Breaking: America lied, devastation at two Iraqi bases, video evidence


The video above, supplied by helpful Americans who were delighted to see Iran hitting the US side of the Erbil International Airport, disproves Trump’s claims.

Thank our troops in Iraq for their efforts which include this video!  Good luck they were in the apartments across from the airport.  The road in front heads toward the civilian end and then a left turn takes you into Erbil, a pretty nice town.

Good duty station.

Trump claimed two missiles of 3 were shot down and one missed the base.  In the few seconds above, 2 direct hits, no misses and no missile defenses.

The main video, devastation at al Assad air base with 5 direct hits on the central part of the base, buildings and aircraft destroyed, including hardened hangars flattened and obliterated.

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  1. Geez, listening to those GIs at that base, you’d think they were watching a fire works display. Obviously they were enjoying the show. So they can thank the Iranians for the great show. Bigly.
    The skill and accuracy these missiles were programed indicate that the Iranians have far surpassed anything the U.S. is capable of. The U.S. relies on remotely operated drones from thousands of miles away to do its dirty work. The use of drones to murder innocent people is a cowardly act and a war crime.
    Then again, the U.S. has fallen so low morally that anything goes now. That the politicians, generals and stink tanks consider there is no limit or conscience when it comes to creating wars and slaughtering millions of innocent men, women and children.
    None, what so ever.
    America is now a nation with no moral conscience or credibility.
    And who’s to blame for this ?

    • In my last few weeks in Vietnam, at what had been LZ Rockcrusher, renamed “Camp Dai la,” I remember bringing out a folding chair to see a rocket attack. A 122 hit maybe 700 meters away.

      When they hit closer, you tend not to remember as I have been told a person next to me absorbed an RPG hit…which I know nothing of other than…best not continue here.

  2. 9/11/2001 was orchestrated, planed, carried out, by the enemies of the American People, Foreign and Domestic! The proof for that is the fact that our Congress, the Executive and Judicial branches, have not moved a finger to do a deep, detailed extensive investigation, like they are conducting now, about ‘phone calls ‘ to the Ukraine and the ‘impeachment HOAX!’ All these are ‘Smoke Screens’, a cover up, so that the ‘REAL CRIME’, committed against the People of the United States, can be put aside, ignored! Our Government Agencies are loaded with TRAITORS, to our Nation! America has been turned into the PLANTATION, of the Zionist Apartheid Theocracy (Talmudic Supremacist) Terror State of Israel!

  3. Observe the disgusting four star general a little to the right and rear of Donald Adolph Hitler. Did he seek to correct any of the lies? No. These are the whores with four stars on who also did not lift a finger on 9/11/01 and have continued to cover up that crime on America. What a disgrace these pieces of garbage are. Fire all of them. Israel did 9/11/01 with the aid of Bush,
    Cheney, four star generals and other criminals in New York. Muslims were the patsies.

    • “…Donald Adolph Hitler.” – wjabbe

      The man fronting the NSDAP certainly had his moral faults and failings, but at least he was a brave war veteran, unlike the fat orange buffoon who was born on home plate and thinks he hit a home run. So time to retire this usage as it unfairly denigrates Hitler.

      For an equivalent to Trump, we only have to look back a few years to George “Duh” Bush.

    • Worker, I agree. Unlike tRump, Hitler was a war veteran, wounded from a British gas attack. Unlike tRump, Hitler actually cared about his country and fellow Germans. He also tried to avoid war.