By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

“For sure no American military staff, no American political center, no American military base, no American vessel will be safe. And they are accessible to us”

There were rules to war, always ignored, even conventions, which the US quit when it also quit war crimes courts, when it quit arms treaties, reneged on trade agreements, and began raping the world.

American assassination and rendition programs have, since the neocon sponsored attacks on 9/11, killed over 100,000.  Nearly a third were innocent women and children knowingly murdered, 45% more were “collateral damage.”  Quite probably none were terrorists but some, hundreds at best, were resistance fighters.

How much is an American soldier worth now?  Is there a price on the head of every American military member around the world?  The answer is…wait and see but probably yes.

Three Americans are dead already, that we know of, the number may be much higher.  Revenge assassinations of Americans will be reported as drug overdoses, suicides, car wrecks, and the old standby, helicopter crashes like the one that killed the SEAL team that faked the bin Laden murder.

It begins, from the UK Independent, news suppressed in the US:

(One Hour Ago): Three Americans have been killed in a militant attack on a military base in Kenya.

A member of the US military and two contractors were killed in the attack by Somalia’s al Shabaab militant group on the Manda Bay Airfield in Lamu county, close to the Somali border.

The military’s Africa Command confirmed the deaths and said two Americans who work for the US Department of Defence were also wounded in the attack.

A Kenyan police report seen by Reuters said the Islamist militants also destroyed two planes, two US helicopters, and numerous American military vehicles during their assault.

The Kenyan military said five militants had been killed in the attack. There were no immediate reports of Kenyan casualties.

In a statement earlier on Sunday, al Shabaab claimed it had destroyed seven aircraft and three military vehicles, without providing other details. It also published pictures of masked gunmen standing next to an aircraft in flames.

What will the cost be for Secret Service protection for Mike Pompeo, seen by a third of the world as “terrorist in chief,” along with Espey and Bolton?  Are their families included on the death lists?

America hasn’t been so good at protecting presidents or presidential candidates and certainly not Democratic senators, they die like flies.

There are nearly 4 million Iranians in the US, 2 million in Europe, controlling nearly 2 trillion dollars in wealth.  Is it too late to say “We didn’t mean it?”

The door is opened, car bombs at football games, more mass killings through the ones we do have almost invariably are tied to CIA and Mossad operatives, killers without job histories, who never went to school, people no one ever met…and fake narratives defended by lawsuits against authors and journalists…always in rigged courts with crooked judges.

It isn’t going to work this time.

How do the rest of us know who not to stand next to?

America certainly can’t begin to call itself “the land of the free” anymore.  That ship sailed long ago and things only got worse under the endless new repressive presidential edicts against free speech and personal privacy at the hand of Trump.

Now we all face the ax, a nation that puts kids in cages.

Maybe God hates us.

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Listen to all of this chatter, present, past, and probably future – it is always the ‘other’ isn’t it.

  2. This may very well disrupt the planned outcome for the next election cycle. However, it’s a bit early to tell just which way. However, there are going to be political ramifications in America for this as well. A lot, in fact the majority of Americans are tired of these endless wars. It has proven to be costly to the American people in so many ways including American lives and treasury. This does not include the death damage, chaos and theft done to the people in the middle east.
    The world now looks on America as a rogue nation, one without laws and that allows those of privilege and power to get away with anything. Our so called allies may now be considering just how much longer they intend to allow Washington’s influence to remain in their own government.
    If I were them I’d seriously think about it.
    It’s just a matter of time before the United States has no friends or allies left.

  3. The major problem is the Rothschild mafia. They sponsor the zionist movement which is actually Sabbatian Frankism, which the majority of the Jews, if not all, are tied to.. The opposite of Judaism.
    The Federal Reserve, which should actually be called Feral Reserve, owned and controlled by the Rothschilds has been raping America since 1913 and they are now on their way to creating which quite possibly be the worst economic disaster in American history.

  4. [“[oi]Dear Gordon, a clear article, make the list of never successful ended wars – trade-wars since 1775, never ever planned to be ended, to keep it running, betraying and deceiving the entire world. How many deceived Americans lost their lives without knowing the truth, that they have been traded at the Wall Street, as a Strawmen JOH DOE, as a collateral damaged, wiped out of the double bookkeeping, which might be questioned. AmEx came up with : You are paying with your good name and Scotia bank is showing to their customers the reg. quote: You are richer than you thing, and wrote “richer” in green – coincidently?…..

  5. [i]No, because the colour green is the living human being, which found the entry into the book of living, mentioned in the Revelation. So, what is the trade-volume of the Social Ins.No. and what is the trade-volume of the Birth certificate? And jour cearless given signatures on everything incl. E-com-Systems? Billions of private Rothschilds Dollars, daily traded at the Wall Street and bunkered at the private Dep of T in W.D-C, a private commercial company, playing state but deceiving the USA. Everything is prepaid. Remember, USA is not US Admin Comp. as EU Comp. not Europe is. So, what is a soldier? What is the meaning of the word Soldier, the roots of the word is “Söldner”, some one who is receiving money, so the license to kill, in their cartel wars, without thinking and emotions in given uniforms, red-white blue or blue-white-red, 1001 awards, as needed on their monopoly-game……

  6. [ii] With MUOS 5Star-Tech mind-controlled killing-machine, a toy, today entirely controlled by whom by what, entirely under 5G grilling-status, including nuk-and other poison products. Being under the same toxic chemtrailing-DEW-LF-HF and weathermodification-weapons aso. of their own departments at their brown computer desks, being attacked as the so called artificially created enemy, that does not want to submit to left-wing brown dictatorship or the artificially created enemy that is financed by the same clients. IS ISt possible? 4Sure. Because terror is an organized SS-business model, old style that fills the same coffers of the same extended families who organize their business with it in order to push their geopolitical and geostrategic transformation plans into the NWO One-World-Commercial-Gov on socialized costs. A leftist game and people do not understand this deception, even though everything is published, with symbols and signs through their architecture. Raised blindness. Ignorance is power…….

  7. [iii]..Orwell is dead, long live Orwell and G-B BREATBRITAIN pops the champagne corks with every war started and slaughter of man=animal. Read the Hebrew Talmud and learn the true story.? Sorry to say this, without dishonouring the betrayed and deceived men and women, believing in to fight for rights, their home-country and folks, to protect their constitution and amendments and Country.No, their are brainwashed toys, things, products in nice products and dangerous products to destroy other products, to fill up the Mil.Ind. Orderbooks and private Bankster-BigFamily-Accounts on socialized costs and other related BigBusinesses, which is belonging to whom and organizing the product money, called Thaler, called Dollar? From the same banditos in their black limos, playing the innocents. The roots of Thaler are located in Bohemian – out of that, the Bohemian Grover…their symbol, the owl, well hidden on the One-Dollar-Bill….

  8. [iiii] ..a private commercial product, called currency, telling us clearly who are the bad guys and why, how and out of what kind of ideology&religion.The Amendments are offering the possibility to heal the wrong way, the reason why its their highest order to delete those one, to install their private commercial BigFamilies trade-war-NGO by the old script of Babylonian Empire. But to do so, the Forces have to wake up to turn around the mirror to recognize the biggest and most expensive and fatal mistake in the history of the USA since 1775, based on the indoctrinated false history of satanic freemasonic and Jesuits as well as jewish zionist powers, which they agreed to at their brown antichristian table. Everything is pure naked commerce and people as humane as environmental protection does not appear in it, because life has no value for them. The goal: Agenda2030, the 4th Babylonian Empire without Christians, ww, reduction of the world population by 50% with the ad most private commercial profit for the “LORDS”, as shown up at the Georgia Guidestones. Following the revelation, this plan will fail again, because this is not wanted by God. “]

  9. The number of Jews that need to go number between 0.1% and 0.001% of their population.

    Of course the same is true of pretty much any group that has not been tampered with.

  10. It’s definitely no laughing matter, but ancient Chinese proverb come true; we may live in interesting times.

  11. Nasrallah has said that that American citizens and civilians in the region or anywhere else cannot be harmed. Harming them would only serve Trump’s agenda.

    That still leaves a large number of targets that will be looking over their shoulders. Boom time for security companies. Going to put huge strains on US military and diplomats around the World.

    No doubt as this unfolds there will be many cries in DC along the lines of ‘I didn’t have anything to do with this decision’.

  12. I’d settle for getting rid of the irredeemable paper-ticket, made out of thin air, money system, and its usurers indebting the entire planet.

  13. I have never viewed Iranians as “quick to lose control of their minds” , and restraint is actually impressive on behalf of Iran viewed from the hair triggers we live with over here. It will be the fringe, who until now, have no motivation or rallying cry in the short term. The long term however, to go from the JCPOA to here , is ridiculous. Our 2020 election better get some help from the media, because they too, are well known for what they have done. They would be smart to make a prophet other than zealots. Now is the time to use what has been used anyway. What do we dig when we want to not get hit ? And please tell me we have some sanity overlooking the nukes like we hoped the Soviet Union had when all went south.

    • The news mentioned the interstate road closure emergency near Hanford caused by a blizzard of tumbleweeds. Whenever there is an emergency near a facility, something’s always afoot. Perturbations are not a coincidence.

  14. If a war starts with Iran the Evangelicals will back it 100 % sad to say including my own family as I am of course out spoken but in person not a one of them speaks about these matters to me personally as they know what I will tell them so at least they keep their lips buttoned.

    If any group in America is insane it is the Evangelicals and personally many of them need to be put in re education camps Chinese style but that’s just me…..

    They will back the Military to the hilt even when their sons come home in boxes killed in another useless war as they will back Trump to the hilt and come out in droves to vote him back in for a second term.

    The Evangelicals? The Religion of Empire.

    • Well, actually Catholicism is the religion of Empire, but Evangelicals are the religion of self fulfilled prophecy of end times. I consider them both, the same thing, but they really hate that.
      If humanity is going to move forward, the least violent option is to teach, not whip. Our strength is freedom of the press, not license to kill. there is plenty that has not been published, that will have , awakening affect.


      As I sat full of ire, I was taken – and still am, by the similarity between the pictures of Padre Pio and Qassem Soleimani. Quite a striking similarity – and it is not just the Iranian general’s charismatic looks. It is more, much more. Starting as a soldier against the odds facing Saddam Hussein’s CIA-financed and armed attacks of the 80’s in which millions of his countrymen died to ending his days fighting another CIA-organized and financed monster – ISIS, only then to be snuffed out by a fully supporting and suppurating Zionist zit – the defaced human image of satanized humanity – Netanyahu’s compromised baboon with the orange coiffure manifesting itself – like snakes that uncoil, from a complete and total hair-brain – a born-in-the-US Medusa … a total freaking loser. “Three Americans dead already, oh m’sad Ivanka. What can I do?”

    • Evangelicalism is the religion of zionism and yes David, you are correct it is also the religion of self fulfilling prophecy, end times and rapture. Unfortunately, there will be no rapture next time,only unbearable death and suffering.
      Sorry. No rapture…do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  15. America would well use a Nuremberg trial now, and lining up the neocon and zionist eugenical crusaders for newest Hague D block (with an indoor mini golf course and Paul Sorvino look-alike slicing garlic). At least in newer Hague block those rascals would be safer, and US and the world would be a safer place. A disturbingly corrupt “cop of world affairs” cannot end well.

  16. How about Jerry Farwell JR? Or Franklin Graham? Or that fat Harkonan John Hagee?

    Inquiring minds do want to know.

    Remember this for every Israeli Zionist there are at least 20 Christian ones in the home of the brave and land of the not so free….

    • The list of the the members of the Congress is public information Gordon !

      When Pompe à eau became the sec of state someone wrote something very funny and true: “finally a butcher who looks like a butcher” …

    • When Jerry Falwell died, the late great Christopher Hitchens noted that he should have been given an enema and buried in a a matchbox and it was a pity there was no hell for him to go to. He didn’t have anything nice to say about Billy Graham, another fraud and pick pocket. As for their progeny, who have become nothing more than reproduced effigy’s of their now deceased pro creators, they appear to be doing quite well in continuing the fraud and demagoguery along with scooping up the cash.

  17. If as a civilian with the amount of knowledge I’ve picked up over the years can pick, myself, 10-20 soft and hard targets that would culminate in zero retaliation from America, but ruin Trump forever, then Iranian strategic professionals will do something far more epic.

    Every culture has its histories and its “specialties”. Who is dumb enough to mess with the progenitors of the Hashashins? They’re going to leave nothing to chance.

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