by Ian Greenhalgh

In 1914, a young man called Gavrillo Princip ran out of a Sarajevo sandwich shop, pulled a Browning automatic out of his pocket and changed the world forever. The shots he fired that day plunged the world into the worst war it had ever seen, killing tens of millions, destroying empires and truly bringing about a seismic change in the world order.

His target, Franz Ferdinand, was not a nice man, in fact, he was an appalling beast of a man, but he represented the best hope for holding together the creaking Austro-Hungarian Empire and staving off the war between the Empires of Europe that had been brewing for many years.

Orthodox history tells us that Princip belonged to a shadowy group called The Black Hand that was financed and supported by the Serbian military. Austria-Hungary, therefore, sought revenge by invading Serbia and this ignited a war that immediately spread beyond the Balkans to engulf first Europe and in quick succession, almost the entire globe; a war so terrible in the scale of its slaughter that it changed the course of world history and became known as simply The Great War.

However, orthodox history does not go far enough in identifying who was really directing The Black Hand, who used this small group of malcontents as the agents’ provocateur to create the biggest world the war had ever seen. The answer is not hard to find, the evidence still available online, not yet consigned to the memory hole by the spooks at Google.

Just a couple of weeks after the death of Franz Ferdinand, the evidence revealing the true culprits was published in John Bull magazine. Horatio Bottomley, the controversial publisher, had obtained a document from the Serbian legation in London, dated April 14th, 1914 and written in what was described as ‘crude Spanish’. This language was actually Ladino, a corrupted form of Spanish spoken by the Jews of the Balkans, akin to the crude German known as Yiddish that was the language of the Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews.

The Balkan Jews were Sephardic, descendants of the Jews that had been kicked out of the Spanish Empire centuries earlier. Those expelled Jews had settled all over the Mediterranean, from Tangiers in Morrocco to Salonika in Greece, but they had retained the language they spoke during their centuries living within the Spanish realms.

It was from a Salonikan Jew that Bottomley had obtained the document, being the only publisher brave enough to print it, after every newspaper office in the city had passed.

Salonika, the Greek Balkan port was a hotbed of Jews and their nefarious intrigues, many of which were centered around the various lodges of the Grand Orient branch of Freemasonry. It was clear that the document Bottomley had obtained had been sent from London to the Grand Lodge in Salonika and its content was a damning indictment of those Jewish criminals that used this Freemasonic order as cover for their criminal enterprises.

The letter contained details of a payment of two thousand pounds Sterling for “eliminating” Franz Ferdinand. The guilt was clear – Jewish financiers in London had paid Jewish criminals in the Balkans to murder the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary in order to start a war in Europe that they would then exploit for their own ends.

There was also the Jewish lust for revenge hanging over the murder for Ferdinand was heir to the throne of the House of Habsburg and it had been Ferdinand and Isabella, who’s daughter had married a prince of the very same House of Habsburg, that had expelled the Jews from the Spanish realms in 1492. Those Spanish realms became Habsburg upon the ascension of Ferdinand and Isabella’s grandson Charles to the throne.

The resulting war produced the fall of the Ottoman Empire, resulting in a British Mandate over Palestine and the Balfour Declaration, promising the Rothschilds (on behalf of the Zionist International), a homeland in Palestine, thus beginning the criminal enterprise that became to be known as the state of Israel.

So there you have it in a nutshell – Jewish financiers employed Jewish criminals to murder a key individual in order to gain revenge and ignite a war that would benefit them immensely while at the same time, devastating much of the world and killing tens of millions of troublesome goyim.

Iranian General Soleimani Assassinated by Trump

Do you see the glaring similarities to the murder of General Soleimani?

The general was taken out by criminals in the employ of the same handful of Jewish crime families that a century earlier had employed Serbian Jewish criminals to take out Franz Ferdinand. Once again, it is in the interests of the criminal enterprise known as Israel that this murder has been carried out. Gavrilo Princip paid for his crime with his life – he was thrown in a dungeon to rot in solitary confinement, eventually succumbing to disease and malnutrition. Sadly, Trump will not share this fate, although he richly deserves to.

We can but hope that Soleimani’s murder does not mirror Ferdinand’s in casting the grim specter of war over the globe.

Author Details
Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. I’m no expert of Freemasonry, but I do know that the Grand Orient never became established in Britain, despite attempts to do so at the beginning of the 20th century as it was rightly identified as being an atheistic front for the sort of malfeasance that leads to the subversion of nations to intra-national forces. The Grand Orient is based in Paris and many French leaders of the 20th century were members.

    Th Scottish and York rites are the forms practised in Britain and from what I know, the York rite is much more popular. It’s pretty benign, more a social club that does charitable deeds than anything nefarious. That said, the fact that masonry is a ‘society of secrets’ makes it an ideal vehicle for hiding secret societies which the vast majority of members have no knowledge of. If you wanted to form a secret society I can think of no better place to hide it than a Masonic lodge where the entire ethos is geared towards keeping secrets.

  2. Well, all you can do after getting a kick in the teeth such as came at the end of 2019 with the fiasco of the Boris ascension is dust yourself off and keep buggering on, can’t let the bastards win without giving them a hard time.

    The Young Turks were crypto-Jews, members of the Grand Orient and no doubt their seizure of power in the dying days of the Ottoman Empire was guided by unseen forces via the Grad Orient.

  3. “The World War One Conspiracy” documentary series at CorbettReport(.)com
    The Milner Kindergarten coordinated and prolonged WW 1 with propaganda to suck America into war, at the same time financing Lenin and Trotsky in the destruction of Russia. Marquee and reprisal seems the one trick pony for plutocrat pirates.

  4. Great nugget of real history appreciated, as always. With this knowledge in hand, no question about this being a parallel seminal event. I was thinking more of a Trump second term “timeline” for a war with Iran. Maybe this was expedited as payment to a compromised GOP led US senate, in exchange for an impeachment whitewash, especially, and apparently as neither Boris Johnson nor other European leaders had prior knowledge. I have no doubt Trump is a dangerous buffoon, but surely the puppet masters are playing the long game.

  5. Bankruptcy deadline Jan.31st,2020 ? Now is clear why he must make war again to avoid insolvence of US INC.
    and keeping Bibi out of prison, I am sure now, saving City of London and Wallstreet

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