Who Shot Down Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS752?


Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 was a scheduled passenger flight from Tehran to Kiev.

It crashed near Tehran on Wednesday 8 January 2020 carrying 176 people.

Among the plane’s passengers were :

  • 82 Iranians
  • 63 Canadians (many of Iranian origin)
  • 11 Ukrainians (two passengers and nine crew)
  • 10 Swedish people
  • 4 people from Afghanistan
  • 3 from Germany
  • 3 from the United Kingdom

There appear to be holes in the outside skin of the plane.

Who might have shot it down?

A VT reader offered this excellent analysis:

This was a Stinger. I am convinced.

A). MEK has smuggled MANPADs into Iran via Azerbaijan and Turkey from Libya and elsewhere. We know this.

B). The video (fortunately at night so we can analyze flame signature without light pollution) clearly shows flames from right engine destroyed at rear (look at videos of other shot down aircraft compared to those with engine fires). Importantly, The the plane is still flying and left wing still generating lift but clearly out of control. This does not happen with malfunctions or engine debris intake. Just ask Sulley Sullenberger. You can toss a 100 kg bag full of sand into an engine at full rpm and not cause this kind of damage. Plus within 15 seconds max and with reliable muscle memory (from rigorous engine out/fire training), any descent pilot would have shut off power and fuel to damaged engine and resumed flying plane. With one engine it could have maintained altitude for emergency landing

C) This is a pic of the right wing upside down. The front of the engine is still in tact but the rear and all rear wing components (flaps and brakes) are destroyed!!! There is bending at base of wing (wings are designed to bend) suggesting impact on right side. The impact crater in photo at right confirms this.

D) Stingers are designed to hit slow aircraft at low altitude. This plane was heavy and slow probably flying at 250kts when hit at 8000ft.

E) Left engine totally intact and what you would expect in crash.

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  1. Isn’t it odd how silent Israel seems to be? Since the murder of Gen. Soleimani everything Israel is but a whisper. Yes, it’s mentioned here and there in comments, but in the media there’s silence. To me this is very telling.

  2. Shortly after the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Inquiry returned a verdict that named and blamed Israel, Malaysia lost 3 commercial jets in fairly quick succession: MH370, MH17 and an Air Asia flight.

    Was somebody sending Malaysia a message?

  3. Good follow up, on an intelligent synopsis – with some proof. Maybe the pilot told the tower, that he was hit on the rh engine. Black box and night photos would be the key. At first I thought this was a message to Zelinsky , from Israel.

  4. TWA 800 suffered a similar fate. Do pence trump and the zioinsane blame iran for that one as well these days?

    • Injecting comedy into serious matters is a huge part of the Catholic model. It can be used as an attractant, works every time, and as a driver of complacency. Almost every single late night comedian is a catholic. Leno is the only one I’m not sure of. There is an interesting line of inquiry regarding a Ginn lineage from Wales named Christopher Columbus Ginn. Either way, dude is tainted. A messenger from a foreign divination involving human sacrifice and conquest.
      Definitely not a discoverer, and definitely not … Hey, if knights are so good, why aren’t they called Days ? How come the K is silent ?

  5. Well there is always the Samson option (threat) and the use of smaller tactical fifth generation nukes as retaliation. But splashing commercial passenger flights seems to be the bread and butter (quick) retaliation of our favorite group of criminals. I’m thinking hurricanes and earthquakes could be added to the list of criminal activities if you believe in scalar weapons.

  6. I will give credit where it is due: they realized that it *might* be a bridge-too-far to claim that 63 Americans died on the flight, so they went with the next best thing, Canadians. This stinks like a rotten fish. Looks like a complete hoax. Why shoot down a plane when you can just pretend.

  7. This is the second time that at a moment of crisis involving Iran, Iraq, and the US — more precisely, a moment when Iran was poised to do something militarily that the US REALLY didn’t want them to do — suddenly a civilian airliner taking off from Tehran gets shot down. On July 3 1988 the US deliberately shot down Iran Air Flight 655 to head off Iran’s immanent military move on Baghdad. The message was clear: “Do this and we’ll shamelessly mass murder your civilians.” Is this another US-sponsored state terrorist act, perhaps carried out by Pompeo’s MEK thugs, to head off Iran’s plan to retaliate for the Soleimani assassination by leveling Israel?

    If so, it may save Israel for another few years, max.

    • Cheers Kevin. I was aware of the USS Vincennes incident in 1988 but didn’t know it was done to head off a military move on Baghdad. I expect this is a simple repeat of that scenario, the people who plan these things are known to return again and again to the same plots if they have worked in the past.

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