012 passed the 7 year mark this month. The editors of VT comment on many issues of public concern. Have they commented recently on Sandy Hook? If I have missed it please provide the articles where they did express an opinion recently. If not I would like to know what they now think about all this. Was it real or fake? Are many high level folks involved going up to Obama? He is doing well now having just bought a multi million dollar home. His net worth is estimated to be some $70 million not bad. Presumably the Go Fund Me gravy train is still on the tracks, seven years and counting. “A million here a million there and pretty soon your talking about real money”.

    • How does a person become so wealthy while in Office? maybe Nancy Pelosi or some of the other democrats can tell us. What does the job of President pay? $250,000…..more or less. It seems that it’s closer to ten million a year. Man, what a job, almost like a CEO of an insurance company or GM or Boeing.
      Speaking of Boeing, Muilenburg is out. No great loss there…has a golden parachute to soften the landing, maybe his next gig will be with Amazon.

  6. Jones and company ordered to pay 100 gr today. My thing is this, Sandy Hook and Chenpeng are mirror events that happen on this earth, often without publicity, but nonetheless happen.
    Science and law enforcement do not have explanations, and the educational product of US society does not provide any background for the study. Therefore, it is a mystery and lots of odd associations are expected to be found in any investigation of this type. Synchronicity is unexplained due to religious blockages and scientific blockages. But that does not mean, the study is not happening, and evidence exists. Disease before biology, except here , there is no excuse, as the study is thousands of years old. Society is your problem.

    • The two events happened on opposite sides of the earth 12 hours apart. The day begins on the east coast of China. In both cases, a male mental deranged type, attacked his female caregiver, stole a weapon , and entered the local elementary school just as announcements were under way, then attacked the receptionist and proceeded to attack over 20 students.
      Only one law maker brought this up at the time. It would have been a boon for anti-gun lobbyists, but they did not seize upon the opportunity. In one case all the students died, the dude had a gun. the other case over 20 students were stabbed with a machete , and none died. Why didn’t the alleged anti-gun lobbyists seize upon this ?

    • For the deeper minds with capacity, this is also an example of intuition without knowledge, being correct. The “no one died” intuition was correct, (in Chenpeng) just that without the knowledge, misplaced. Intuition without knowledge is mystery. Mystery is to be explored not judged or assumed. The value of intuition cannot be assessed by level of education in the modern system. In this regard, innocence would apply on behalf of the persistent questioners, but , again, the law and education does not provide for any of that. The exploration of that mystery, offends and destroys their worldview and accepted reality. If taught, this would not occur. Again, back to the Vatican.

    • One of the mysteries is the totally made up, fake, Adam lanza. Another mystery is where they got all those crisis actors.
      Another mystery is : has the CIA brought Operation Gladio to America?

  7. Years ago I met two fabulous former Marines Dave George and the late Larry Merlo back in the 1950’s. Larry had played tennis for them. These were real friends who would try to help a friend in any way possible. They would never lie but they might exaggerate how drunk they were when they cleared a bar out. Although Jim and I grew up in opposite ends of Pasadena, our paths did not cross until about 4 years ago. I think blogging brought us together. Like all Marines I have known Jim is absolutely honest. I never doubted he was in the Corps as he stated. Jim is in a jam right now. Recent events show how desperate the criminals are to keep the Sandy Hook Lies going and easy money from Go Fund Me flowing to the thugs who are scamming innocent citizens. These criminals are desperate now because Jim has exposed them and their con. Even the former ME was just bumped off at age 67 in retirement as more insurance to hide their crimes. He knew all the dirt on everyone involved. Our government is protecting these criminals and is a criminal itself. They mean business to get rid of Amendment Number 2. Americans must wake up and show some balls like Jim and my earlier friends from the Corps and many others like former Marine Ken O’keefe who made the great video at LAX in 2016. Watch it every day. Could Marines save us from out own government?