Dulles’ Nazi CIA and Israel’s Secret (video)

Middle East Expert Sayed Abbas explains reasons behind the Trump Assassination of Iranian General Soleimani


Trained at the BBC, Documentary Producer and Middle East Expert Sayed Abbas explains the reasons behind the Trump Assassination of Iranian General Soleimani and how the Middle East remains in the grips of greedy resource controlling corporate elites posing as Government officials who continue to rape and pillage the peoples of the region.

Timeline of events around US Soleimani assassination war crime/WWIII provocation

Sept. 19-23 2019 – Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi visits China to sign infrastructure deal – Trump calls him on his return, threatens to foment demonstrations in Baghdad, kill him and defense minister Najah al-Shammari unless he cancels China deal Fri 27 Dec 2019 PMF attack on US K1 military base in Kirkuk kills one Iraqi (not US) translator Nawres Hamid who worked for Valiant Integrated Services

Sun 29 Dec – US Air Strike kills 25 injures 51 at five Popular Mobilization Force (PMF) facilities all over Iraq Tue 31 Dec – US embassy besieged – US ambassador and team leave Baghdad

Fri 3 Jan 2020 Just after midnight – General Soleimani plus three Iraqis assassinated. US claim he was ‘about to blow up the US embassy’ so claim legal defense of “pre-emptive self-defense” against “imminent” attack – turns out Soleimani was in Iraq on a diplomatic mission to discuss peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia – talks that had been requested by the Trump administration.

Sat 4 Jan – Trump threatens to hit 52 Iran sites including UNESCO cultural sites if Iran retaliates

Sat 4 Jan – five killed in an Israeli attack on Popular Mobilization Force (PMF) at Taj stadium Baghdad

Mon 6 Jan – Iraqi parliament votes for all US forces to leave Iraq in heated emergency session

Tue 7 Jan 2230 GMT – Al Asad and Erbil US bases hit by 20 Iranian missiles

Wed 8 Jan 0100 GMT – NBC Tehran bureau chief Ali Arouzi says if the US retaliates Iran will launch strikes against Dubai, UAE and Haifa, Israel

Wed 8 Jan 0245 GMT – Ukraine Airlines PS752 737 crashes in Tehran Thu 9 Jan 0900 GMT – Ukraine National Security Council secretary Oleksiy Danilov announces PS752 may have been shot down by Russian missile

Thu 9 Jan – Trump says Iran appears to be standing down

Fri 10 Jan – Israeli attack on PMF kills six on Syria Iraq border Soleimani assassination:

Soleimani assassination: Sayed Abbas
CIA’s Nazi Dulles origins: John Loftus

The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani.

Washington Threats to Engage in False flag Sniper Shootings. Iraq Prime Minister

The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani. Washington Threats to Engage in False flag Sniper Shootings. Iraq Prime Minister

Soleimani was in Iraq on a diplomatic mission to discuss peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia – talks that had been requested by the Trump administration.

Trump Administration had Set a Trap for Soleimani

  • Soleimani assassination & PS752 Ukrainian 737 crash: to the brink of WWIII and back again
  • CIA Nazis & how traitor King Edward VIII tried to be the UK’s first
    fascist king

www.thisweek.org.uk – BCfm – 10Jan2020

Second-hour Investigative reports: to the brink of WWIII and back again with Donald Trump and President Rouhani – Interview with Syed Abbas, Pakistani London based journalist: Israel’s place in the Middle East; the escalation of tensions between US and Iran

– including the assassination of Iranian IRGC Quds force General Soleimani, and Trump not wanting Iraq to do a deal with Chinese for an oil pipeline;

Trump announcing the assassination of Soleimani, the terrorist, and why they did it; Iranians Soleimani on a diplomatic mission to talk to Saudis;


Ukraine plane going down

– psychological warfare? Jonah Fisher on BBC WS explains Alexei Danilov of Ukrainian, on the crash scenarios Ukraine officials have come up with; what to expect in the future…

Interview with John Loftus

– author, former lawyer, and former FBI Special investigator with access to all secret US files: the history of when the US recognized Israel as a state; Nelson Rockefeller’s deal with David Ben-Gurion to deliver necessary Latin American votes to partition Israel at UN.

Nelson tells David. ‘You can have vengeance or a country, but not both. Ben-Gurion agrees not to pursue any Nazi war criminals in Latin America or working for US Intelligence.

Allen Dulles’ using Eisenhower, and Nelson Rockefeller working closely with Nazis and German IG Farben cartel. John Loftus’ book ‘Secret War Against the Jews’ about Zionists working against Jews; Dulles brothers; files on pro Nazis in the UK around the time of WW2

– for example, King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were both Nazi agent

– Edward VIII wanted to be the first British fascist king so he sold low countries and French secrets to the Nazis; Martin Bormann; Nazis in US intelligence.

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  1. it’s irritating to hear a doofus like Trump (or any other slave who would play the role of president) talking about indigenous people of the middle east “destabilizing” the area for 20 years when the banking cartels have been destabilizing it for so much longer than that.

    How many American citizens still haven’t figured out that the real terrorists are the ones receiving their tax dollars?

    I wonder who they are. The Rothschilds seem to do their banking for them, but they must be a front for somebody else.

  2. Some of the most powerful and influential names in American history were granted lands and titles from William the Conquerer for services to him and/or have very ancient beginnings.
    Look at http://www.houseofnames.com/

     The Dulles brothers, Allen and John Foster, were lawyers for J.D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil company, the Dulles law firm also directed U.S. business affairs for key Hitler supporter Fritz Thyssen.
    The Dulles family was seated in Moray, northeastern Scotland from very early times, some say before William the Conqueror. Other spellings include Dallas.
    Harriman original spelling Harmon or Harman. (Possibly a connection to Mt. Hermon? Mt. Hermon is Mt. Sion, a very significant landmark near the ancient city of Dan in modern Lebanon…)
    E.H. Harriman built railroads in the US with Rothschild money, his son Averell helped establish the Fed & the CFR, member of Skull and Bones, provided money to Adolf Hitler along with his partner Prescott Bush.
    The Harriman family seated in Suffolk, before the Norman conquest, arriving in America very early.
    Look up Roosevelt/Morgan/Clinton(Blythe)/Root/Taft/Aldrich/Harriman/Walker/Bush/Lehmann. ( Temple bar, London, Normandy, Languedoc and so on…).

  3. The Narrator briefly mentions “Brown Bros” as funding Nazis, in which Rockefeller had influence. Well it was Brown Bros Harriman and Prescott Bush had a 2% holding and was President. Bush took the rap in 1942 when he was convicted of trading with the enemy. Harriman was screwing Churchill’s daughter-in-law Pamela during the Blitz and then went to Moscow to hold Stalin’s hand when the Germans attacked Russia in June of 1941. He later married Pamela and after Averill died, Pamela had Bill and Hillary around to a house party straight after Bill got President. Brown Bros Harriman was originally Brown Shipley a Rothschild vehicle. I skimmed a book by Carnegie and got insight about how the “Robber Baron” Oligarchy emerged after the American Civil War as Lower Tier Operators. One Rothschild said that Equity was like taking a Cold Shower, in and out. I believe that the Civil War Finance was Debenture, with some sort of clause to pass Carnegie’s fortune, for instance, largely into “Charitable” Trusts that became the vehicle for Right Wing Think Tanks. This John Loftus is Gold.

    • If you control the Issuance of Currency, then why take Equity Risk when the Exponential Growth of Secured Debentures is so attractive when you get the Money For Nothing? Let the Sweaty Minions do the Management Work and take the Flak/Rap when the Proverbial Hits The Fan. In the above Pyramid, Prescott Bush was below Harriman, Rockefeller and Rothschild – the latter probably controlled from Occult Forces even higher up the Pecking Order. Prescott apparently was supposed to keep his family out of Politics – Duh! I suppose that is true of “W’yer” because Chaney did the Vice. “HW’ was in up to his neck and the Bushes operated as hit men on at least two generations of Kennedys. Lower Order Creatures. The Kennedys illustrated that you can join The Mafia, but you can never leave, except in a coffin.