Tyranny: Time to Disband the US Senate, the Mob’s Boot on America’s Neck

Democrats got millions more votes – so how did Republicans win the Senate?


Guardian: Senate electoral process means although Democrats received more overall votes for the Senate than Republicans, that does not translate to more seats

 Gerrymandering and voter suppression might have prevented Democrats from winning an even larger House majority, experts said. 

Among the most eye-catching was a statistic showing Democrats led Republicans by more than 12 million votes in Senate races, and yet still suffered losses on the night and failed to win a majority of seats in the chamber.

Constitutional experts said the discrepancy between votes cast and seats won was the result of misplaced ire that ignored the Senate electoral process.

Because each state gets two senators, irrespective of population, states such as Wyoming have as many seats as California, despite the latter having more than 60 times the population. The smaller states also tend to be the more rural, and rural areas traditionally favor Republicans.

This year, because Democrats were defending more seats, including California, they received more overall votes for the Senate than Republicans, but that does not translate to more seats.

The real concerns for Democrats, they said, could be found in a combination of gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics that might have prevented them from winning an even larger majority in the House and some key statewide elections.

“Especially with a sitting president who won a majority in the electoral college [in 2016] while receiving roughly 3m fewer votes than his opponent, and a supreme court five of whose nine justices were nominated by Republican presidents who collectively received fewer popular votes than their Democratic opponents and were confirmed by Senates similarly skewed.”


  1. Mr. Dodge,

    Mr. Duff is of course a boomer however, he is not boomer stupid and he is connected to many in our Government whom give him valid information and if you have not ever served in said government you are full of hot stinky air as you have no power to change a dam thing as only those in power have the power to change anything.

    I served in said government for three decades and tried to do what was right to guide the management of that agency in the right direction. My reward? A pension. Social Security and the great Federal guaranteed Thrift Savings program along with great health care benefits as I might remind you on health care that the dreaded Hillery wanted to expand Federal health insurance to all Americans as always our dearest GOP put a stop to that. As that dreaded Hillery wanted to expand the Thrift Savings program to all Americans to enjoy as our dear GOP would have none of that….

    Our dear GOP? Vote them out for a generation or so as then they shall learn the error of their ways….

    • I’m no fan of the GOP, and never have been. You missed your calling with your “boomer” rants; the Cultural Revolution in China was 50 years ago. In a previous comment, you implore others to “vote for the most progressive candidate in your area”, this after insisting on “big differences in the parties” in another comment. Which is it? The parties themselves, or only the extreme left of the democrat party? The only candidates in the current crop of presidential hopefuls that I know of who support medicare for all are Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. I’m not aware of Andrew Yang’s position. Warren originally said no, but she’s a bullshit artist too. Biden said we can’t afford it. Hillary was against the “fight for 15” in 2016 before she was for it
      You’re a proponent of Mr. Duff “cause he’s not boomer stupid”. As a progressive supporter, how do you reconcile the progressive position on seizing American’s guns with that of Mr. Duff, not only a 2nd Amendment supporter, but also a builder of custom assault style rifles?
      I support a tax on Wall St. trades, especially HFT’s. In fact, I supported the candidacy of Randy Credico , of the “Tax Wall Street Party” for Mayor of NY, a few years ago.

  2. Gen Z now out numbers the Boomer Generation and if they get out to vote the Democratic party on the progressive wing will in time take over the Senate and our Boomer gridlock will end and maybe then America can move forward.

    Time to starve the corporate beast by voting in the most progressive candidate in your area. More health insurance for working people along with more social security along with a mandated living wage along with controls on the greedy landlords and even the dreaded Tobin tax on all financial transactions to pay for all of this as the Koch brothers will turn in their grave, one of them anyway till the other follows.

    The Stupid vote? Those whom work for a living and cast a vote for the dear GOP….

  3. My youngest whom is 22 and in college, tells me how gen Z hates the boomers and their absolute stinking attitudes as I do to as I am a young boomer however, please do a duck duck go search on George Carlin and the baby boom generation for your edification as I will leave you with a gen Z meme: OK boomer ……

  4. Here’s another reason to disband the House. “Israel controls the senate … what Israel wants it gets.” Sen. William Fulbright. That was 1974, we can include congress now.

  5. Even if one goes back to the way US senators were chosen, as originally prescribed by the US Constitution; by each state’s own legislatures, republicans control 31 state legislatures as of November, 2019. It would be reasonable to presume that would equate to 62 republican US senators. States each having two senators, irrespective of population, seems unjust on the face of it, but this must have been the bargain entered into as an inducement for smaller states to join the Union. This is also the reason for the electoral college. Gerrymandering of House districts without a doubt happens, but as the article points out, this goes back to the senate, as it has the power of judicial confirmation. However, the president nominates. Short of secession, I don’t see this changing. Smaller, less populated states will not willingly give up their advantage.

    • P.S. I hate the fact that we anguish over republican rule, with democrats being the alternative. They both suck!

    • OK boomer

      Huge difference between the parties now as Mr. Duff documents on a daily basis and my recommendation for the boomer generation ?

      Why an NRA approved boomer permanent stupid removal device commonly known as the hand gun as the prescribed treatment is self inflicted….

      Surly you do know the kids hate us for our freedoms?

      Well, only an opinion based upon observation.

    • Ya know, Mr. Duff is a boomer. I’ll take exception to your first sentence about the parties’ differences. Not seeing it; actually the opposite is more true: there used to be a big difference between the parties; the Republican Party was for big business, the democrat party was for working people. The democrat party never took corporate campaign money until 1980, when Tony Coelho became head of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. I learned that from Ralph Nader, in one of his many essential podcasts. Now they’re both beholding to corporations for funding, albeit different segments; republicans big agra, financial, oil and coal, etal.; the democrats big media, insurance, Silicon Valley. Both of them support the MIC. Even democrats want Assad gone, got rid of Gadhafi, and voted to authorize Dubya’s Iraq war adventure. Democrats also voted to authorize Hank Paulson’s extortive Wall St. “too big to fail” bailouts. Tell me that health care plan called the ACA wasn’t written by the insurance companies and drugmakers, not the democrats.
      And no, they don’t hate us for our freedoms; they hate us cause we’re in their shit, uninvited!

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