Worthwhile: Debate, Paul Adams Message to Robert Steele, Trump, Iran and Reality (video repaired)



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  1. This is Paul Adams. Thank you for the comment. I read your comment to RDS under today’s VT article/video re the Coronavirus, featuring RDS. I did not watch him. I have lost all interest in RDS. Your comments to him were stellar, appropriate & spot on! I wish they would have been more caustic to let him know that people out there are fed up, pissed-off, and can see throw the charade with his pro-Trump remarks, which he employs mostly to pander to Trump’s base, as if he is going to run in an election and win. Right! Such people as him, with the ego of a semi-trailer, equate gentility and polite manners with weakness. I have no respect for his ilk that touts he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and has read 2,000 books in 95 categories. Who gives a shit? He is on record giving Trump until Dec. 31/2019 to get his act together and clean the government of Zionists. It will never happen. Trump is the Liar in Chief tool of the Zionists. Enough said. We both know it.

  2. I agree with everything Adams stated. Trump was a well documented liar long before he took office by the late Wayne Barrett, top investigative journalist in NY who worked for the Village Voice. First Trump tried to bribe him into silence; then he threatened him. Nothing worked. I have not checked lately to see if it is still on the internet. I believe a book or two was written about it all. Even the Wikipedia Article TrumpTower is very critical. Trump lied about saving priceless artifacts from the former building and lied about poor Polish Workers who were shafted over 20 years. Trump is so ignorant he does not even know the meaning of the Statue of Liberty in New York! Don’t forget the 9/11/01 con began with criminals Bush and Cheney and four star generals and Israel. Bush was basically elected by the corrupt Supreme Court a shameful disgrace. No one has been brought to justice for the crime of 9/11/01 a fake false flag attack to promote obliteration of our Constitutional liberties. They gang rape Amendments 4 and 5 every day at every airport in the country with the blessing of about 535 Israel lover whores in Congress. America may be past the point of no return now. Most Americans are too ignorant and stupid to care. The only way they learn is “the hard way”.

  3. Thank you for the compliment. had I known my body was going to last this long I would have taken better care of my face. I hear ya loud & clear re the last election. My sense that all of Hillary’s skeletons were already exposed in full view (Benghazi, fake videos, arms to mercenaries…then, the private email server, the destroyed emails and other hardware, the stolen primary, her pay for pray foundation…did I miss anything?), and so they couldn’t exactly have any leverage on HRC. Trump was a different story. Lot’s of leverage on Trump given his predilection for ‘younger’ women, his Epstein parties, his mob dealings, plus his blowhard ego. He made a better puppet. The sheeple got to see a carefully scripted & choreographed Wrestlemania election. Either way, the controllers won.

  4. Can’t agree more with this video! This guy should be Tulsi’s running mate?
    Damn he is intense. Along with his message to RDS, I can only be in total agreement!

    To: RDS (Robert, not Bob) get off your stupid ass, and see the light.


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