Gordon Duff: On saving Iraq

    This is about survival, not victory


    …by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor

    I have been asked in the past to return to Iraq as a development advisor to the Kurdish government. I have tried my best, even at VT, to maintain the same relationships I had while with the UN, including staying on speaking terms with Israel.

    Israel could well have a broad commercial role in the Middle East free of gangsters and my very good friends in Israel’s intelligence services know that.  They need to move to save Israel as well.

    As we all know, the Iraqi parliament has voted to throw the US out.  The US won’t leave and will likely start a civil war instead, siding with the Sunni minority, who are closely tied to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

    I know all of these people as well and met with them in January 2014 in a time-wasting attempt to tell them that ISIS was not going to be the solution they envisioned.

    OK, here’s my offer.  I have good relations with Russia, certainly with Iran though the IRGC is wary, and well should be. The civil war has to be averted and Iraq has to have its economy restored.

    This has to be done with reality, something Iraq has had problems with.  Toward that end, a variety of solutions can be offered but first of all, ending corruption, hopefully without getting me killed right away, auditing 15 years of oil revenue, something that will be a horrific embarrassment, and getting some of the trillion dollars the US stole…back.

    Jobs, education, and stability are the first order.

    Stopping all military conflict is paramount to achieving this.

    Toward that end, a peace process including all Arab and “other” states must ensue.

    Moreover, it is absolutely necessary that all Middle Eastern states draw a redline that requires any state that doesn’t return to the JCPOA with Iran to withdraw from the region, abandon all equipment, all investment, simply leave or comply with the law.

    That has to be done immediately.  It is for the US to entirely leave, even the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, all bases of every kind, or return to respect for the law.

    The JCPOA was the first step to regional peace and the US destroyed it for a reason, to destroy the Middle East, really beginning with Iraq, not Syria, not even Libya.

    Iraq is key to American plans, a stepping stone into Iran, a nation beautifully divided.

    In the process, seeing a bit of democracy back here at home would be a nice change after two decades of police state dictatorship.

    This is about survival, not victory. And yes, you are going to have to sit down with the Jews, something done in secret for decades.

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      • Well, to some extent, the presence of a coordinator is necessary there. The US is too autocratic to act there alone. The Middle East as a patchwork quilt consists of different masses of nationalities, religious movements. It’s like a big kindergarten. Only there are kids running around with machine guns and huge knives. All this must be monitored, otherwise they will cut each other’s throats for centuries. And it is advisable not to allow them to have nuclear weapons at all. Still there everything is bought and sold for money – absolutely everything. And brute force is respected, because often contracts break very quickly. So leaving them to boil in their own juice is undesirable. At least with their current state and economic development, a mixture of religions and mentality. This is generally speaking, because the West has long been muddied the water in the ME.

      • Here we go again Andy with your “bearded Mojahed.”
        That “kindergarten” has been the playground of Russia and the West for over a century making a mockery out of the autonomy that most countries of the region like Iran are thriving to re-establish after the WW2 pissing contest of East and West.

        I’m surprised you didn’t use the word Islam or the “Shia Sunni fight of over a thousand years” in your candid expert post on Western Asia.

      • “Only there are kids running around with machine guns and huge knives.”

        I wonder who gave these bearded mojaheds the HUGE knives and machine guns “More than 50 Russian companies are presenting their wares at IDEX this year.“

        That’s iDEX in UAE where the drone who killed Soleimani took off from.

        LOL … Okay so if Russia doesn’t do it the US and Brits will … Or making the playground even … or give me anything else, but PLEASE spare us the kindergarten or “leaving them to boil in their own juice is undesirable“ analogies, Sir.

      • 1/ @NewtRallyt – I don’t know – is English your native language or are you a Muslim? I emphasize once again that I express my thoughts in Russian with the help of English. And that makes a big difference. If you understood Russian, you would not perceive what I write as irony or something humiliating. In Russian, we say so. I have never been a nationalist and have never dealt with discrimination of faith. I live in a country where about 160 nationalities live, and I live in the North Caucasus: many nations and where orthodox churches coexist with mosques. It was not in vain that I wrote the last sentence. Who knows how all these countries would develop if people from the West had not come there once? And my country (even starting with tsarist Russia, then the USSR), too.

      • 2/ @NewtRallyt – The very idea of ​​my post is that the Muslim world has constantly suffered invasions for many decades. Streams of arms, devastation, the creation of radical armies, terrorist attacks, childhood taken from children (and we don’t have to lie – there children know the AK assault rifle earlier than the multiplication table or the alphabet!). Who is to blame for this ?! Probably ALL WE ARE! And the West and Russia (if you like) and the bald devils from Mars. They have muddied the water and are now aggravating the situation with such high-profile crimes. This is what I wanted to say. Or do all aliens need to abruptly leave the ME? You can’t drive the Americans out of there with a filthy broom. And we all know why. Nothing personal, Sir.

      • You said a lot of things but nothing of substance. That “kindergarten“ has much cooler heads in it than in the entire North or West. I would definitely trust Iran more with a nuclear bomb than US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia or even Russia.
        The only thing that Lavrov said to Trump a couple of nights ago was that it is against international laws to bomb Soleimani. As if Lavrov doesn’t know that the yahoo doesn’t give a hoot for the law.

        And sir, I’m fluent in French, Farsi and English, in that order. I’m not religious at all. Any other question that you think would remedy the nonsense you spilled up above as an opinion on Western Asia without a hint of who’s attending the kindergarten which you speak of ?

        Even Putin admits that the Western Asia is a testing ground for weapon manufacturers.

    1. At his point, I think, if your religious nor not, we all need to seek the Divine and humbly pray for everyone involved in this conflict. What all sides need in this moment, is the ability to understand all potential outcomes of any actions taken. It’s beyond an unfortunate situation we are in right now. This act of violence, pushed all dialogue between US and Iran to the right for an undetermined amount of time. Not until Reason and Logic appears back at the White House, will there ever be any reconciliation between the two. This act could potentially be a disaster for everyone involved; The US, Iran and the entire Region could be engulfed in flames. I pray for the entire staff and writers of VT to continue to speak boldly (as always) in their accurate intelligence assessments of the world. Lastly, may God grant the US mercy required in this situation where none is deserved.

      • When dinosaurs move, they don’t care what they step on, or is it alive kicking or sleeping. 7-countries plan is to be pulled through no matter who sits in the White House. Turkey are already being allowed spoils of war in Libya, since they lost Syria. Iran is a huge cake, teeth breaker surely, but dinosaurs don’t care about that.

      • Davor, that cake is poisoned to kill the one who goes for the first bite. Israel pushes everyone for that bite.

    2. Or how about saving Private Paul Revere. The US may look like strong to the outside, but inside is much weaker. How difficult would it be for Iran to arrange Mexican Spring in California? Or maybe China would boycott selling and lending money to America. I don’t think Washington is scared if Iran hits back, but they are afraid if they don’t even though the US provocated in serious purpose. Because in that case the offshore military mess is out of the question and the focus will be in domestic issues, where the only olution will be tax the shit out of them billionaires.

    3. It’s not like being Jewish gets you an invite into the Rothschild’s inner circle. Heck if it did I’d convert and oppress all y’all from my lavish deep underground bunker.

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