Vital: TruNews, US Ruling Class Hides Epstein Child Sex Blackmail Operation (video)

Reporting on Epstein’s sordid work for Mossad has become an official thought crime


Today on TruNews we discuss the takeover of American society at the hands of a political ideology armed with graphic sex tapes and compendiums of compromising material.

We detail how the raping of kids and the hijacking of our nation has become a sacred idol worshipped by the political and spiritual elite.

We detail how reporting on Epstein’s sordid work for Mossad has become an official thought crime, and will ultimately lead to the de-platforming of all Christians unwilling to betray Jesus Christ.

Rick Wiles, Edward Szall.

Airdate 01/09/20 SUPPORT TRUNEWS:

TruNews is on the air! TruNews is God’s answer to Satan’s fake news.

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  1. Jizzlame Maxwell remains at large, hiding somewhere on the west coast with rich friends. Is it the law that she runs from or is it the threat of being suicided by Unit 8200? Just how much damning information does she have, how many lives of politicians, sports figures, Hollywood and corporate elites and others could end up crashing and burning?
    Someone out there wants her dead and she knows it. She does not want to end up like her now deceased partner in crime Jeffy boy, with a broken neck and a sheet over her, hauled away to the nearest slab hotel.
    This of course is conjecture on my part. How much of it though is a very possible ?

  2. John Thiel got given a NZ/Aotearoa Citizenship in a Dodgy Deal from that Derivatives Dodgy Dealer Sir John Key, when he was the Prime Minister. Surely there must be some Anti Trust Laws to specify that Duopoly or Monopoly Suppliers must provide levels of service for the paying public. This is not the Middle Ages, where the Lord of the Manor could lay waste to the tenant farmers crops or rape his daughter on her wedding night. Or is it.

    • That did not end Epstein’s career as the Florida Judge gave him a slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket, apparently because some Intelligence Agency (CIA?, FBI?, nope ISIS – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service aka Mossad “By Deception, We Shall make War”) was involved and the judge had a Jewish (a Dodgy Philosophical but not a racial definition) sounding surname.