The area where the alleged UFO was spotted nearly five decades ago was apparently used by the USSR to test experimental missiles and laser weapon systems.

A recently declassified CIA report sheds light on an alleged UFO encounter that took place at the height of the Cold War in Kazakhstan in 1973, back when it was part of the Soviet Union.

The document, whose redacted version was first released in 1978 and which has now been made available on The Black Vault, a website that publishes declassified government files, mentions how the witness, identified in the paper as “Source”, “stepped outside for some air” and spotted “an unidentified sharp (bright) green circular object or mass” hovering “above cloud level”.

“Within 10 to 15 seconds of observation, the green circle widened and within a brief period of time, several green concentric circles formed around the mass. Within minutes the coloring disappeared. There was no sound, such as an explosion, associated with the phenomenon”, the document states citing the witness’ observations.

According to the website, the sighting took place in the vicinity of the Sary Shagan Weapons Testing Range that was allegedly used by the USSR back then to secretly launch “experimental missiles” and to test “laser weapon systems utilizing powerful antennas”.

During a telephone interview with Newsweek, The Black Vault’s founder John Greenewald compared the encounter with the so-called USS Nimitz UFO incident which took place in 2004.

“This is very much similar to the context we see today, with threats on military facilities,” he said. “The US Navy has gone on the record saying whatever this is, it’s a concern. They’re being encroached upon by this unidentified phenomenon.”

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  1. This is nothing comparing to the 04th October 1982 UFO incident near the Ukrainian town of Byelokoroviche, then part of the USSR, when a disc-shaped UFO apparently hovered and initiated the start firing sequence of thermonuclear ICBMs with the operator panicking and trying to shut down. Eventually, the sequence was stopped, possibly by the UFO. If the ICBMs went away, then the retaliatory response by the US would have been inevitable. Luckily, it did not happen. Again, I further re-iterate to VT readers to read Robert Hasting book: UFOs and Nukes. As well, I recommend VT readers to watch the 2 presentations made by Dr J P Farrell at the Secret Space program 2014 San Mateo available on YouTube. His presentations in connection with the above book as well as the works of Donald Richter in Germany and Argentina on LANR/LENER aka cold fusion to support his tantalasing hypothesis on who may be behind the UFOs and their interest on Humanity’s nuclear weapons, probably acting as transducer/transmitter of the Zero Point Energy.

  2. In addition to the MiGs and other new aircraft tests, there are the climate engineering vehicles (CEVs) which are more like an “UFO” than anything else.

    They consist of two main well known flight technologies, the rotors and the and a main central turbine. These vehicles look more like a multicopter drone. The multicopters care for stability that it may stay at a point in air and directed into any direction. The big central turbine can lift it upwards and make it fly very fast. This is what is observed during most UFO sightings.

    The role of the specific central vertical turbine is to create a highly concentrated vertical whirl to form a wind spout, which results into a waterspout above lakes and seas and just a narrow tornado above land. When many of these CEVs are brought into a circular formation, each of them building an own spout and they start to fly around an imaginary common central point, the spouts are combined to a big tornado, hurricane and storm. In this formation, during the night time, when illumination of the active turbines becomes more visible and the signal lights are on, it looks as if a single big vehicle would stay in air, similar to the UFO fantasies.

    You can find more details and evidence in the following article.

    Water delivery for fracking of oil gas & desert farming sites!
    Desalination by thermally geoengineered lower tropospheric Centrifuges (Waterspout, Tornado)!

    • Andy, I have read of incidents where UFOs hovered over Soviet nuclear missile sites and caused problems much the same as happened to some of our missile sites.
      They can shut us down if they want.