by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

The US command is still standing by its claim of no casualties, which of makes putting out a statement like today more feasible, where only a few days ago Trump was promising a devastating response on 52 targets using “beautiful new weapons”, although he had taken the cultural centers off the list when informed they would be war crimes.

This was followed by, “no Americans were harmed in Tuesday night’s attack and “only minimal damage was sustained at our military bases.”

We will not be shown any photos, and if some appear they will doctored. Damage reports routinely become top secret.

Iran had promised that an attack by the US now would result in an attack on the White House. No one was laughing that off.

New sanctions will not bother Iran, as they would have assumed it was coming. Announcing sanctions, and how hard Treasury moves to enforce them, are two different things.

Trump finished his remarks by speaking directly to the people of Iran. “We want you to have a future, and a great future, one that you deserve,” he said. “The United States is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it.”

Missing from his statement was any claim of how US and Gulf allies blunted most of the attack using superior air defenses.

The UAE had gone further, getting first in line to counsel greater efforts to deescalate the Gulf region, after Iran displayed it could be dispatched in 30 minutes with a hundred of these pinpoint accuracy missiles.

If it does not follow through on ending the Yemen fighting, then the UAE sheikh might catch the nickname of “Trump Little”.

Treated so far with deathly silence in the mass media is any discussion of the failure of US coalition air defense. Some US defense contractors are raiding their liquor cabinets as I type.

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  1. Trump is trying to blame everything that goes wrong on Iran so that the Democrats will find it difficult to reinstate the JCPOA deal when they are back in office.

    The business community wants Trump out of office.

    The current US government is racking up a massive amount of debt making the US Government debt spiral far worse. By 2025 the US Government will be borrowing just to pay the interest on the debt already borrowed.

    So yes the US economy is going well thanks to massive government spending by the US government but if Trump had not started a trade war with China it would be going even better.

  2. What images we have seen here at VT indicate the Iranians were extremely accurate in targeting, avoiding the loss of human life, something the U.S. is incapable of.
    tRump and the satanists in the Pentagram are willing to destroy half the planet for the benefit of israel.
    They will destroy themselves instead.
    This year we are faced with another fraudulent election and unfortunately the American people are faced with a bevy of useless idiots on the side of the Democrats or tRump. which means, either way we lose. The only one worth mentioning is Tulsi Gabbard and she has already been ostracized by the Democratic party, which isn’t very democratic anyway.
    So do the American people really have a choice next November? No, because no matter who gains the White House nothing will change for the better. Even worse, if more states gain democratic houses and governors the assault on the First and Second Amendments will only intensify.
    Just consider what is taking place in Virginia. The possibility of a second civil war may very well begin there.

  3. America wields its economic power so it can destabilize nations in order to wield its military power. Economic sanctions is a form of warfare so is destabilizing regions creating refugees a form of displacement and replacement also used to overwhelm the system, drain resources and destabilize populations. Our economy is all smoke and mirrors success measured using the same flawed metrics the government has used for decades. The homeless crisis is getting worse most caused by a lack of opportunity and drugs. The President just signed a 1.4 trillion dollar Omnibus bill after saying he’d never do it again. I had an accident at home a couple months ago had to go to the emergency room ended up getting 8 stitches cost $2,904.35 paid for by the VA.

  4. Meanwhile America continues to spiral out-of-control on the home front more divided than any other time in recent modern history. We have Virginia making a timed strategic unconstitutional gun grab and Donald Trump Jr. Tweeting out pictures of AR-15’s with Hillary Clinton’s engraved likeness. We’re all being played by all of them impeachment is just a hoax a deflection from all their traitorous crimes it’s a stalemate of corrupt they all have dirt on each other.

    We and the world are being led down a path of destruction by criminal traitors, lunatics and psychopaths. We really are on our own with nobody to lead this nation in a time of crisis because our subverted corrupt lawless government is the crisis President Trump and Congress included.