Time to Rein in Veterans as a Lobby for the War Industry


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

American veterans, and it has always been the case, are used by the military industrial complex to justify wars. You can still find someone serving in the Middle East, on battlefields where you could take your kids on vacation, no German “88s” here, who whine like they had just landed on the bloody sands of Tarawa.

This isn’t 2007.

Iraq was a hellhole, 2004, then again in 2007 and 2008, not Vietnam but let’s also remember, that was a huge long time ago. Let’s not be hearing from Special Operations guys who tourist around with the Kurds, whose real days are filled with safety and utter ease, play fake hero in service of the scamsters that are bleeding America dry.

The dance ended a long time ago…and we can never take care of those who needed it because the phony “after the dance” gang is sucking down, not just the funding but the credit as well.

The war has been over for more than a decade.  The last low intensity (which can still kill you) combat for Americans was more than 11 years ago.  Everything since has been police work, occupation, time wasting and clearly done for a paycheck.

Some still died.

When I entered the Marine Corps in 1968 it was clear to me that Vietnam wasn’t Guadalcanal or the Battle of the Bulge.  When I got there, I found some days like the movies but most not.  You see, all “reality” then and now came from movies.

Before long I also learned that World War II was hell for a very few and fat living for most.  Vietnam was worse, hell for a very few, death for that few, and no risk at all for 90%.

Still, in Vietnam pay was low, nothing, but the war was fun to watch, providing you were one of the very very few who actually got close enough to see it.

Now lets talk War on Terror.

Afghanistan can kill you but as wars, it has always been “occupation,” and never prolonged combat.  In fact, no War on Terror “battlefield” has been prolonged combat, the kind with no food, no water, surrounded, bayonets, fighting to the last man, the stuff of Vietnam.

But then, riding in a vehicle after leaving the dinner table, fattened on 5 courses with a huge paycheck, you can still get blown up and that happened to many, so very many.

For those who fought in Vietnam, which is 9% of those who served in Vietnam, pay was as low as $16 a week, which was paper route money then.  Hot meals were zero, medical care primitive and KIA rates ran 44%, 400% of those serving in World War II.

But that war was 50 years ago and the sick need some have to hold on to fake glory in order to suck down phony honor, even for real combat vets…those few are alive anymore…is sad to see.

As for today’s military, let’s face it, we are not at war.  Also, though pay isn’t bank president money, imagine working for $350 a month, which is the equivalent, adjusted for inflation, of what we got.

As a veteran, you have no job selling war.  You do owe your friends, those you served with and your country, a debt you can pay by outing fakery, outing phony war, outing hypocrisy and by refusing to back political leaders who, even when rare ones serve in the military, did so as highly protected “ring klinkers” like Pompeo, Rumsfeld, Esper and so many others.

For those of you who found yourselves in major combat, maimed, in senseless minor wars started in order to scam taxpayers and steal oil, time to grow up and face the truth.

As a Vietnam vet, it was clear from day one, I was taking it in the ass.

You can also do this, for a variety of reasons…tell your stories.  If you didn’t kill kids or torture the wounded, and Americans tend to be pretty good people despite what others say, then tell us about it.

Get it behind you, get it in focus.  Also, be willing to accept you were lied to and exploited.  In that, you have brothers and sisters, so many of us.

We are here to welcome you.

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Worked security for twenty or so years in the toughest clubs in New York Mr. Duff, guys that came out of Vietnam would have been calling these Special Forces guys posing for the cameras; ‘cupcake’ and would have done unspeakable things to them in the alleyways…

    Watch some more TV America, keep letting the Hollywood deviants define dangerous men for you…

  2. Gordon knows most of what I have to tell. I graduated in 69 and avoided that war. My older brother who was four year ahead of me had previously returned from Viet Nam as part of the 1St Air Cavalry/ Chopper pilot. How he managed to survive physically unscathed is a miracle in itself. He enlisted and told my mother he wanted to go to Viet Nam. I thought he was crazy. I believe he was brainwashed by the local Baptist Church to which he was indoctrinated(baptized). I loathed that place.
    What ever he told my dad who then in turn convinced me that this was a f***** up mess so I vowed to myself to avoid it , whatever it took.
    My brother attempted to dissuade another boy who had graduated in 68, not to get involved with the WOC/ flight school and fly helis. He had obviously witnessed just how easily those UH-1 could be brought down.
    He enlisted anyway , went through the program and within a few months was killed during a mission. His body was brought back to my little home town and a big funeral service was held in the gym. To his dying day, his father blamed by brother for it, even though he tried to talk him out of it.

    • My older brother passed away three years ago from brain cancer form exposure to Agent orange. A few months later his oldest, a son also died from a rare form of lung cancer. I now worry about the two who are married and have children of their own. remaining daughters.
      As for LBJ and McNamara, it’s too bad there isn’t a hell for them to go to. The lives of two million Vietnamese and tens of thousands of young men would not have been ruined and country left in shambles.

  3. Time for VT to reign in censorship of who the top active duty & vet donation candidate is! (From 2016 & now!)

    Great comments David Odell!

    I publicly “predicted” POTUS Spanky before anyone, because:

    1: We can’t handle the truth that
    #OpenBorders #MadeAmericaGreat

    {2. ALL media (save maybe VT) anointed him “Tough on Trade”.}

    They poll everything, except how many Evangelical votes The Chosen One Trump, Alex Jones & AltRight got literally DEMONizing Hillary.

    – “Saying no to Trump is saying no to God” – televangelist Paula White.

    Yes, like #StepfordHusband Pence, they’re… Rapturous about Spanky’s flippancy on nukes and ready for the rest of us to be #LeftBehind.

    • … And before you watch the fictionalized “1917”, see the true story of the War Racket: “Dealers in Death” (1935) free on YouTube!

      Remember that the Fascists tried to have Smedley Butler “Seize The White House*”, but he was a #whistleblower!

      Otherwise, WWII may have been fought earlier, in USA.

      * See McCormack-Dickstein Hearings.

  4. I saw Chip Tatums helicopter unloaded from a C-5 with a giant hole in the side. My uncle watched from the deck of a ship during the bay of pigs. My grandfather chased Poncho Villa behind Pershing. I grew up admiring another Uncle Tom, who had lost both his legs in Viet Nam,..What a spirit. He raised four good people after that. Another Grandfather had has helmet placed onto a cross during WW1. I had some razors taken off German bodies ,..all that was given to me to remember him by, and they were stolen during a car theft. I recovered the truck on my own, but the razors were gone.

    • My wife’s family is from Hingham Mass, and was part of the people who left Hingham England, that incident where the entire town left. I have a nephew in the coast guard. My great grandfather that provides my paper from the revolution for SAR membership was Benjamin Odell, brother of Colonel John Odell of the Greenburgh Guides. Benjamin watched the roads while John snuck inside enemy lines. It’s a bitch. It’s a real bitch. I feel like an asshole making a claim, I have no agenda for myself. I am poor , on food stamps, worked my ass off. Never a day of rest. Always working.

    • My grand father John Odell, was captured by the British and thrown into a dirt floor prison where they threw rotten food. Almost everyone died except him because he made friends who brought enough to keep him alive. Rochambeau and Washington met at the house, few knew how to navigate the woods at that time, everyone was afraid. But there was a spirit of something. Something that kept them going. It wasn’t religion, race, or nationality. It was a human thing. A very very human thing. An idea really, that a whole bunch of people from all over the world could make a better place. And then the indigenous peoples taught. They reminded us of our own ancient ways. Science really.

    • That is the birth of the constitution. It is Haudenosaunee law. They say , When in Rome do as the Romans, but they did not do that. We did. That is the birth of the US. We did as the Haudenosaunee . They have a provision for a peace maker, and an acceptance of foreign people. That was exploited by christian zealots. They wanted to choose. The christian protestants acted as proxies of the Roman Catholics , and Monarchies, bent on ownership, and disrupted this notion and idea. They ruined it. So far. There is an ace in the hole. The secret societies think they have it. monarchy thinks they paid for it. And none have it. It is human. It cannot belong to any group but species. And the lesser of us are very vociferous, while the great among us are silent. they wait in terrible patience. At great cost. To leave no one behind. While the evangelicals wish to leave everyone behind,.

    • The hardest thing, is this, that the evangelicals are the ones who we wait for. They are the ones who would throw us under a bus , because they are small. They do not understand. They are the lost, yet they have gained control, a necessary stage in teaching is to give control so learning can commence. And they cannot deny their own product. The product is war and death. Only ignorance can bring this about. And the journey into the future starts very very soon. Time is not set by humans. On my ancestors graves and all my comrades graves I stand by everything I have said here. Enough is enough.

    • David, Evangelicals are con artists. No different than the MIC/war hawk/ and fake veterans and worthless politicians.
      People like Paula White need to be investigated. They are getting away with promoting world wide murder and fraud. Raking in the dough, living in mansions and flying around in expensive luxury private jets.
      Fakes, frauds and charlatans everyone of them. Demagogues, hustlers and shills.
      As W.C. Fields once said,”Never give a sucker an even break.”

  5. Semper Fi Gordon–7 years USMC, 21 years US Army. I simply do not understand this “My country right or wrong” attitude when there is so much information available today–especially from veterans. It is obvious that the only thing our government does exceptionally well is to lie to us even when they don’t have to. I am glad you pointed out how remarkably safe our wars have become. I had some of my young guys ask me in Baghdad in 2004 whether I was scared or not and I told them with complete honesty, “No not here. I have been places in Chicago, LA, and Detroit where I was scared spitless, but this place ain’t nothing like that.” And it’s true, far too many American cities are far more dangerous than any place we are “fighting” our “wars”. Not so funny but true story–the worst firefight I was in was other Americans–from my own battalion–shooting at us, because in the US Army they do not teach fire discipline.

  6. Thanks for an excellent compassionate article.
    My younger brother Karl and I both registered at the same draft board at Pasadena. In 1966 his number was called, mine wasn’t. On my 2300 mile trip to Georgia I visited him at basic training at Ft. Bliss, Texas. He also majored in physics. He has never revealed the details of his service but he was sent right back home to California for his service. The most I know is he slept next to an armed nuclear missile. Obviously the system is totally unfair but I am glad he is still alive and well and engaged in a unique occupation of manufacturing fairings for bicycles in his own shop in Northern California called Zzip Designs at http://www.zzipper.com The original designs were based on wind tunnel testing by an aeronautical engineer from Cal Tech. They reduce drag by about 10%-15% which can make a large difference in a cross country run. Just imagine all the pollution and other problems we would avoid if everyone returned to human powered vehicles like the bicycle. We could all lose weight too.

    • My late Mother and Father were both born at Minnesota. Their parents were from Germany, Norway and Denmark. Many people from Sweden also populated this great State. My Father often told of how farmers there were very suspicious of politicians. They didn’t need to bring guns to meetings because the sight of a few pitchforks scared the daylights out of most politicians. Farmers then were not the smiling happy faces of millionaires today. These were hard working folks who struggled and worked all day every day of their lives 24/7. They did not like to be lied to by smiling politicians seeking their votes. And they had good, long memories and the politicians then knew it. People today have no concept of just how hard life was in those days. Citizens in Minnesota have been among the most intelligent of the country. They created the University of Minnesota one of the top public institutions of the world. The State abounds with numerous public and private colleges and universities. Both of my parents graduated from there he in mechanical engineering, she in English. Many kids had to return to the farm every quarter when the grades were posted. My Father said he worked his way through the “U” as it was called, because he didn’t want to pick potatoes in the hot Sun every day all his life, almost as bad as picking cotton. One of my great grandfathers, William Grummons, was an officer in the Minnesota Volunteers during the Civil War…

    • Their service was not very flattering as it was written up in a book commissioned by the Minnesota Legislature describing every battle. They got the H beat out of them by the rebels in Tennessee! No one fights as hard as one defending their own homeland from criminal invaders.

    • Didn’t your brother get in trouble with his (ex?) wife for keeping a bicycle in the bedroom? Seem to recall Karl telling me something like that (he liked to tell customers stories) when I ordered a front fairing for a RANS Tailwind a couple of decades ago.

      With a strong cross-wind, I could stop pedaling and just sail along at the speeds the upright cyclists were pedaling to maintain. 😉