Trump’s War on Iran: A Bullet in the head for America

    Donald Trump has proven he is criminally insane and should be removed, legally, from office...but will not the US is gone...


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    America is fighting for her life today.  Enemies both foreign and domestic, a criminal oligarchy that seized control of our government, is trying to cover its tracks by illegally starting a war, one that would kill 100,000 Americans and cost $7 trillion in debt, virtually erasing the American economy “lock, stock and barrel.”

    Submitted by Robert Steele:

    The death of America was Donald Trump’s task, though he never was really told that.  Ivanka runs America and that she has been working for an intelligence agency outside the US since before 2007.

    The electoral system in the US has long been in tatters.  Several well run organizations, former Mossad, some longtime friends, were hired (they didn’t do this on their own) to work with political operatives and the CIA to rig the last presidential election.  Vote counts in some precincts, thousands of them, were over 110% and this was hidden from the American people.

    From Iran:

    Past that, 30 GOP senators, who represent 30% of the senate but only 2% of the population of the US, are fully compromised, occultists and sexual deviants of the worst imaginable kind.  The best of them are pedophiles.

    Trump and his family are now officially, to the entire Islamic World, “enemy combatants” and maybe legally considered war criminals along with those who supported them in this move against the US government.  It wasn’t Iran that was attacked, Trump murdered the United States of America.  He is a usurper and traitor.

    He and his family must be protected, they should be removed from Washington, perhaps to Greenland, and kept safe.  Trump loves Greenland and would do well there.

    General Soleimani is being smeared as is the Quds Force.  For those of us who know the facts, who are combat veterans and security specialists, Soleimani is Robert E. Lee (yes, VT would keep his statues up despite our history of political correctness), Patton, Rommel and George Washington.

    He defeated ISIS and the US is angry.  ISIS is the CIA and Mossad with Saudi cash.

    Whether people love or hate Iran, Soleimani is and now “was” the greatest man of our time.  I would rather such a statement be “over the top.”  It isn’t.

    The US has left itself open for war, one the US can’t win, and retaliation, much deserved, against Americans who don’t deserve it at all, Donald Trump is not the real president, he is a frontman for the Kosher Nostra, placed in office in a rigged election by organized crime, someone criminally insane, which has to now be clear to any rational person.

    If you could hear the conversation Robert Steele and I had last night before I went on Press TV for rolling coverage…

    More as events transpire. Do see the Lou Dobbs interview.


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    1. My thoughts?
      I think the Trumpster actually molested his own young daughter, Ivanka?
      She has never forgiven him, and as part of the revenge she went over to the Zionist side?
      Now she is ready to really get her revenge? Just me thinking out loud? Forgive me?

      Now for the good part?

      Here is a ‘copy and paste’ of a reply I made at couple of other articles:


      Actually, I believe our ET brethren are up there looking down, and laughing.
      They are the only ones who really know what’s going on.
      Or, they are like vultures waiting for the beginning of the end, so they can swoop in and grab whatever is left when the shit hits the fan, after ‘humanity?’ goes beserk.
      Or, they are just benevolent enough to step in just before “the orange clown” decides to launch, and they will neutralize the threat. Then they will make an appearance and tell ‘humanity?’, “Enough of this BS!!!” “Get your acts together”, …and the world will be a better place???
      Any of the above would make for a great movie??? Take your pick! (-:

    2. Does not the murder of General Soleimani codify the killing of any “enemy combatants” taken prisoner? From this day forward, any American captured could be summarily executed on the spot, and all that is necessary is to declare “he was a terrorist”. Did Trump just open that door?

    3. It doesn’t matter what mouthpiece occupies the Oval Orifice. If the Cryptocracy wants war, war is what will happen. Recall Hildebeast Clinton saber rattling against Russia. Heads they win, tails we lose. The Demiurge and his Archons are licking their chops in anticipation of another major blood feast.

    4. (continued)

      central and pivotal to his mission is that the family, itself, is central and pivotal to Christianity. Bear in mind that he reviled the scribes and Pharisees for failing (like Tuco’s brother), to look after their elderly parents, claiming to ‘dedicate’ the money to the Synagogue treasury, as ‘corban’.

      Ordinarily and mercifully, the family is the very source of the love with which we absolutely must be nurtured, if we are not to turn into psychopaths ; it is the continuing incarnation, in a manner of speaking of God’s love for us, while we are here on earth. ‘Grace builds upon Nature.’ Well, in the total absence of emotional love, a baby will die, apparently, described, in nursing parlance as a ‘failure to thrive’. Likewise, our mothers have a specially close empathy with us, so what Jesus said on that occasion is the absolute foundation of his teachings : the First two Commandments, ‘upon which hangs the whole of the Law and the Prophets.’

      • (continued)

        Jesus made it clear that it was not essentially about an exaggerated prioritization of rule-following (the ‘rigorism’ that has made so many rabid enemies of right-wing US Catholics), but about seeing every other person as ‘another Christ’, loved by his Creator infinitely, as though no-one else exists. A love that must, in our case, too, extend well into self-denial, the more so when the need of another is greater.

    5. Yes, Emma, women tend to be the most tribal and racist, presumably seeing the tribe as an extension of their family. I think racism is a profoundly evil instinct in all of us, and one that has to be vigilantly suppressed. I’m talking in particular about genetically-based racism, cultural racism having a significant tit-for-tat element arising from religious differences and community rivalries. Of course both are fanned by the media and the evil elite they comprise and serve.

      As a matter of act, Christ spoke against both kinds of racism in his customary absolute terms, but the incident when he was told his mother wanted to speak to him, and he pointed out that everyone was a member of our family was a particularly striking one. What makes that precept so strikingly central and

    6. One of general Suleimaní’s many outstanding qualities that set him far above the low-notch general offisers of this “ce bourdel ou nous tenons nostre estate” must be sayd to have been an al-encompassing inquisitivity and the ability to take note of other peoples’ opinions, insights, strengths, weaknesses, both of their strong points and weak sides. Probably well developped already from his early youth…

    7. I would love to see Tulsi Gabbard submit a resolution to congress to recommend sending the tRump case to the Hague to investigate as a war crime. She should state that congress has a conflict of interest in this case and that it is really an international incident/crime and that the Hague is the proper jurisdiction to try this case. Of course it wouldn’t go anywhere but wailing and gnashing of teeth would be epic.

    8. The Stupid AMERICA Has reacted to it’s Urges and Killed Gen Solemani Who was Killing the USA Sponsored ISIS , Alqaeda , AlShabab , AlNursra Front etc etc etc ,,,,,,,, America Sponsors AlQaeda . America sponsors ISIS , America Sponsors AlNusra , America Sponsorsa Boko Haram America Sponsors AlShabab AND YES the ORDINARY WORLD Knows WHAT I just Said …………. YOU the USA Sponsor ALL Evil and YES WE ALL Know it ………….. AND NOW YOU KILL the Guy Standuing in the way of Your EVIL creations , of Course WE Understand ……….. America under Zionist Rulers is NOTHING but a Shitless Terrorist Creator AND YES This is NOT Going to go Down WELL……. Netanyahooo Beware IT is Coming Back to Isreal ……………….. Netanyahooo Whatever The Fuk What You Think This isw Com8ing Back to You SOON …….. one way or Another the World DEMANDS A Reply to Zionism

    9. ….the blood still flows in rivers, just as in the years before, the innocent blood of the lamb, still oiling the machines of the makers of war, the peasants all dressed to kill each other, their guns coming from the same old source, the dead all look like they are on the same side, the TV says they are fighting for freedom of course, or to keep the (communists) terrorists at bay, but we all know they are fighting for the war machine makers, to feed their hunger today, yeah the blood still flows in rivers,the land still being torn down, all for the sake of the greedy man’s pen, who is busy writing the profits down, maybe there is a god in this universe, maybe watching the show today, maybe he will destroy the countries they live in, and who ever gets in the way, maybe the price of salvation will be to high or the war machine makers to pay, will anyone be considered innocent in the land of the U.S.of A, the nuclear time bombs are ticking, beating my brains with the sound, the rich are running for cover, the poor are hanging around, the worlds economy is crashing, and the angels are coming down, will they save the innocent souls forever, before the blood starts overflowing the rivers, until the war machine makers are drowned……yeah i wrote that back when the communists were the boogie man…..time flies when you are having fun….

    10. The absolute best summary I have read, so far. Thank you, Gordon! I just wish Robert Steele would stop kissing Trump’s ass & call him out for who he really is: the agent of change that will destroy America, the most compromised & cowardly nepotist Israel-First POTUS ever, who tramples on the Constitution & must vanquish asap!

    11. What a beautiful tribute to hero, a legend, a man who fought for peace and for his nation since his early youth. As an Iranian-American reading your article, and reading the comments written by the many individuals on this blog it gives me solace that there are people here in this country, who knew what Ghassem Soleimani stood for. No he was not a terrorist, he fought terrorists. He fought for peace and justice not just for Iranians but for all. He fought for the dignity of the people of Iraq, Syria and so many other people so that they could live in their country without fear from ISIS or any other terrorists. He fought so that the people of those countries could choose their own leaders on their own without interference from any power. He will go down in the history books of Iran as one of the greatest military strategists that ever lived, along the same lines as Cyrus the Great. If the US had any chance of making peace with Iran, it just blew it by assassinating General Ghassem Soleimani. Forever he will be remembered. Thank you again.

    12. And those 100 000 dead American military will mostly be rural America rednecks and East Coast big city rathole blacks. Democratic Party being the Pontius Pilate continuosly washing his hands in front of moneychangers, and sometimes with Reps when they started to offshore manufacturing jobs during Reagan and Thatcher era.

      Even worse so, they don’t change the money, they print it out of nothing. And if the value of money always overrules the value of human life, the value of life is then below zero. And democrats are ok with that. Now Democrats are citing American Constitution, but there is also a concept called International Law, which should also overrule American exceptionalism.

    13. The United States quite clearly committed a terrorist act. They killed a high-ranking Iranian military (and not only him) in the territory of a third country.
      All talk that he is a “terrorist” or “villain” is left for the demented and Ukrainians.
      Is there a court ruling that Suleimani is a criminal? Is there a decision by the UN Security Council to recognize him as a terrorist and / or the need to eliminate him? Is he a member of a recognized terrorist organization? Is he wanted by Interpol?
      The answer to all these questions is unequivocal: No.
      So we write: the US Air Force, with the knowledge and permission of the President of the United States (about which there are relevant statements, for example, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper) criminally killed a number of Iranian citizens in the territory of a third country. Deliberately and by prior agreement.
      I’m fixing this for The Hague….

      • I still don’t understand why Putin supports Trump. I get that he’s a statesman with a style to keep all the channels open at all times and Israel has a few million Russian Jews but the sanctions on Russia as much as they are only a theater versus the ones imposed on Iran, will bite at some point. And Russia should not forget that if it wasn’t for Soleimani and Iran, Russia would have been kicked out of Syria by now.

      • And who said that Putin supports Trump? There is political etiquette. USA is not Ukraine or N.Korea – weather you want or do not want, but you have to deal. Yes, USA is a superpower. Putin is not any drunk port loader to behave as he wants. If half of the USA calls its president a “moron” it doesn’t mean that Putin must copy that. Yes, Putin is the same human and has his own opinion. But he almost never expresses it. Firstly, he is a Leader. Public person.
        About jews. Do you know that many jews living in Russia don’t f@$king care about Israel and even condemn its policy?
        About Iran. Excuse me, Sir, but i’m not a member of MoD.

      • And we weren’t hired by the Americans as garbage collectors. We have our own methods of cooperation with countries, our own interests. We just do not think that for economic success someone’s blood should be shed.

    14. Following a staged (?) chemical attack in Aug 2013, Putin negotiated destruction of all Syrian WMD, inspected by OPCW, incinerated by US Navy MV Cape Ray, completed Oct 2013. The White Helmets then staged fake gas attacks in Shayrat in Apr 2017 and Douma in Apr 2018, each followed by massive cruise missile attacks.

      Skeptical observers might recognize staged provocation and disproportionate, immediate over response, all to favor a chosen tribe.

    15. The ambush is the most cowardly way to murder an opponent. One might be able to forgive Trump if he had challenged General Soleimani to a duel for example. The General would likely have welcomed Trump choosing the weapons; fists, pistols, knives, whatever. Trump would be instantly dead but at least one would have some modicum of respect for him. And we would all be free of this punk from New York. By the way he did not just murder General Soleimani but a number of others as well. The anonymous four star cowards are also responsible. In fact I would bet General Soleimani would have agreed to fight all of them at once and he would have still WON! America is a disgrace to every citizen today.

      • Hundred percent agree with this. Assassinating an adversary is dishonorable and cowardly. If there was honor left in the US military, the entire Joint Chiefs would resign in protest over this stain, as well as the Gallagher intervention by Trump. Trump’s reaction has also been a national disgrace. It’s unfathomable how far the nation has fallen.

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